15 Best Dresser | Small Dressers Reviews 2021

15 Best Dresser Reviews and Buying Guide
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Suppose I ask you to tell the top 5 crucial bedroom furniture’s name except for the bed. In which place do you want to keep the Best Dresser?

Definitely, it is an inevitable piece of furniture for you, Right? Cause it can keep safe your cloth, daily accessories, and important papers.

But most of the dresser is either expensive or lower-quality. So here are the top 15 of 3 type’s coolest budget-friendly collections for you. After a lot of analysis from real user recommendation and interview, I’ve selected these.

Also, from my more deep research, I have hunted the top 5 from these 15. But if you have enough time, don’t forget to check all models. Cause each has unique features that can help to choose the perfect one for you. 

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Top 5 Picks of 15:

·        Best Fabric Drawer: Kamiler 3 Tiers Tower. (1 number)

·        Best Solid Wood: IKEA Pure Pinewood. (6 number)

·        Best Night Table: IKEA Two Drawers. (8 Number)

·        Best Durable Fabric: HOMECHO. (13 Number)

·        Cheapest: TUSY 7 Drawer. (2 Number)

Let’s See The All 15 Best Dresser Reviews

1. Kamiler 3 Tiers, Tower 7 Drawer Dresser.

1. Kamiler 3 Tiers, Tower 7 Drawer Dresser.

Are you looking for good storage options for your small space?

Then stop finding! Because the Kamiler 7 drawer dresser comes to solve your problem and gives you the freedom when you need more storage with more flexibility. It has 7 drawers in different size options. That is exactly what most of the mom needs! It’s most comfortable to assemble and disassemble.

This best modern dresser is portable and has a sturdy wooden design on its top that allows for style. It’s perfect to be used as a dresser, but you can also use it as a storage cabinet, nightstand, organizer unit, or an end table as you like!

It makes your living tidier & more orderly. Its metal frame features an anti-rust coating. 

Through high durability and the best space-saving dresser ensures that it is used for a longer time. Using all drawers, opening & closing is easy. Thanks to Kamiler for offering the adjustable feet that is ensured to protect the floor surface.

There is no hassle fact, whether it is assembly or disassembly, as you want. It is also available with removable fabric bins. It has a manual where you get the setup instructions.


  • Highly portable and adjustable feet.
  • Greater storage space within 7 drawers.
  • Comes with the most sturdy and durable features.
  • Affordable storage space for baby clothes.
  • Its top is made of waterproof wooden.
  • Easy to assemble and move.
  • The drawers handle made of wood.


  • Not suitable for heavier things.

2. TUSY cheapest Gorgeous color Fabric drawer dresser.

2. TUSY cheapest Gorgeous color Fabric drawer dresser.

The TUSY 7 drawer dresser is ideal if you want to keep your things compact. This modern design includes seven dresser drawers with a steel frame MDF wooden top.

It features three smaller shelves on the left side, two medium shelves at the top, and two big shelves. Its color and design are really gorgeous, which is sure to get your guest talking. 

It is a multi-functional cabinet that is perfect for your bedrooms, playrooms, nurseries, etc. It has enough storage space with those seven drawers to help you organize clothes, scarves, blankets, socks, etc. 

It’s top made of MDF wood, and the frame is steel that offers water-resistant protection and more durability. The drawers also added both features removable and portable.

So you can easily remove all the drawers as you see fit. This dresser is as easy to assemble as you want. And also included all the necessary hardware, so you don’t have to go to find screws. 

It has plastic feet to help protect your flooring from scratches or scrapes that sometimes happen within the moving process. It is easy to cleaning. Surely, when you purchase and start to organize, you will be satisfied with its features and durability.


  • It is the best modern dress organizer.
  • Come with a simple and cute design.
  • Very sturdy and saves lots of space.
  • Not need any additional tools for setting up.
  •  7 separate portable drawers for organizing.
  • It offers lightweight and portable features.


  • There is no way to store hanging your clothes.

3. Hodedah white solid dresser with lock drawers.

3. Hodedah white solid dresser with lock drawers.

Who want to conceal certain things in their house need a dresser like Hodedah HI70DR. Everyone deserves their privacy in their own space. So, keeping those all things in mind, Hodedah has come up with that design.

It has 7 drawers, top two drawers that you can lock. Those two small ones are mainly designed for keeping your valuable items safe, like your money and important documents. That is because the drawers are equipped with a locking system. And the other five drawers have larger space for storing your clothes.

Another important feature is, it is made of MDF or Engineered Wood. This wood provides more durability and sturdiness to make the wooden dresser. If you like to choose other colors, it is also available. You can choose from those colors Cherry, Mahogany, Black, Chocolate, and white colors.

All the drawer comes with a metal glide, that allows you to very easily open and close. It is easier to assemble, and there are effortless tools needed to ready it. You can use the top of the chest to display souvenirs from your travels or place a lamp. It is affordable, and also looks nice. 


  • Made by engineered wood.
  • Included flat top surface.
  • Most durable 7 drawer feature.
  • Top 2 drawers have locked systems.
  • Drawers sit on metal glides.
  • 5 larger drawers for store clothing.
  • Never clean with any chemicals. 
  • It is a sturdy piece and great use of your money. 


  • It comes without assembling.

4. AZ steel frame, wood tops, large drawer space clothing storage.

4. AZ steel frame, wood tops, large drawer space clothing storage.

Move to a new lifestyle with AZ L1 extra wide storage. AZ L1 Life Concept proudly presents the special one dresser to keep all of the storage requirements easily.

There are five drawers with shelves leading to hold your accessories. The features of the drawers have two distinct sizes and dual row structures for extra convenience. A durable and sturdy steel frame is included with its. This best dresser is perfect for little space. 

https://amzn.to/3oqzqiK Besides the crossing pubs, it added a supporting shelf for better equilibrium. For its simple design, the diversified color fits your room’s décor. It has a hard-wood top that’s enough to hold a TV or other things.

Of course, the wooden table-top is water-proof as you usually won’t. Many people who have limited space and have few clothes or accessories do this for those people. Those love it surely. 

Overall, we like to recommend it for kids and those with little clothes or accessories that don’t need too much space. The dresser is designed more square-shaped. It comes with three smaller drawers and two larger drawers. It is not to need to tell that you have a sizable amount of room as you wanted.

So, don’t delay purchases and keep your clothes or accessories safe.

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  • Easy assembler and good fabric.
  • It comes with a hardtop for use as an extra shelf.
  • This dresser is ideal for your sewing and craft room.
  • Stylish and supportive frame.
  • greater stability and durability.
  • Has effortless cleaning functionality
  • Comes with compact and strong features.


  • Not suitable for heavier loads.

5. Seseno, Best Large Drawer Storage Chest Fabric Dresser.

5. Seseno, Best Large Drawer Storage Chest Fabric Dresser.

If you are searching for a cheap dresser without compromising quality, Seseno 5 Drawer is the answer for you. It comes with 5 wide fabric drawers where you can organize different things according to your choice. You can get it in two available colors: black and charcoal.

It features soft and easy to pull out handles, giving you more relaxation while taking out necessary things from it. The top is made of solid wood and can perfectly hold alarm clocks, keys, glasses, wallets, and even a 42-inch television on it.

The steel frame gives it durability and sturdiness. You can’t but appreciate its elegant looking, soft fabric drawers, and easy to pull out fabric handles.

The dresser works best for your child’s need to store socks, small clothes, toys, etc., correctly. It offers adjustable plastic feet that can prevent wobbling and damage to the floor.

They provide the all necessary tools that need to make the assembly process. You can install it within a short time by following the manufacturer manual.

It gets popularity for its versatile use. You can serve as a storage organizer for the closet, playrooms, bedroom, and many more. It just weighs 22 pounds making it lightweight and hassles free of movement.

To get the best value for your money and make a great addition to your room, buying Seseno 5 drawer dresser will definitely surprise you.


  • Super easy assembling
  • Compact, durable, and structurally sturdy
  • Descriptively five spacious drawers
  • Comes with necessary assembling tools
  • Easy to pull out handles and hard cardboard bottoms
  • Adjustable height feet


  • Drawers omit awful smell but can be vanished with a spay
  • Sometimes gets chipped on the top while delivering

Best IKEA Dresser

6. IKEA Pure Solid Pinewood Dresser.

6. IKEA Pure Solid Pinewood Dresser.

If you are looking for a really inexpensive and classic DIY, Ikea Rast Chest of 3 drawers is the answer for you. It comes with solid wood dresser, which is durable and warm natural things. This durability can get extended if you oil, lacquer, stain or wax the untreated wood surface.

You can paint the dresser in whatever color you want to give it an exciting texture. It means you can match it with your room’s theme.

To prevent floor damage, you should add some legs to this piece. It may cost you some additional bucks but trust me, and it will add an enticing look to the dresser.

It is ideal for children’s usage. The drawer’s depth is excellent enough to comfortably put your child’s socks, tights, small clothes, etc. The drawers can get opened and closed smoothly as they don’t stick.

It offers undoubtedly excellent quality and sturdiness. The assembling process is a little bit time-consuming but easy to put together by following the clear instructions provided.


  • Made with solid natural wood
  • Easy to put together
  • Easy to personalize according to your taste
  • Perfect drawer’s depth to keep your expected belongings
  • Incredibly hackable for a wider range of styles and functions
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Somewhat small, but you should look at the measurement before buying
  • Lack of drawer’s rail

7. IKEA Cheap 3 Drawer Pinewood Natural color Dresser.

7. IKEA Cheap 3 Drawer Pinewood Natural color Dresser.

When it comes to choosing the Best IKEA Dresser, it is challenging to beat RAST. Drawer’s movement with expensive pinewood that enables you to customize it effortlessly. It offers a natural but beautiful look and Solid wood. You can stain and paint according to your taste and match the other furniture to give an elegant and stylish look to your bedroom, entry room, and children’s room.

To ensure safety by preventing it from tipping over, you have to secure the dresser to the wall with the provided safety device. And make sure of the use of suitable fasteners as they work differently for different kinds of walls.

Pure wood has made it durable, and as a result, it can serve you for several years without worries. Constructing is pretty easy and won’t take you much time to put together if you patiently follow the clear instructions.

It would be best if you follow some care instructions to add more durability. For instance, you can wipe dry it with a clean cloth, wipe it clean with a damp cloth, and use fine sandpaper, dishwasher, soap, paint thinner, etc., to remove stains.

If you prefer having a cheap but highly customizable, durable, and easy to assemble, you can undoubtedly go for it. It can serve you for storing your necessary accessories as well as your children. You won’t repent after having it, I can assure you.


  • Made with expensive pinewood
  • Highly customizable
  • Solid wood looks
  • The flexibility of adding nice legs to make the perfection of height
  • Best value for money
  • Easy assembling


  • Small in size that might fail to serve your purpose if not properly looked into dimensions.

8. IKEA Two Drawers White Night Table

8. IKEA Two Drawers White Night Table

If you are searching for a modern looking dresser that can serve as a nightstand for your children, Ikea malm 2 drawers chest white would be the best finding. It comes with two spacious and heavier drawers letting you store enough things, including yoga pants, jeans, scarves, pajamas, shirts, and so on.

The drawers from the malm have rollers so that you can operate them more smoothly. Its heaviness gives it stability and to stay strong.

The drawers come in cupboard packaging, which is bigger and heavier and a breeze to assemble. The rails are attached to the Ikea Malm 2 drawers’ side panel, which prevents movement of the closed drawer while pulling out another drawer.

Nailing on the chest’s rear panel may annoy you if you don’t like using a hammer, but it is essential to nail in to fix the column perfectly.

Top surfaces can be used for keeping different kinds of things like glasses, alarm clock, gadgets, and much more.


  • Build with engineered wood to make it sustainable for years
  • Smooth running drawers with pull -out stop
  • Great value for money and quality
  • Excellent and strongly made cabinets
  • Thick and sturdy


  • Somebody may consider it a little bit pricey.

9. IKEA 6 Drawer Chest Solid Wooden Dresser.

Add more elegance to your living room with this Ikea TARVA 6-Drawer Chest dresser-made out of solid wood, a hardwearing and warm natural wood material

Some cool features of this Ikea TARVA 6-drawer chest are- the drawers of the dresser glide smoothly with a pull-out stop, preventing them from falling out- if you paint, wax, or stain the untreated wood surface, it will meet your needs for years, helping you minimize your expenditure.

Plus, safety fitting hardware is included with this to attach the drawers’ chest to the wall, ensuring the safety of your beloved family, that’s most important!

Adding to this, the chests are wide enough, and they provide you with plenty of storage space so that you can put away all of your and your kids’ clothes in this. You can also use the top surface as it provides you enough room to display your lamps, books, flower vase, mirror, and other items. 

Last but not least, you can also customize this chest of drawers by painting or waxing just as you like it personally.

So, without breaking the bank, you can add this superb dresser to your home appliances.


  • It is made with solid pine wood.
  • Smooth, classy looks.
  • Provides plenty of storage space.
  • Highly customizable with minimum effort.
  • Easy-to-care-for.


  • Maybe it feels a bit heavy on arrival.
  • Some complain the drawers are so tiny that they are basically the best fit for the toddlers.

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10. IKEA 5 Drawers Solid Wooden Tower Dresser.

10. IKEA 5 Drawers Solid Wooden Tower Dresser.

Add this compact-sized Ikea 5-Drawer Dresser to your home appliance, which is made up of natural wood, a viable and warm natural wood material. It really deserves a space in your room. If you wax or stain this untreated wood surface, it will be more sustainable. Also, it is easy-to-care-for. 

Well, It will undoubtedly add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. The premium quality drawers also glide smoothly with a pull-out stop, making it safe for the kids. 

It won’t take up too much space in your living room, whereas this dresser’s high chest gives plenty of space for storage to keep all the clothing and accessories with ease. 

Plus, untreated solid wood could be treated with wax, stain, lacquer, or oil for a more viable surface. 

It can also positively influence your life, and it will be worth the price tag. Also, as the manufacturer cares about your whole family’s safety, they include some fitting hardware so that you can secure the dresser to the wall. That’s handy!

You will surely end up being appeased by the results it provides. The one-of-a-kind style and premium quality are just what you’ve been looking for.


  • It is made up of real pine wood, a natural material.
  • Easy to care for.
  • It can be more durable if waxed or stained.
  • Smooth running drawers with pull-out stop.


  • It’s heavy on arrival.
  • Too small for some.

Top 5 cheap dressers Review

11. DEVAISE White Solid Beauty Accessories Dresser.

11. DEVAISE White Solid Beauty Accessories Dresser.

If you prefer to have a simple but elegant design, this multifunctional DEVAISE 7-drawer chest dresser is the perfect match for you. It comes in a vertical structure, making it ideal for any color tones. Its eye-catchy and straightforward design are absolutely suitable for your bedroom. 

The model is also perfect for use on some occasions like offices, bedrooms, studios, and kitchens. This chest provides ample space with seven wide drawers. Every single drawer can hold 18 pounds, and it is suitable for keeping your clothes, books, cosmetics, and other accessories.

It is made with sturdy particle board that are durable and eco-friendly. As it is made with an eco-friendly board, so it is both water and scratch resistant, which’s very handy. 

Other than that, this dresser is decorated with four casters, making it easy to move, and you can lock two front casters. You can remove the casters while needed, as well. Plus, the high-quality material helps the drawers glide smoothly. 

What’s more, it is easy-to-assemble, thanks to the given instructions. The cleaning process is easy too, and you just need a wet cloth. This model will also offer you an extra table board, making it more stylish.

Therefore, the DEVAISE dresser is a fantastic piece of furniture that will bring a lot of bang for your buck. 


  • It is made with high quality and scratch-resistant board.
  • Take up little space in your home.
  • Modern and stylish outlook.
  • Sturdy and durable construction makes it longer-lasting.
  • Easy to move as it includes wheels.
  • Provides you enough storage space with seven wide drawers.
  • Removable & lockable casters.
  • Easy to clean.


  • A bit tedious to assemble.
  • Poor quality of plastic casters.

12. YITAHOME Fabric Dresser with 7-Drawers

12. YITAHOME Fabric Dresser with 7-Drawers:

Add more life to the interiors of your living room with this YITAHOME fabric dresser with 7-drawers, which is made with sturdy metal, plastic, fabric, wood, and a sustainable MDF wooden top. 

It contains seven detachable and foldable drawers that allow you to create some extra space. You can also pull the fabric handles of the drawers with ease. This appliance is ideal for making any space great such as–bedrooms, entryways, closets, and nurseries.

This model features four adaptable plastic legs, preventing your floor from scratches. The interesting thing is that both the outer and inner sides are made with premium quality non-woven synthetic fabric, which is breathable. 

Follow the detailed instructions to avoid hassle during its installation process. As all items are provided within the package, just secure some screws, and you are all done. You can clean it out quickly with a damp or wet cloth, maintaining freshness and hygiene. It’s easy to put together, as well.

It also comes with a versatile and varied color scheme. Brown fabric drawers, a robust black metal frame, and a wooden tabletop make it look like a sleek and classy design. The storage capacity of it is also appreciable. Seven drawers of diverse sizes provide adequate storage space. 

Overall, this dresser ensures you get a top-notch design and quality.


  • Versatile brown and black scheme.
  • Large space for storage. 
  • Durable and sturdy construction.


  • Limited warranty.

13. HOMECHO 6 drawer’s fabric Dresser with 2 Tier Wood Shelves and Metal frame.

13. HOMECHO 6 drawer’s fabric Dresser with 2 Tier Wood Shelves and Metal frame.

If your target is a gorgeous looking, portable, and strong dresser for your home, office, or dorm HOMECHO is a great model. Mainly it will perfectly fit in a small space or room corner. Although its drawers are made of Fabric, its structures are made of metal and strong MDF woods.

Its good side is, for Fabric drawers, it’s so light-weight, other hands for metal & MDF frame it’s so strong.

The fabric drawer is enough thicker and durable for storing clothes or accessories. And if you need to store books, vase, or heavy appliances, it has two MDF layers, where you can decorate these. So I think it’s an ideal model for multipurpose uses.

Sometimes you see that heavy furniture feet make a scratch on the floor. Probably you use soft-cloth or something else, under the furniture feet which prevent scratch. But the good news is, HOMECHO feets covered with a soft, durable rubber that won’t scratch your floor.

But after my research, I found a little problem. Its dimension is “31.5 W x 11.8 D x 32.2 H inches”. Before purchasing this, you have to ensure that this measurement is enough for you?

I think except for that, it’s a great model for you.


  • The structure is made of durable MDF and Metal.
  • Foldable fabric drawer is thicker and durable.
  • Super lightweight for easy transport.
  • Easy to install.
  • Excellent design and color and multiple shelves.


  • The dresser size isn’t too big.
  • And the fabric drawer isn’t so strong for storing heavy accessories.

14. YITAHOME closets 7 drawers for Home.

14. YITAHOME closets 7 drawers for Home.

YITAHOME is an excellent looking and perfect match dresser in your living room. It is especially best for storing cloth and small necessary accessories.

It comes with 7 fabric drawers; two are larger and five smaller. Four drawers are perfect for storing for cloth, and the remaining other 3 is for small. Also, these are all great for multipurpose uses. It’s an ideal design dresser for bedroom uses.

Its frame is made of metal and MDF board. So definitely it’s a strong one and also lightweight. Its topper comes with an MDF board and excellent design. That is perfect for decorating your showpiece, books, vase, or something you like.

You can check it from the shop-page, and I think you will like it after seeing it at a glance. So as a cheap price, fabric drawer if you like its best model for your room. And don’t forget to check it out of its size, “31.5 W x 11.4 D x 31.1 H inches”. Cause many users claim that it isn’t measurement enough for him.

Although you won’t get it as assembled when you unbox it. So stay ready to install it. It’s so easy. You see an installation video on the shop or manufacturing page. With adjusting a few screws, you can assemble or disclose it.

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  • Durable construction with metal and MDF.
  • The maximum number of drawers a small model.
  • Excellent color and design fabric.
  • MDF made of pulling handle grip.


  • Drawer front side isn’t made of MDF.

15. Kamiler Space-saving 5 Drawers Cheap Dresser

15. Kamiler Space-saving 5 Drawers Cheap Dresser

If you are in a Dorm or your living space is short, you need a small dresser. Or if your family is small, you don’t need to large storage. Why I’m telling you about a smaller model?

Cause I think a tower dresser is super perfect to near your bed. It will give an excellent-looking in your bedroom, also don’t need much space.

So, finally, I picked the coolest dresser for you, that size is like a small bookshelf. It’s the cheapest among all of my picks. But I think it’s the best cheap dresser if you love its dimensions. Its measurement is 23.8″ W X 11.4″ D X 38.4 H”, probably height will be too near your belly.

Okay, now if I tell about its structure and quality. It 80% similar to YITAHOME, just different are Color, Width, and the number of drawers. It is made of different 6 types kinds of wood and material. And the coolest feature is it topper is waterproof.

From my research, I did find most of the user so satisfied with this dresser. But the problem is, tiny size, so reminds it that don’t take this if you consider it Size.


  • Strong structure and coolest design.
  • Made by 6 different perfect material that is durable and lightweight.
  • Easy fittable at any corner or in a short space.
  • Easy transport, moveable, foldable, also quick installable.
  • Lowest price, under $100.


  • Tiny Size and two drawers aren’t enough for storing clothes.

Dresser vs. chest of Drawers and an armoire What’s the Difference? 

There are 3 different Dresser available in the market (Normal Dresser, Chest Dresser, and Armoire). If you don’t know about these differences, it’s crucial knowledge that you should know. Cause you have to decide which one is perfect for your condition.

When you compare these, here is the main different part is the size and uses.

Santander Dresser:

A simple normal dresser width is narrow sizes, but height is much. It comes with multiple drawers.

Normally each tier has a drawer of it. It’s perfect space-saving furniture for your room. For storing accessories, clothes, or important papers, it is used.

Chest Dresser:

A chest dresser’s features are similar to a regular one. But the main difference is the height and width. The width is longer than of height.

And every layer stays multiple drawers. However, it uses similar to a regular class. But you can store many accessions or cloth than the Chest.

The problem is that it isn’t space-saving furniture.


The armoire is mastermind storage of home or office. Although you can use it instead of a dresser, it is a lot of different.

Normally a dresser only has Drawers or a shelf. But a maximum Armoire doesn’t have drawers. It has two locked doors that protect all storage containers.

Also, few armoires come with a mirror. Which like a dressing table and a dresser. And few Armoire has drawers and doors both.

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So Armoire isn’t like a dresser; also, its features are multi-functional. But the common feature is that its height is long and its width is narrow.

Where should I put my dresser?

If you put it in the wrong place, it will seem inconsistent. So it can be a good suggestion for you. However, your room furniture decoration is your choice.

A tall or regular dresser is perfect for the near the corner. Or if it Chest, it’s perfect under windows. Also, if it is a tiny size, you can put it near your bed. Cause a dresser is also a good night table too.

But you can take this suggestion if your bedroom has enough space. Otherwise, decorate it as you like and as space.

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How to assemble a dresser?

Learning a dresser installation is important knowledge for you. Cause most of the model doesn’t come as assembled. So stay ready to install your new dresser which you are going to buying.

Although you will get an assembling guide from the manufacturer.

It installation is a simple process that is so easy. So don’t afraid about it.

If the dresser is made of Fabric, the Drawer, Handle, Topper and Frame stay separately. You need to put them direction wise and attach screws.

But normally, a solid wood dresser stays as assembled. So don’t need to do it after unboxing.

Buy MDF or Plywood made does not come as assembled. It is installation a little problematic but not difficult.

How will you do it?

·        Step 1: Unbox all parts from the wrapper, and collect the installation guide Book.

·        Step 2: Keep all similar parts separately.

·        Step 3: Collect screws and nut drivers.

·        Step 4: Read book text and drawing direction and attach all little parts one by one.

·        Step 5: Now, finally attach all parts and build your dresser by yourself.

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Buying Guide of Best Dressers:

A dresser is must need a furniture in your living room. Before purchasing a perfect one, you need to know proper knowledge. So here have a valuable guide for you, which can help you take the closest one.


Which woods or material used for your dresser is a major consideration. If you have more $200 budget, I will recommend you choose MDF or solid natural wood.

Probably you think which is the best? MDF or solid? Although natural wood stay safe under pressure. Other hand, MDF can’t tolerance much pressure like organic wood.

But a dresser doesn’t get much pressure like a bed, so MDF is great. Cause MDF is super smooth, weather prevents, waterproof, and long last. That is much great than natural wood.

Also, MDF is made of natural wood fiber by the engineering process.


The budget is also a big consideration for purchasing a dresser. Solid wood or MDF wood is much expensive than plywood. And fabric drawer is cheaper than plywood. Check below, and there I have said more about this.

Dresser type:

About 3 type of dresser considers the living room (Chest, Tall, Night table). Normally a chest dresser is a big size that needs much space in your room. A tall dresser is a narrow width that is an easy fit in a small space corner. And a night table is coolest with your bed.

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Most asked FAQ with answers that are important for you.

Does a dresser need a mirror?

A dresser means clothing or accessories stores. Normally it isn’t multifunctional. So you mustn’t need to mirror it.
But some of the models come with an excellent mirror. That is especially for the jewelry store or beauty care. So In a real sense, a regular model doesn’t need it. 

What is the difference between the dresser and drawer?

From my research, some of the probable consumers want to know the answer to this question. But I think this question like kiddy (Don’t mind, please)
So I’ve answered here:
A dresser means a combination of a bunch of drawers. And drawer is a little part of a dresser or a single storage container.

Are Ikea dressers good quality?

Ikea is a popular brand for about over 70 years. From the research of Ikea users, I got that they are satisfied with this brand.
But many users claim Ikea dressers assemble a little difficult. The good news is all Ikea is the cheapest.

How much should you spend on a dresser?

I think it’s an important question as a buyer. When you are focusing on pricing, it depends on which type of dresser you will take.
I got a stander solid wooden chest model under $500 price from my research. A tall mid-size is perfect, around $200-$300, which is also a perfect night table.
And if your focus is the lowest price, then you can take the Fabric’s made. You will find the best model under $100 price.

What is a dresser with a mirror on top called?

It calls Bureau.

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