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10 Best Deck Cleaner Consumer Reports
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It will be the most excellent addition to clean the deck of your terrace garden. A clean deck can be a place for you and your family to have relaxed or enjoy your dinner or launch over there.

In this review post, we will present the best deck cleaner consumer reports in this current market. We spend a little time researching the different decking cleaners and find out the best deck cleaning solution for you.

From here, you will find a great idea and get the perfect and reliable cleaner that will show a good result.

What is the best deck cleaner?

Quick Answer: Here we listed the top deck cleaning solution on the market

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Deck Cleaners Comparison Chart

Best Deck CleanerTypeSurfaceVolumeWeight
Simple Green Oxy Solve Outdoor CleanerLiquidFabric, Stone128 Fluid Ounces9.27 Pounds
30 SECONDS Outdoor Deck CleanerLiquidWood decks, concrete sidewalks4 pounds
Wet and Forget 800003 Deck CleanerLiquidMoss, mold, and mildew0.5 Gallon1 Pounds
DEFY Wood Deck Cleaner
Wood2.25 LB1.94 Pounds
Saver System Wood Deck CleanerPowderWood5 Gallons2.25 lbs
Scotts Plus Oxi-Clean Deck CleanerLiquidConcrete, wood, vinyl, patio, brick, fiberglass2.4 pounds
Olympic Oly Deck CleanerLiquid wood, concrete2.5 gal.49.1 pounds

Best Deck Cleaner Consumer Report Great Solution Dirty Deck

Various weather, strains, rotting, dirt, mold, and even algae will entirely damage the wood cleaner for decks, and unluckily you can’t do anything about it. Here have deck cleaners that come to play a vital role to keep clean with a long-lasting impact on your deck. 

However, every deck cleaner won’t be trusted. So, you have to select the cleaner very carefully. Below we have reviewed the best deck cleaner consumer reports that are budget-friendly and can save your time.

Let’s get started.  

Best Deck Cleaner For Power WasherSimple Green Oxy Solve Outdoor Cleaner

Best Overall Deck cleaner: Simple Green Oxy Solve Outdoor Cleaner

This deck cleaner from Simple Green is one of the most environmentally friendly options on our list. It is very concentrated for use with the pressure washer that you can typically apply with the brush. It allows you to cover about 6400 sq. ft. You can’t find any product with this same price tag that can cover a large area.

The Oxy solve outdoor cleaner is an unscented liquid deck cleaner suitable for any rough surface use efficiently. You can use it with complete safety that won’t harm your skin or your garden plants.

best deck cleaner for pressure washer


Keep read on and learn about the key aspects of this best deck cleaning solution.

Material: The main material of this solution is peroxide, which is an exceptionally effective cleaner. This is a simple spray on the mix that permits it to sit within a few seconds.

Versatility: This deck cleaner is also like a fence cleaner, and it is allowed for versatile use like deck surface and any wood deck cleaning or any outdoor items.

Sturdy solution: It is also known as the powerful magic solution from Simple Green with concentrated formula. It contains non-acidic, biodegradable items without bleach. This product can virtually eliminate all green algae with mold from the garden or outdoor of the house. 

Why we like it

  • Super powerful cleaning solution to remove algae with mosses
  • It is safe for any outdoor use.
  • It can efficiently clean the most challenging dirty surface thoroughly.

Why we don’t like it

  • For noticeable difference, you should make expanded use.

Consumer Reports

In this competitive ear, all of us are have to so busy, and we always look for a great solution that needs just a short time. This deck cleaner is ideal for them. Most of the customers love to use the RI deck.

Overall Ratings: 4.3 out of 5

Best Wood Deck Cleaner With Hose30 SECONDS Outdoor Deck Cleaner Hose

Best cleaner with a hose: 30 SECONDS Outdoor Deck Cleaner Hose

The 30-second outdoor Deck cleaner comes with the potential to clean up all dirty outdoor surfaces to use this cleaning agent. All of you need to mix the similar with an equal portion of water. So, the challenging cleaning task that time and effort will save and require less time to apply.

You need not scrubbing or hard working to clean the deck properly with this solution. In just 30-second, you need to clean the deck by making a profound cleaning effect. But ensure that you wear protective footwear and clothes with glasses and hand gloves before applying it.


Before knowing more things, you have to know the main features of this deck cleaner.

Anti-microbial: This solution features anti-microbial factors that combat mildew with mold growth and makes sure the deck never rots and becomes unhealthy or damaged. It is super simple to use, and you can join it with your home and garden to the inlet of the spray bottle head. 

Long-lasting: With slow down trigger with the bottle, release a deck cleaner’s premixed dose on the wooden surface. This solution works with any deck material type and creates a profound and long-lasting cleaning effect without scrubbing.

Easy to apply: Just take the spray on the cleaner and use it for 30-seconds, and after that, remove the spray bottle and rinse. This low maintenance time helps it to achieve the best overall deck cleaner. It comes in three packs with great value. 

Best Wood Deck Cleaner With Hose: 30 SECONDS Outdoor Deck Cleaner Hose

Why we like it

  • Anti-microbial for protection for mold and mildew
  • Connected with spray hose on the head of the pack
  • Three pack for affordability
  • Suitable for a variety of deck materials

Why we don’t like it

  • Can damage your clothes

Consumer Reports

The easy application process on any wooden surface makes it super and familiar for the deck user lovers. The instant result makes it more popular the busy people.

Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Best Deck Cleaner For Mold And Mildew: Wet and Forget 800003 Deck Cleaner

Best Biodegradable Deck cleaner: Wet and Forget 800003 Deck Cleaner

The wet & forget is another fantastic and fantastic choice of our list is cleaning options. This potent cleaning formula needs no scrubbing activities, and it lifts the most challenging stains from deck material. This product range from wet & forget curated when keeping the stain removal requirement in your mind.

It can save you from any harm and trouble of deck cleaning with less work. It is a perfect and suitable cleaning solution to remove moss, mold, and lichen. Keeping the moss with algae outdoor at bay in particular areas with top humidity can be challenging.

Deck Cleaning Mold And Mildew


Move and see the main features of this deck cleaner.

A unique combination: It is a unique combination of biodegradable selections for moss, mold, and mildew removal on the exterior surface. First, dilute with water and apply it for faster work.

Safety: It helps you to save water. You can sue it for any wooden surface because it is safe for any outdoor surface. It is protected for use around the garden plants.

Bio-degradable: This deck cleaning comes with biodegradable ingredients. But it is free from caustic, acidic, and bleaches. However, it will be used on every wooden type surface without damage.

Why we like it

  • Suitable for gentle spraying
  • No need for scrubbing, rinsing, and power cleaning
  • Comes with biodegradable ingredients
  • One concentrated pack that prepare three gallons of solution

Why we don’t like it

  • It is very corrosive.

Consumer Reports

Based on the most positive reviews it is the best deck cleaner consumer reports. And finally, overall you can pick this deck cleaning solution for your deck surface and enjoy the deck floor with your family.

Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Best Deck cleaner for hard surface: DEFY Wood Deck Cleaner – 2.25 LBs

Best cleaner for hard surface: DEFY Wood Deck Cleaner – 2.25 LBs

Defy wood cleaner for decks is a top quality and highly effective cleaning system for an exterior wood deck that fences, too. The sodium percarbonate depends on the powdered formula and is the eco-friendly alternative for deck prepping. We are accustomed to eliminating dirt, stains, and mold when preparing the deck to apply to defy exterior paints.

This deck cleaner is one of the most powerful solutions for cleaning moss and algae from the outdoors. DEFY offers the art technology condition and helps to save the wooden deck and furniture from wearing out.


A few features need to know.

Concentrate Formula: This formula is better for super coverage of the wooden deck. It will make at least a five-gallons cleaning solution. Mix five gallons of water with a tub of cleaner and apply with a mop.

Durable: This solution not only cleans the wood but also opens the pores of the wood. It allows better to absorb the wood stains and work for a long duration.

Safe and protective: This is a secure oxygen bleach wood solution that safe your wooden deck and safe for grass and any other plants beside the deck.

Restore the natural beauty: This deck cleaner concentrate will restore the wood’s beauty with deep cleaning. It removes the dirt, stains, and weathered finished.  

Why we like it

  • It stops the re-growth of the moss plus algae.
  • Easy process to use
  • Safe and ideal to use for several types of the wood surface

Why we don’t like it

  • If your deck surface is stony, it doesn’t work well
Best Deck cleaner for hard surface: DEFY Wood Deck Cleaner – 2.25 LBs

Consumer Reports

Every item from DEFY is the premium quality. It can prove too toxic and aquatic life on prolonged use. But careful to use the solution and put on hand gloves and sunglasses to protect your skin and eye from injury. For those causes, consumers like to use it most.  

Overall Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Best budget Deck cleaner: Saver System #1 Wood Deck Cleaner

Best budget Deck cleaner: Saver System #1 Wood Deck Cleaner

Our another addition is the #1 wood deck cleaner by Saver System. It is a powered concentrate which you can mix with five gallons of water. It is safe and sound to use and re-establish for next time. It increases the natural and exterior beauty of the wooden deck surface. You can use it to remove weather composite lumber and remove unsightly stains with a silver-gray color.

It is not dangerous for the human body and grass or plants. It is step 1 to 2 processes to remove dirt plus grime of wood stains. If you would like to find the best effect for your wooden deck exterior, we propose you pick it. It is ideal to use as a house cleaner like patios, sidewalks, and driveways.  


Now see the key features at a glance.

Cover large area: This deck cleaner comes with 2.25lb powder that can be added with 5-liter water. This liquid lets you cover from 500 to 1000 sq. ft. easily.

Oxygenated bleach: It cleans the wooden surface and improves the absorption of wood stain, opening the wood pores. It lets you remove wood graying by UV rays.

Easy to use: This deck cleaner is very easy to mix and use. It is safe for all human skin and also safe for the grass and plants of your garden.

Why we like it

  • This is the perfect solution to hear all the issues.
  • Simple process to use and apply.
  • Don’t require too much more effort to apply.
  • It takes a good deal for elbow grease.

Why we don’t like it

  • It isn’t ideal for the roof surface.

Consumer Reports

This is the most demandable deck cleaner to the consumers. It is ideal for any wooden deck, and the application process is not complicated.

Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Best Spray Deck cleaner: Scotts Plus Oxi-Clean Deck Cleaner

Best Spray Deck cleaner: Scotts Plus Oxi-Clean Deck Cleaner

The Scotts plus oxi-clean cleaner is very versatile that can be used for almost every outdoor cleaning purpose. Besides, this cleaner is compatible, and you can use it on any type of surface like stone and cemented surface, composite wooden surface, and the average surface of wood plus flower pots.

This outdoor cleaner lets you use with skillfully as well as effectively lift stubborn dirt and blemishes that are mostly formed because of the moss, mildew, mold, and algae on any outdoor areas like your garden, patio, and pathways.


The main features of this deck cleaner are below.

Versatile: This solution works across several types of surfaces like concrete, wood, vinyl, patio, brick, fibreglass, and much more.

Three easy ways: You may apply it on three easy ways. Apply- Apply this cleaner on the deck surface and leave it to set up for 5 to 10 minutes. Scrub – scrub the foaming surface to remove the dirt. Rinse- Rinse the surface with normal water properly.  

Environment-Friendly: This cleaner doesn’t bleach your hands and clothes from this spray. Overall it is an environment-friendly and effective product.   

Why we like it

  • Easy to lift the dirt
  • Works efficiently on cemented surface
  • It can be used ground plants
  • It contains chlorine bleach

Why we don’t like it

  • The solution might be clumsy

Consumer Reports

This deck cleaning solution can embark on the jobs of powerful deck cleaning without applying chlorine bleach. Now enjoy this cleaner and remove all the stains plus dirt that were hidden from the aesthetic of your home using this solution from Scotts.

Overall Ratings: 4.1 out of 5

Best Deck Cleaner For TrexOlympic Oly Deck Cleaner

Best high-strength Deck cleaner: Olympic Oly Deck Cleaner

To make your floor clean and shine, Oly Deck 2.5 gl manufactured by OLYMPIC Brand is the best choice. This is a unique, premium quality material that can work wonderfully on outdoor decks, siding, or fences.

This is the best Deck cleaner as it will remove dirt, stains caused by mildew, algae, or molds and will restore the neat, clean, natural look of your precious exterior wood, concrete, or other surfaces. It is also capable of removing difficult spots that are ruining your wood color for years.

Deck Cleaning Trex


Below have the key features of it.

Works on all wood types: This cleaner is perfect for any type of wood, including most composites, extremely weathered wood, even on fake woods like Trex deck surface.

Short time needed: Oly deck cleaner can work within a short period of only 5-10 minutes. By this time, it will penetrate deep into the wood and lifts dirt to the surface to be rinsed away.

Easy to apply: No mixing is required for a premium quality Oly deck 2.5 gl. It is ready to use. No particular types of equipment are needed to apply. Generally, it can be applied through a brush or using cloths.

Why we like it

  • Take a short time to apply
  • Most useful for any wooden surface
  • Non-acidic and co need scrubbing
  • Super powerful to make healthy deck than before

Why we don’t like it

  • It makes a strong odor.

Consumer Reports

Finally, restore the natural look of your deck, fences, siding, wooden furniture, concrete, pressure-treated lumber, or brick by using premium deck cleaner of OLYMPIC.

Overall Rating: 3.3 out of 5

How To Choose Deck Cleaners – Buyers Guide

Most homeowners asked a few common questions like the best deck cleaner? Or which one will be the best for their house? Only the deck cleaner is one of the unique products and brags more sturdy ingredients.

Let’s talk about what factors we should think about buying the best deck cleaner.

Oxygen Bleach

When it comes to questions for the best deck cleaner, you have to think about the ingredients. Here you should consider an oxygen bleach-based deck cleaner that will be quite trending in the market.  

It includes chemicals such as sodium per-carbonate, and it works to remove consumer reports deck stain, dirt, lichen, and oxidation patches. These ingredients even environment-friendly best cleaning solutions for the deck.

Granular Cleaner:

You have to select the deck cleaner based on your usage and even preference. Granular deck cleaners include powder that you have to mix with water and then apply on the deck. The granular cleaner is the best due to it hasn’t a storage issue. You can store the powder of this cleaner pack for a long time securely.

Liquid Cleaner

When a question comes for a perfect deck cleaner that works without any hazard, the liquid deck cleaners will be fine and indeed the best choice. You don’t have to mix it beforehand with anything because it is a ready-made form and super easy to use. The liquid cleaner is mild and doesn’t any chance of any unsympathetic impact on getting in touch with the skin.

Mild in Nature

To find out the most excellent cleaner for the deck of your house, you should focus on the mildness of your selected cleanser. Selecting a mild on despite strong deck cleaner makes sure the durability of the paint of the wood. Choosing a harsh can ruin the color of your lovely deck.


All of us know that the decks stay so closer to the plant and our garden. So, the top-touch level of focus has to be given for selecting the deck cleaner. A biodegradable cleaner has to be at the topper of your priority list as it includes less dangerous chemicals and is usually eco-friendly.

Features of Best Deck Stains Cleaner

There are some key features that you have to look for in selecting the best deck cleaner. Let’s unpack them.

Anti-microbial Formulation: Seek for cleaner featuring anti-microbial safety from mold plus mildew. For this reason, your deck will free from any risk.

Spray Bottle Application: Some products come with a versatile spray bottle pack. You fastener the garden hose attachment up to the spray bottle nurture and turn on the water. When you pull the spray bottle’s trigger, the water force automatically and mix the cleaner with the correct ratio of water.

Premixed: Some items come in premixed format for correct use out of the container. They offer to pour on application with manual scrubbing to lift tough stains.

Cleaning action: The deck cleaner must feature a sturdy cleaning action with the right formulation to lift concrete stains.

Worth for money: Price has to be considered when you will go purchasing the deck cleaner. Some items are inexpensive, and some are expensive that won’t be under your wallet budget. If you desire to find a procedure that comes with spray-on exploit and a useful applicator, you need to give some more attention than you can pay for pro-solution.

Faithful Brand: When you go for an ideal deck cleaner, we suggest you always go for the reliable and familiar famous brand. All the products of them come with top-quality, and you can trust them 100%.

Non-toxic: It is so essential that you select a cleaner with non-toxic plus biodegradable ingredients. The safe formulation is so kinder on the environment, decreasing the home’s effect on the local area.

Question And Answer

Keep reading on and see some common questions with the answer that may be yours also.

Which deck cleaner is the best to use?

There are two types of deck cleaner- powered cleaner & liquid deck cleaner. Both of them are good to use. But when the question comes to storage, the powered cleaner is the best to store. 

Are Acid Cleaners are safe to use?

If you like instant cleaning, you can choose an acid deck cleaner though it is not suitable for a long time good result. The acid cleaner frequently lowers down the deck’s pH that may change the deck structure for long-term use.

Do all deck cleaners need additional pressure cleaner?

No, you won’t need to use the pressure cleaner for any deck cleaner. Only a few cleaners require additional pressure during cleaning, and you have to check it when you purchase the deck cleaner. 

Can you use detergent for deck cleaner?

Well, you let you any substance for deck cleaning, but the efficiency can vary. A deck cleaner works well to clean the deck removing the stains, dirt, and lichens without leaving any harshness on the surface that a detergent can’t do. 

Is Bleach cleaner better to remove dirt or stains?

When you get the bleach for cleaning the mildew, it is excellent but unsuitable for eliminating the dirt.

Making the Final Call 

Make the deck cleaning activities easier with one of the top listed products from this review post on the best deck cleaner consumer reports. We know that it is challenging to settle any single product from so many better choices. If you are feeling trouble with a good selection, why don’t you go with our top picks?

A 30-second outdoor cleaner is an excellent option for the deck cleaner. This item comes with three packs that give you around the two-year value of deck cleaner.

You will get a spray bottle for easy arrangement of mixing and cleaning action. The anti-microbial safety formula can stop mildew plus mold growth. It protects your family from any infection and prevents rot in the deck.

Our second choice is Wet & Forget Treatment Deck Cleaner, which is the best premium stain deck cleaner in our review. You will get anti-microbial protection and sturdy cleaning action in a similar user-friendly spray bottle applicator. It is a little expensive, but it works well on various materials that include an aluminum deck.   

Hopefully, this post and our recommended products will help you select or get an authentic experience. 

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