10 Best Convertible Sofa Reviews Of 2021 (Folding Sofa Bed)

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Your limited budget or small space can be confused you to select between couch and sofa. But according to your issues, only the best convertible sofa option will be an ideal solution.

A convertible sofa chair supplies you the practicability of the sofa into a bed. Hence, it also offers you the greatest of both options. For example, you can use it as a sofa when you need to sit down and be used as a bed to sleep when you want.

This sofa can work ideally around your financial plus space limitations that free you from not purchasing the couch and bed separately. The design of this type of sofa has evolved over the years with multiple available options in the current market.

This post will help you to find the best convertible sofa for your small home. So, keep reading on and take a look at the review and discover the suitable one for you.  

Top Convertible Sofa Bed Comparison Table

Top PickBest Choice Convertible Futon Sofa Best Choice Convertible Futon Sofa Material: Artificial Leather
Weight limit: 500-pounds
Best Overall
Novogratz Futon-Premium Sofa Novogratz Futon-Premium Sofa Material: Wood
Weight limit: 600lbs
Best BudgetSerta RNE-3S-CC-SET Convertible Sofa Serta RNE-3S-CC-SET Convertible Sofa Material: Wood & Fabric
Ideal for 6-feet long person
Best for quick set-upLoungie Convertible Couch Loungie Convertible Couch Material: Artificial leather and metal 
Weight limit: 121-pounds
    Best DesignYaheetech Convertible Futon Sofa Yaheetech Convertible Futon Sofa Material: Wood & leather
    Weight limit: 710lbs
    Best ConstructionHONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Material: Polyester
    Seat height: 24-inches
    Best LeatherGiantex Floor Couch Sofa Giantex Floor Couch Sofa Material: Velvet
    Weight limit: 600lbs
    Best SectionalVonanda Multi-position Convertible Sofa Vonanda Multi-position Convertible Sofa Material: Linen & Steel
    Weight limit: 330lbs
    Best TrendyJAXPETY Convertible Sleeper Sofa Chair JAXPETY Convertible Sleeper Sofa Chair Material: Linen fabric
    Weight limit: 330lbs
    Best SleeperHOMHUM Convertible Futon Sofa HOMHUM Convertible Futon Sofa Material: Steel
    Weight limit: 300lbs

    What is a Convertible Sofa?

    A convertible sofa chair works as a sofa and bed at a time. You can plan it for seating for spending your leisure time during the day and sleeping at night. It is suitable as a primary bed in a small space and as a solution for night guests. On 18 July 1899, Leonard C. Balley took out a patent for creating the first “Folding Bed.” The metal bed framework capable of being folded turned mattress stopped for use if needed.  

    Later, in 1931, Bernard Castro constructed the “Castro convertible” design considering the sofa bed’s evolution nowadays. William Brouwer is the only person who evolved the first convertible sofa frame style.  

    Benefits of Convertible Sofas

    There are a lot of benefits of a convertible sofa that can’t explain in words.

    • The convertible sofa can use as both a sleeping bed and sofa.
    • This type of sofa saves your space and money.
    • If you pick a convertible sofa, you don’t’ need to buy a bed for your guest separately.
    • This sort of bed comes with various design, size, style, shade, and colors that are different from each other.
    • It is ideal for a small apartment, studio apartment, or house.
    • They are so cost-efficient and prominent.
    • Many people like to change the interior décor of their rooms frequently. This design sofa will perfect for them.
    • You can transfer or move from this sofa here to there quickly.
    • They are very discouraged plus stored. 
    • Most of the people would like to pick the best convertible couches sofa because for a comfortable design like a regular comfortable wooden bed.     

    Best Convertible Sofa Of 2020

    Considering all types of functionalities, facilities, and super comfortable, we have researched and listed the best convertible sofa review below. Check out all sofa reviews and find out the best option.   

     1. Best Choice Convertible Futon Sofa – Top Pick

     1. Best Choice Convertible Futon Sofa – Top Pick

    Product Outline

    As the best convertible sofa chair, you can consider this modern convertible sofa bed for your small apartment or home office. It is ideal for flexibility for the next level. It is perfect for any occasion with three backrest settings that let you enjoy a conversation. This stylish futon sofa can hold 500-pounds weight. 


    Quality design with durably crafted and tufted faux leather makes the sofa super comfortable and more stylish. This sofa’s four chrome metal legs construct it safe and non-slip, and you can use it in your house quickly.


    Faux leather and steel frame materials make this sofa so long-lasting and sturdy. Heavy-duty foam padding maintains a comfortable shape.

    Comfort Cushion

    The filling of this cushion makes it plush and assist you to sit comfortably. The padding can’t let you sink into it and, at the same time, presents greater comfort in sitting down.


    • Strong wooden frame
    • Metal leg
    • Unique design and style
    • Easy to assemble


    • Legs get imbalanced after a time.

    Bottom line

    This is one of the best convertible sofa beds and budget-friendly that is available with color options. If you have a low-budget and need to pick for your small apartment, this will be ideal.  

    2. Novogratz Futon-Premium Sofa– Best Overall

    2. Novogratz Futon-Premium Sofa– Best Overall

    Product Outline

    If you are thinking of picking a convertible sofa chair for two people that even can be set up in a small space easily, you can go for this sofa bed. If you need to lie down, pull down the armrest and rotate it into a large bed. 


    The design of this sofa bed is so simplistic and has no fuss. It was planned to give more support and comfort to the users. It offers several options to pull the armrest down at different angles where you can get a chance to lie and relax as your desire.


    The armrest option comes with an extra compartment where you can store any items like newspapers, dairy, magazines, and so on. This section will be extremely ideal for those users who love to read books.

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    Easy to Assemble

    The simple assemble option makes it easy to use and convert in a second. The couch is suitable for comfortable rest on metallic legs that are easy to join with the sofa’s main body without any additional effort.


    • Simple Design
    • Available multiple color options
    •  Sturdy supported legs
    • Super flexible
    • Lightweight


    • Back cushions are not more comfortable as expected.

    Bottom line

    This sofa set is perfect for less space. This sofa’s main attraction is that it comes with a storage facility that makes you happy to read your favorite book during sleeping or rest time.

    3. Serta RNE-3S-CC-SET Convertible Sofa – Best Budget

     3. Serta RNE-3S-CC-SET Convertible Sofa - Best Budget

    Product Outline

    The Serta convertible sleeper sofa is constructed and planned with an incredibly dynamic piece of furniture. It goes very well with contemporary style, and it is so good with modern décor. This sofa presents multi-functionality and versatility. You can convert it from sofa to recliner and then into a bed to use at night for your guest.  


    It was designed for a small apartment, studio apartment, guest rooms, or home office where it can be converted with the least amount of living space for sleeping. It is super comfortable and gives higher support to the users. 


    It boasts high-density foam webbing that is used between the cushion and the pocked coil spring. The frame is made of eucalyptus wood designed with self-stitching, self-tufting, and piping to give an elegant and sophisticated living place.


    The coil springs and the foam combination make this sofa so strong and durable. The coil spring is ideal for motion isolation and makes the seating or sleeping exterior turned into the user body’s shape, ensuring the higher-degree of nonce back. You can use it for a long time without any hazard.


    • Ideal for the guest room
    • Durable and sturdy
    • It boasts the finger safety mechanism
    • Super easy to convert


    • Few users think that it is not suitable for a big and tall person.

    Bottom line

    This convertible sofa bed comes with a high-quality design and materials. It is so good for comfort and gives support during sleeping. It is an ideal sofa set.

    4. Loungie Convertible Couch – Best for quick set-up 

    4. Loungie Convertible Couch – Best for quick set-up

    Product Outline

    This is the best convertible couches sofa that is ideal for five different position options for your relaxation. You can convert it to the right form and upright position for sitting to sleep. The mechanism of those other positions is so effective plus flexible. The steel frame makes it sturdy and robust that will withstand the weight from any angles.  

    Comfort Micro Suede

    The upholstery of the material is made up of microsuede leather that is exceptionally soft and calm to relax on. You may sit on it for a long time without any effect.

    Foam Cushion

    The foam cushion has filled with high-density foam that is of better quality. It provides a soft touch feeling and gives so nice relax on this sofa. The foam’s density makes sure that there have sufficient spring to absorb the weight and provide more comfy. 


    The steel frame support this sofa is sturdy and serves for a longer time. Even the sifting mechanism in a different position is also calm and soft that provides help with less pressure on the frame.


    • Modern design
    • Soft-touch
    • High-density foam
    • Multi-color options


    • Smaller for tall persons

    Bottom line

    This sofa offers a unique design that not be seen in many convertible options. It doesn’t include any legs, and you can use it on the floor simply.

    5. Yaheetech Convertible Futon Sofa – Best Design

    5. Yaheetech Convertible Futon Sofa – Best Design

    Product Outline

    If your futon convertible sofa bed for your guest room within your budget, the Yaheetech sofa bed will ideal to select. It comes with a high-quality design and pattern that will give you super comfort and entertainment.   


    This sofa comes with an entertainment-friendly design. It features a middle armrest style that can fold down easily with two cup holders. Those holders allow the user to enjoy a couple of beverages when watching a game or movie.


    This convertible sleeper sofa bed is suitable for small space like any studio or office, and even you can use anywhere as you want. To get a large bed, remove the armrest and reclining the backrest, and efficiently convert this sofa into a sleeping bed for your friends or guest. 


    This futon sofa comes with a wear-resistant leather surface that makes it so durable. It includes high-quality metal legs with a high bearing capacity that allows heavy-weight without wearing down. The portions contain bottom footpads that remove the sofa from sliding the floor.


    • High-density 
    • Tear and wear-resistant
    • Bottom footpads
    • Easy to assemble and clean


    • It is not suitable for tall persons.

    Bottom line

    This sofa has come with high-bearing capacity and the capability to load heavy-weight. It is so foldable, comfortable, supportable, and stylish design.

    6. HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa – Best Construction

    6. HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa – Best Construction

    Product Outline

    This Honbay sectional sofa is small and compact in size that would be ideal for any small living space or any small apartment. This is an L-shaped design and structure sofa that provides so flexible of tucking the couch into any corner of your room.   

    Firm Cushion

    The cushions are nice and firm; they aren’t cushy and go deep when sitting on them. At the same time, they aren’t challenging and not uncomfortable seating. Over constant usage, the seats would soften down, including comfier when you sit on it.

    Reversible Section

    This sofa includes a reversible section that can be laid out as a flat stripe when you plan to extend your legs and sleep. 


    The fabric used to construct the upholstery in linen. It not only supplies a nice looking look but also highly durable. It is so simple to maintain and ensure that this sofa remains neat and organized.


    • Great value for money
    • Flexible sectional design
    • Comfy leather cushions
    • Attractive and nice sofa


    • It hasn’t enough space without one person to lie down.

    Bottom line

    This is the best convertible sofa option that famous for a decent budget and suitable for small space.  

     7. Giantex Floor Couch Sofa – Best Leather

     7. Giantex Floor Couch Sofa – Best Leather

    Product Outline

    This beautiful design convertible sofa bed is suitable for anxiety and tiredness relief. It is a multiple position sofa bed that is ergonomically planned to provide super comfort with full back support. You can set up this couch in three different positions, like watching or reading position, chatting, and converting it into your sleeping bed.

    Stable and Safe

    The overall construction and the design make sure this convertible sofa chair remains exceptionally stable and safe. The non-slip feet provide the sofa’s bottom and ensure the couch will stay in the right place without moving.  

    Easy Moving

    This sofa is extremely easy to move around where you need because it is lightweight and so comfortable. You can set it up in the playing room, living room, or office as your necessities.

    Exceptional Mechanism

    The mechanism with the most outstanding design is beneficial and simple to change the different positions. There does not need much effort to change the situation and shift from one place to another.


    • Sturdy frame that ideal for long-lasting
    • Light in weight
    • High resilience
    • Skin-friendly
    • Wear-resistant


    • Dirt accumulate simply

    Bottom line

    The excellent materials and design of this sofa offer high-comfort with less pressure on the back. It is one of the comfiest convertible sofas that will be perfect for single use.

    8. Vonanda Multi-position Convertible Sofa – Best Sectional

    8. Vonanda Multi-position Convertible Sofa – Best Sectional

    Product Outline

    Are you seeking an elegant and luxurious design sofa bed set for your living room? Vonanada modern convertible design sofa will ideal to décor your room perfectly. This sofa set is so attractive and good-looking that it attracts the attention of the guest and provides bed service at night.  


    From elegant and luxurious decoration design make it more famous for the consumers. It comes with stunning velvet with a unique sense and sense of gloss, and you can feel a soft touch plus exquisite texture in your home decoration.


    Upgraded high-density sponge supply extra comfort and stability. Besides, a metal frame that is so durable and high-quality can capable of loading at least 600-pounds. The frame is an anti-slip design that makes the sofa more suitable and safe for anywhere use.


    • Soft-texture and skin-friendly
    • Breathable
    • Environment-friendly
    • Silky and soft-touch
    • Covert in four steps


    • Suitable only for a single person.

    Bottom line

    This convertible couch sofa bed is so gorgeous and beautiful to look at. It is durable, low formaldehyde, and perfect for less space.

    9. JAXPETY Convertible Sleeper Sofa Chair – Best Trendy

    9. JAXPETY Convertible Sleeper Sofa Chair – Best Trendy

    Product Outline

    This is a 3 1 versatile folding chair. The adjustable five-position backrest lets you enjoy the most relaxing angle that you want. This sofa can quickly load at least 330-pounds without any risk. It padded with a high-density sponge, both sofa and pillow, highly resilient and comfortable.


    The ergonomic design makes this sofa breathable, soft, and comfortable. The folding system armrest sofa can support your waist and protect your back and whole body.


    Steel frames and hidden legs make it so sturdy and durable. The sofa’s cover is synthetic linen, hidden legs are powder-coated steel, and pillow plus bed are from a high-quality sponge that makes the couch strong and hard-wearing.


    • Foldable design
    • Easy to assemble
    • Adjustable backside
    • Exclusive appearance


    • It is just ideal for a single person.

    Bottom line

    If you want to relax and rest for sometimes in the break from your busy day, this sofa will be perfect for you. It is also suitable for a guest or friend in your small house.

    10. HOMHUM Convertible Futon Sofa – Best Sleeper

    10. HOMHUM Convertible Futon Sofa – Best Sleeper

    Product Outline

    If you want to find out a completely stylish and contemporary living room sofa, this Homhum sofa set will be a great choice. This HOMHUM convertible sofa will be the most excellent solution for your sudden guest or friends who can come to live with you for a few days.   


    This sofa is not only foldable and convertible but also included large side pockets that are perfect for storing magazines, newspapers, remote control, and other important small-size items that need to keep near you in your living room.


    The bed of this convertible sofa comes from a crafted smooth linen fabric that is the thick cushion. The sturdy legs are capable of loading about 330-pounds easily.


    Firm padding offers maximum support, and the linen fabric makes this sofa easy to clean and assemble or maintain. Two-seat cushions can support you to use as a pillow during sleeping.


    • Easy to adjust the backrest
    • Suitable to set up in any place
    • Works great as a couch
    •  Great piece of furniture


    • This is small in size for sleeping

    Bottom line

    When you feel to get a sofa for your small size room, you can choose it that not only supports you to use a sofa for watching a movie or other entertainment but also lets you sleep at night.

    How long does a convertible sofa last?

    Lasting furniture mainly depends on several factors like product quality, materials, service, and manufacturer warranty. But all of them are just some points that make them reliable to you. And you can use your convertible sofa for years. 

    But there have some other factors that you must keep in mind that you have to be so careful to use the sofa and take care of it properly. Otherwise, it doesn’t afford service for a long time.

    All of the branded furniture gives a warranty card for their furniture. In this case, you also will find at least a 7 to 15 years warranty for this sofa. But about 54% of sofas come with a 20-years warranty. It varies from brand to brand or design to design.

    How to unlock KD spring Lock Convertible Sofa +KD?

    Unlock KD spring lock convertible sofa is so simple and easy. You can do it with less effort.

    1. First, for a modern convertible sofa, just remove all of the cushions.
    2. Then, find out the handle or lever. 
    3. Pull it up until the sofa unlocks or rotate into bed.
    4. You have to pull it until it is released and flat the back and turn into a complete bed.
    5. If you have an L-shaped or sliding sofa, you have to bring out the storage box from under the sofa.
    6. Pull the cushion up and make your sleeping bed simple. 

    Every convertible sofa comes with a unique design, and all of the unlock systems are not similar. If your sofa set is another design, you can follow their manual instruction or search it online.

    Convertible sofa bed how to lock

    To lock the unlocked convertible sofa bed after waking up from a good sleep isn’t very difficult. Just can follow the below simple tips.

    • Remove the pillow, bed, and other items from the sofa bed.
    • The left front of the bed frame until the bed is folded into half. 
    • Push legs of a bed frame down until the lock
    • Left the bed frame upwards
    • Push down at a slope into a sofa (down and in)
    • Again push until the bed frame turns into the back base of the seat.
    • Put cushions back again and use it as a sofa too. 

    Buying Guide For The Best Convertible Sofa

    We have presented the details of our top pick of the best convertible sofa. Plus, we understand that our selection might not be similar to your interest and limitations. But before going to take any product, get experience on them is a good idea.

    However, besides product review, you should have an idea about some considerable points that must help you to select the best option all the time.

    Let’s take a look at some notable features of a convertible sofa that you have to know before purchasing one.


    Most of the convertible sofa in the current market can be classified into three different styles. They are:

    • Futon: It comes with a simple design where a couch or mattress is set up over a metal frame. You can make it bed laying out the cushion and again make it seat folding it up.
    • Sleeper Chairs: There are various types of sleeper chairs are available in the current market. They are various in sizes, designs, and materials.
    • Pullout Coach: It comes with a conventional design and reasonably more extensive than the other two styles. It looks traditional but can convert into a queen-size bed. There have a few substyles and types of coaches like sectional sofa and love seats.


    A mattress plays a vital role as a material to choose the best convertible sleeper sofa. A quality mattress used inside as a material for the sofa, and depending on the sofa, mattress style can vary.

    • Foam: This widespread material use in the mattress of Futon and sofa beds style sofa set. The mattress also uses in the convertible sofa is two or 3-inch thickness for more comfort. In this case, gel foam and memory foam mattress are an ideal option for a convertible sofa.  
    • Cotton Filling: When the mattress size will be 8-inches, this material will be ideal for filling the mattress. They are mostly used for Futon style.
    • Inner-spring: It is a notorious option for sofa bed, and advanced technology makes it so reliable. Now a day innerspring mattress includes extra coils with healthy materials. But most consumers don’t like it for bad noise.
    • Air-over Coil: it is one of the most advanced technologies that use in the mattress. They include innerspring action at the bottom where at the top placed air bed. This type of mattress becomes more popular with consumers now. The most advantages of this mattress are that they come with double thickness mattress.


    In the end, functionality determines the best convertible sofa that is an important feature. In all-purposes, there have three types of functionalities that are used in the convertible sofa. 

    • Pullout: The pullout option allows you to pull out the mattress from under the sofa. The effective mechanism has to make sure that the mattress pulls into a single hand.
    • Click-Clack: This mechanism is used in the futon style sofa set that follows a simple method to turn the sofa into the bed.
    • Power Open: If you have a back problem, this option will ideal for you. Push a button and let the sofa convert into a bed automatically or back to the sofa again.

    For all those different functionalities, it is suggestible to seek out a great option to test the working grade and then decide to buy a convertible sofa.

    FAQs: About Convertible Sofa Bed

    Is a convertible sofa comfortable?

    Ans: Comfortability mainly depends on the materials and quality of the sofa. There are so many comfortable sofa options in the current market. Depending on the budget and purpose, you can select them with comfort.  

    Which type of mattress is the best for a convertible sofa?

    Ans: We have already discussed the mattress types above and air over coil and the memory foam ones.

    What is the best convertible sofa?

    Ans: The best convertible sofa will be best if first it can meet all the requirements of you like set up in less space. From this section, you can select Futon or sleeper sofa for your living room. 

    Final Thoughts!

    Well! Based on good research, we have carried and enlisted the best convertible sofa reviews. We have listed them depending on some most essential consideration features like quality, comfort, and even budget with a different suggestion so that you can find an ideal choice for your living room.  

    Further, we think this post will help you select the right product simple after all, and we can suggest you pick this sofa “Novogratz Futon-Premium Sofa” for your living room. It is so durable, reliable, sturdy, and high-quality items in our list that it is also budget-friendly. 

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