Best 8 hour office chair ( Ergonomic office chairs Reviews )

Best 8 Hour Office chair
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Do long hours of work? If you have a job where you have to stay with your chair for a long duration, you should take care of your body.
Well! There have a simple way and option that will give you complete support on your body so that you can feel comfortable and feel well about working for long hours.
Yes, the best 8 hour office chair only a great solution that will provide the right position and correct solution for your body for a long time works in your office or front of your computer.  

We hope you love our recommended products below that were researched considering the quality and affordability so that you can get a chance to find the best chair according to your wallet. 

Let’s check them at a glance and enjoy a comfortable working life.

Why Do You Need Long Hours Office Chairs?

If you sit in front of your computer or the working desk for a long duration, you know the importance of the long hour office chairs. And they must be comfortable because uncomfortable became the reason for a variety of physical issues like decreased work performance, tiredness, back pain, etc.

Our body wasn’t designed to sit for long hours, but when you need to work by sitting for a longer duration, a long hours chair can support your body and feel comfortable.

Without those points, have there more benefits from the best office chair for long hours

Yes, a lot of advantages have that maybe you could not imagine before.

What? Keep read on and learn them.

  1.  Remove Back Pain

Back pain is one of the regular issues with sitting a too long time. It mainly will happen when your back doesn’t get any support properly. The best desk chair for long hours with has lumbar support plus high back provide excellent support to your whole that needs. 

  • Give Feet support

When you are working, you feel you need a chair with a proper height that helps your feet to reach the floor. The adjustable office chairs allows you to adjust your exact size at a 90-degree angle.

  • Support the body

A perfect padded office chairs provides comfort with a contour to your body that will support your full body. So, select the best office chair for long hours with armrests and headrest.  

  • Proper support to work

Millions of people spend their working time sitting in their office, and this has been creating a lot of issues like back, neck, or shoulder pain.

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So, they need a seat with proper support to save their health and improve productivity. Therefore, they enjoy their working times.

Best 8 Hour Office Chair Reviews 2021

Regardless of which office chair you will select, we have discussed each the best one below the incredibly group in terms of comfort, durability, breathability, and ergonomic chair design that will give you peace in your mind. 

All of the best 8 hour office chairs will be correctly provided outstanding service for your whole body depending on your wallet.

Let’s move and see.  

Best ergonomic office chair: LUCKWIND Long Hour Office Chair

1. LUCKWIND Long Hour Office Chair – Top Pick

Short Brief

The Luckwind ergonomic office chair is the best office chair for long hours that contain a unique ribbed back for more support. You can select from three, unlike colors. Many consumer reviewers love this long hour office chair. It is effortless to assemble and very comfortable with simple style works for any style room. 

This office chair is a significant performer with sleek metal and its five-star base and chair frame. The foldable or tilt and height adjustment system lets you carry it anywhere and set up quickly.


Below has the main feature of this office chair.

Stylish & Design: The design of this office chair was designed for traditional and modern environment office. Without those options, this chair is so stylish that you can use it as a computer chair and a 8 hour gaming chair.  

Tilting mechanism: We always like identifying the best-worth swivel office chair select with any sort of product, and this time, this chair is just that. The PU leather material provides a sleek and executive feel perfect for both traditional plus modern office.

Height Adjustment

The chrome polished steel frame is appealing with less effort. There has another feature like the tilting mechanism with height adjustment that creates it superb for any office environment. The padding is detachable and replaceable that can come as a tremendous benefit thinking you could desire to replace this chair after a while.

Key Specs

  • Weight capacity: 350lbs
  • Item weight: 28.4 pounds
  • Material: Steel
  • Top material: PU leather
  • Frame material: Alloy steel


  • High-quality PU leather
  • Sturdy back
  • Ideal for mid-high back
  • A well-built and robust structure
  • Durable multi-layered chrome finish


  • A little tricky to put together

Best Budget Office Chair: SIHOO Mesh Office Desk Chair

2. SIHOO Mesh Office Desk Chair – Best Budget

Short Brief

The SIHOO comes with an ergonomic design that ideal for the best desk chair for long hours is too mid of the road. In various ways, it looks about regular as you will get when it comes to an office chair. It isn’t doing something extraordinary in its pattern, and there are no innovatory materials. 

This isn’t going to outstanding from the multitude in a communal setting. Those factors will all be a bonus point for the correct user. As the best 8 hour office chairs, it is anything the one the sits into the center of the road what it needs without a fuss. 


The key features of this chair are discussed below.

Supportive: It is essential to look at every significant component when judging its potential for a long duration. A key material is a backrest that is a tall supportive back with skin-friendly mesh for breathability.  

Comfortable: There has a bonus of the headrest for additional support. The tilt with activity on the backrest means that the users can go from a helpful 90-degree to 120-angle for a comfortable recline.  

Adjustment: All buyers agree about the ergonomics office chair. There are a few shorter users that struggled with several angles of the lumbar support. Some taller consumers have a topic with height adjustment. The chair’s design is suitable, and the size setting needs to spend too more time playing with adjustment. An extra factor is the lock function on the arms with the back portion too well.

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Key Specs

  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Warranty: 3-years
  • Lifting angle: 0 to 90-degree 


  • The breathable, durable, and highest quality materials
  • The ergonomic headrest and armrest with the back portion
  • The right shape for the back pain
  • The strength and sturdy of the base
  • The motion range of the armrest


  • Some users come with the height issue.

Best office chair: Flash Furniture Mid-Back Swivel Office Chair

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Swivel Office Chair – Best Value

Short Brief

Flash Furniture is a familiar brand that includes a wide variety of furniture. They provide every type of chair that you could imagine. In viewing their mid-back office chairs, they have handled to pack with great features. All of this merges to make an extreme office chair for long hours solution.

When it can’t have the high-end features, we can see in more expensive chairs that can’t offer a modern mesh design that will fit into any contemporary office setting. 


Let’s talk about the key features that this office chair for long hours provides. Here has a depth look at each of them. 

Lumbar support: the flash furniture mid-back chair includes lumbar support that needs for the lower back. The mid-back design of the chair offers complete support for the user’s middle to upper back regions.

Mesh Back: The mesh material includes the interior of the chair’s back that is made of breathable mesh, and it encourages airflow. It’ll keep you from getting heat when sitting in a chair. The leather chair is responsible for doing it.

Waterfall Design: The seat included soft leather that comes with a waterfall design to the shape. This shape is also known to prevent pressure from the lower legs and improve your body’s blood circulation.

Key Specs

  • Product weight: 11.25-pounds
  • Weight capacity: 250lbs
  • Back Size: 20×23-inches
  • Materials: Leather soft, foam, metal & nickel
  • Frame material: Metal


  • Modern Mesh Design
  • Several ergonomic features
  • Waterfall front seat
  • Padded arms for more comfort
  • Safe & durable
  • Commercial grade


  • Very few adjustable options
  • Low weight capacity

Best Computer Chairs: Tribesigns Ergonomic Office Chair

4. Tribesigns Ergonomic Office Chair – Best Computer Chair

Short Brief

Are you thinking Tribesign office chair adapt enough for a long time sitting? Yes, this ergonomic chair’s design makes it an excellent fit for a lot of office time right now. Exceptionally when you have to work for your office from your home, this chair will be great for your home office.  

With a professional look and all back design with an ergonomic shape, this is the best desk chair for long hours. It promises to provide perfect comfort with an excellent reclining function that needs for restful moments. In addition, this chair comes with exciting features and materials to supply great comfort with complete body support.


Let’s know the key features of this office chair:

Material: The main focus of this chair is material, and for this, it is so stronger, durable, and comfortable than other competitors. The chair comes from full PU leather on its armrest with heavy padding on the seat that can’t sag and warp with a moment.

Adjustable: The adjustable feature of this chair allows you to enjoy sufficient comfort for a long time that you desire to get. It lets you go back at a 110-degree angle to get a little bit to relax, and for nice rest, it permits you to go back to a 13-degree angle. Plus 150-degree angle allows you to take a nap during the break time of your work.   

Lock-mechanism: The lock mechanism on the side helps this chair to stay in the right place where you kept it set up. The adaptable lumbar support quality allows you to slide up and down the reverse on the other side.

Key Specs

  • Top material: Nylon and mesh
  • Item weight: 37 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs
  • 5-caster wheels


  • A well-built base with better casters
  • High-density foam for more comfort
  • Reclining option ideal for relaxation and naps
  • Adapter lumbar support system
  • Heavy-structure with high-quality


  • Some users claimed for assembled issue

Most Reviewed Office Chair: NOUHAUS Ergo3D Long hour Chair

5. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Long hour Chair – Most Reviewed

Short Brief

The Nouhaus posture ergonomic long hour chair is an excellent blend of style. It is a nice looking chair that is ideal as a computer chair or 8 hour gaming chair. You can select what you desire between traditional black plus a fun burgundy from various color options for the mesh.

This is the best office chair for long hours that looks like an excellent shape and headrest curved supportive backrest with a waterfall edge seat. There has a few attractive additional features built-in that are comfortable for everyone.  


This office chair comes with useful features that make it outstanding from the rivalry. 

Flip-up arms: The first feature of it is the flip-up arms. Those arms swivel, so you will use them as excellent padded support ultimately. This has to be useful for all those who need to work that arms in the way they work.

Rollerblade wheels: Another feature of this office chair is a set of rollerblade wheels support. The blade has to be more responsive than other necessary casters for the best maneuverability around the office.

Supportive: Supportive feature is pretty familiar. The seta, backrest, the headrest are built from mesh that permits you to get more support and comfort whole the day.  

Key Specs

  • Material: Wood 
  • Frame material: Iron
  • Style: Modern
  • 4D adjust arm & 3D lumber support


  • Attractive design and style with colorful mesh
  • The armrest if flip-up and other adapter materials
  • The rollerblade wheels for developed maneuverability
  • Budget-friendly & reliable


  • Not adjustable for taller and bigger users.

Best Leather Office Chair: Amazon Basics Adjustable Chair

6. AmazonBasics Adjustable Chair – Best Leather Chair

Short Brief

If this review is to consider the most comfortable chair within your budget, then this would-be option winner. It has come with high-back padded from high-quality leather and giving it a comfortable feeling and an outstanding looking.

When you have to sit a lot of time in your workplace, you can’t look forward to anything so much fancy. It would be the best if you have a comfortable office chair for long hours to use what the AmazonBasic office chair is all about.


This chair comes with outstanding features shown below.

Bonded Leather: For the modest and significant long hour chair, this is high-back adjustable desk chair ticks every box. It comes with PVC and leather chair with everything that you could ask for considering affordability.

Durability: If you desire durability, this could not be it. The armrest of this chair comes from PU leather that has little chance to crack after months; though there is upright lumbar support, it still pales balance with others.

Breathability: The seat is decently cushioned that has a mesh back for breathability. It features five caster wheels with a T-shaped armrest. You can enjoy adjustability and the right seat height that tilt the chair towards and back.

Key Specs

  • Weight capacity: 275-pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Stable caster claws: 5
  • Material: Leather and PVC


  • Adjustable pneumatic seat
  • 360-degree angle swivel
  • Smooth-rolling caster
  • Padded seat and comfortable back for providing whole day comfort
  • Modest and high-quality office chair


  • Lumbar support has to lack to compare with other options.

Best High Back Office Chair: Hbada Ergonomic Computer Chair

7. Hbada Ergonomic Computer Chair – Best High Back Chair

Short Brief

The Quirky Hbada office computer chair is adaptive sufficient. It is pretty much and great as an office chair for long hours and even as a gaming chair. This comes with a stylish pattern and design and the use of pillow plus stuffing in unusual areas. The recliner on the seat as well as the movement of the place with its caster wheels.  

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This office chairs plan is pretty, unlike the typical computer or gaming chair, for that matter. It is breathable for fresh air for the office workers plus gamers. It comes with better adjustment with a traditional gaming chair design.


Let’s talk about the key features of this long hours office chair.

Ergonomic Design: The first feature of this office chair is ergonomic chair design. The model has a fantastic look that will make it outstanding in a supervisory or home office worker. 

Eye-catching model: It is an eye-catching design and model. The black mesh with the backrest and the black seat pillow with the black padded on the arms are outstanding. It works well with minimalist décor.  

Breathable: In the hot season, the mesh panel is more fantastic when the consumers need a little more breathability. This is the best idea for multifunctionality. The padding provides more comfort than the gaming chair.  

Key Specs

  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Backrest recliner: 90 to 155-degree
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Color: Back & Gray
  • Material: Faux Leather


  • Fantastic design with breathability
  • The mesh panel with the right places
  • High-density thickness cushion
  • Basic footrest function
  • All features meet your requirements.


  • The requirement for control over the self-adaptive workings

What To Look For The Buying Ergonomic office chairs

Before going to pick the best 8 hour office chair, let’s take a look into some important factors that help you a right chair from here.


When you have to sit in your office chairs, you feel the need to reach the floor. In this case, only an adjustable long hour chair allows you to get a comfortable position for the legs. It will let you to comfy reach the desk and work elements.  

Lumbar Support

Sitting is tough on the back. A long-hour chair with lumbar support can help you save the back and remove any pain or injuries. When you select a chair for getting long-time support with comfy, you should look for a complete back that can support the back and head equally. Most of the long hours office chair present adaptable lumbar support.  


Nothing will worse than sitting on a hard and uncomfortable chair. So, think for such an office chair that presents ample padding in its chair and the back. It’ll help to make sure you stay comfortable, even sitting for eight or more hours. 

Arm Support

An office chair for long hours use with an armrest can help remove wrist injuries. Indecent position of the elbows plus wrists is the main reason of damage. So, find a chair with an armrest can support to remove this injury from the prone area.


Nothing like other chairs, long hours office chairs come in different style and design. You have a classic executive look, but there has a more modern style, and it’ll request those useful in present-day offices or prefer a more streamlined design.

On the other hand, the design can influence how calm the chair is. Like flash furniture, a chair looks fantastic, and the means of it doesn’t cause back pain or other problems. You have to ensure that you are allowed to sit in it the whole day long before confirming that this chair is the best for you.


You have to think about the office chairs size, and it is more important for several reasons. If the chair can too stretched of a grip, you can’t take pleasure in the office chair the way that you need. To prepare for this, find out a big and tall office chair to supply a sufficient comfort experience you should.     

Weight Capacity

All the best office chairs for long hours come with weight capacity ranking, which establishes how much weight the chair can allow. The main range capacity starts from 250 to 400 pounds, and this varies depending on the brand.

For extra sturdiness and solidity, big and tall office desk chairs are ideal for anyone even taller than standard height. This type of chair is so standard and can handle greater weight.

Changing Position

Ergonomic office chairs design and adjustability are the most significant factor. So, find an office chair that lets you change the position to promote subtle movements with healthy blood circulation in your body.  


Without comfy, you can’t be able to sit on the chair for more than 10 to 15 minutes at a time. So, you should find such an office chair that will give you sufficient comfort from suffering head pain, back or neck pain due to a long time working.

FAQ: Best Office Chair For Long Hours

What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

Ans: The best office chairs mainly depends on the brand with quality, materials, design, and style. The best chair will provide you more comfort that allows you for sitting long hours.

What is the best chair for sitting all day?

If you want to find out the best chair for sitting all day long, you can select the best brand with great features and see the stylish design with more comfort.

What is the best executive office chair?

The best executive office chairs focuses basically on the high-back and tall leather with double padding and high-density foam.

What is the most comfortable desk chair?

If you seek the most comfortable desk chair, you have to check seat, arm, head, and back comfort that will provide whole-body comfort.

Few Words Before Wrapping Up…Office Chair

We have gone through a full list review of the best 8 hours office chair for long hours. All the above chairs are the best ones with a lot of positive reviews plus a five-star rating.

All of the products provide high-quality comfort and highly durable. The key plus point about those chairs is they are cheaper compared to other brands in the current market.

However, the perfect long time office chairs will rely on your personal choice and budget. We hope we could help you to find sufficient information about the long hour’s chairs. 

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