5 Factors to Consider Getting Outdoor Heater

5 Factors to Consider Getting Outdoor Heater
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Outdoor and patio heaters are the new must-have accessory for homeowners for the upcoming winter season. With chilly evenings around the corner, outdoor heaters enable you to enjoy quality time in a warm and cozy environment.

Like any heater, an outdoor heater uses fuel to generate heat and keeps the outdoor space warm. Depending on the size of your patio space, you can always install a heater that is most suitable to cover the area.

With the global outdoor heating market size at $406.3 million in 2020, it is projected to rise considering the increasing demand.

Even though patio heaters are a trend, you may want to consider a few aspects before picking the right heater for your patio needs. So, read along to know more about these factors that will direct you to make an informed decision.

Usage and Size

Depending on your requirements and daily needs, you should pick an outdoor heater that aligns with your plans. For instance, your outdoor space’s size, shape, and area are factors you should think about.

If you have a small patio, a tabletop or hanging heater may fit perfectly with your heating needs. On the contrary, you can always choose a full-size heater to warm the entire space for medium and large patios.

Safety Attributes

The use of outdoor heaters also poses a high risk of fire accidents. This aspect is hazardous in areas where there is more wind.

Except for electric heaters, the rest of the outdoor heaters run on flammable materials like gas. Any mishandling can lead to accidents that can put your family’s life at risk. Hence, before deciding on a heater, ensure that you keep all safety measures in mind.

A few other safety features are an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) and an overfill protection device (OPD).


A purchase like an outdoor heater is a one-time investment and should last longer than expected. 

To that end, you should invest in high-quality heaters from reputed manufacturers and companies. There will be few brands who may allure you with cheaper rates and low prices.

However, you must pick the best one in the market to avoid spending extra bucks on any repair costs frequently.


The price of outdoor patios is mainly decided based on the fuel demands. From natural gas to propane to electric heaters, you get the choice to make that fits your needs.

Propane heaters can quickly heat the patio but are pricier than others. Natural gas heaters are the cheapest. Electric heaters are the safest with a high maintenance cost.

Unlike other heaters, wood is the preferred heater choice due to its aesthetic value and cost-effective nature.


You can choose an outdoor heater that best defines your outdoor ambiance based on your aesthetic needs. You can choose from varied styles, from sleek single-standing heaters to tabletop heaters.

Wall-mounted and hanging heaters are easy to install and fit perfectly with any patio design.


Why compromise your winter evenings when you can enjoy them in the warmth of patio heaters? With the above factors in mind, you can choose a top-notch heater that ideally suits all your heating needs.

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