Best Extendable Outdoor Dining Table | Modern High-End Table 2021

Best Extendable Outdoor Dining Table | Modern High-End Table 2021
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When it comes to hosting BBQ parties or al fresco dining at night with your friends and family, an extendable outdoor dining table is a must-have in your backyard. It can quickly become the center of attraction in your backyard. 

You can enjoy a fantastic time with amazing food and amazing friends. But, after these years of isolation, it is crucial to spend some quality time with your closest people.

Patio tables or extendable dining tables come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the number of people. You can fit two to ten people or even more with more extendable tables. 

However, you also need something that will fit your personal style and taste. That is why we handpicked these 10 extendable patio dining tables to kick start your search. Here you will find a table for every need and desire. Each of them will make you want to spend every minute outside with these tables.

List of best extendable outdoor dining tables

Here, I will summarize the 10 table reviews in this article with their special features as I go along. Then, you can take a look at it to decide which one will be good for you and your purpose.

It has a good design with quality materials and can fit up to 10 people easily. So, if you are looking for an extendable outdoor dining table for 10 people, this should be your ultimate choice. Quality, comfort, and versatility; a perfect combination of heavenly extendable table outdoor dining sets

It has heavy-duty construction and will last for years. All in all, it is very sturdy and durable. This one is the best-rated and high end extendable outdoor dining table you can find in the market. Undoubtedly, worth the price it offers.

It has a timeless design which is perfect for classy people out there. The aluminum cast with a shiny copper finish looks amazing. For those who love classic-looking patio tables, I would suggest not looking anything else, as it is made only for you.

This table has two expansion leaves which make the table very easy to accommodate 10 people and additional food trays + drinks. I have found this table most comforting in search of an extendable outdoor dining table for 10 people. So, the punch line, it’s comfortable and can accommodate 10 people!

This table extension is highly versatile and made with environmental authority. It lessens the greenhouse gas as they plant more trees. As we are learning new things about earth, most of us becoming more caring to your nature. If you love an eco-friendly expandable table, I will rate it 9 out of 10.

This has a unique extension leaf called butterfly leaf that can be removed from the table when you are not using it. This table set could be the best choice for pool parties, BBQ parties, and obviously for the indoor usage.

The table has rust and weather-resistant aluminium frames, which also protect from scratching and UV rays. All of it promises long-lasting durability. One thing is for sure; you won’t find anything that durable in my current list of outdoor dining tables.

It is made out of aluminum and powder coated, and iron cast for long life. It is a super stylish outdoor table that perfectly synchronizes with the swimming pool. For mass gatherings, nothing could be better than the Kozyard Villa Outdoor Patio table.

The table has special e-coating to make it long-lasting and resistant to rust and corrosion. The e-coating does not need special care. You will love its rectangular shape. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a dining table set for both indoor and outdoor.

The leaf can be tucked underneath when you are not using it. Thus, it saves a lot of space. This is a budget expandable patio table, which will serve you a wide range of purposes.

10 Modern high end Extendable Outdoor Dining Table Reviews

Best Overall extendable outdoor dining table: Christopher Knight Home Expandable Dining Table.

With this table, you will never run out of space again for your guests. Instead, you can lay out the spread of your grand suppertime, and the guests will have generous space to sit comfortably.
Best Overall: Christopher Knight Home Expandable Dining Table.
Frame MaterialMetal
Top Material TypeAluminum
Product Dimensions80.75 x 37.5 x 28.75 inches; 60.3 Pounds
Seats8 People

Acacia Wood

This dining table is constructed fully with acacia wood which is extremely strong, and dense making it the best option available for any wooden construction. Additionally, this wood is resistant to decay naturally; this table will last years after years.

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Perfect for Bigger Families

You can generously fit 8 people in this table, and if you squeeze space, you can also fit 10 peoples very comfortably. The dimensions of this table are 35.50″ deep x 63″ wide x 29.75″ high. But when you expand the table, it becomes 79″ wide, making it the best extendable outdoor dining table for 8 people.


The design of this table is very appealing and timeless. The wood is gorgeously textured with hand-crafted details and natural wood finish. It stands out and will blend in any type of backyard you have.


  • It has high-quality construction.
  • Super quality acacia wood.
  • Natural wood finish.
  • Very easy to set up, and carry.


  • It weighs a bit heavier.

Best extendable table for Construction: Christopher Knight Home Expandable Aluminium Dining Table.

Brought to you by the same manufacturers as before, this dining table is more sturdy, durable, and has more to offer. So let’s talk about this table in detail, shall we?
Best for Construction: Christopher Knight Home Expandable Aluminium Dining Table.
ColorTeak Finish
Frame MaterialWood
Top Material TypeAcacia, Teak Wood
Seats8 People

Expansion Leaf

I absolutely love the feature of this table that it has an expansion leaf. With this thing, you can fit more guests in the table. The expansion leaf can be stored underneath the table when it is not needed, thus saving a lot of space. You won’t have to worry about storing the leaf anywhere else. 


This whole table is constructed with aluminum which is a very sturdy, strong, and versatile material. It can withstand a lot of weight while being very lightweight. The metal finish of this table is iron casted and powder-coated for long life.

Very Charming

This all-metal table is very charming, and it will become a perfect place for you to gather with your friends and family. The slatted top of the table is effortless to clean. The table, as well as the expansion leaf, comes with umbrella support. All in all, it is a perfect extendable outdoor dining table for 6 people.


  • Very lightweight, that’s why even teens can move it
  • It has a heavy-duty construction, runs for a longer time.
  • It has a great design, adaptable to any outdoor scenario.
  • Comes with a regiourous umbrella support.


  • Direct sunlight for days should be avoided.

Best extendable table for Classic Design: Christopher Knight Home Extendable Patio Table.

Christopher Knight Home has been in the business for making furniture starting from beds to patio tables; they have earned quite the reputation. You will fall in love with the following table from them as I tell you the details about it.
Best for Classic Design: Christopher Knight Home Extendable Patio Table.
ColorShiny Copper
Frame MaterialMetal
Top Material TypeAluminum
Seats10 People

Classic Design

This table has a frame of aluminum cast with a gleaming copper finish. The very sophisticated botanical and lattice design motif is very charming. The whole table is supported from below with elegant and curved legs that add to the design more.


The table is powder-coated to make it resistant to weather and water. It can endure a lot, and the spills’ stains can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth. Accidental events won’t stop the party from happening.

Room for Everyone

This table is over five feet in length when it is in a compact state. But as this table is expandable, it becomes over seven feet when you fully extend it. Therefore, you can easily fit 8-10 people at this table.


  • The whole table is iron cast, provides super durability.
  • Powder-coated, but just not an ordinary coating, it has a thick coat.
  • Resistant to rough weather and water.
  • Feature a classic design.


  • You’ll need an extra rubber bumper to place a glass safely.

Best for Expansion Leaves: CBM Patio Kawaii Collection Dining Table Set.

If you are looking for a whole set of extendable outdoor dining tables for 8 people with chairs then you have to look no further. It is one of the best patio tables here in this list that you are going to absolutely adore.
Best for Expansion Leaves: CBM Patio Kawaii Collection Dining Table Set.
SizeXxxxx- Large
ColorBlack Brown
BrandCBM Dining Set
Seats10 People

Aluminum construction

Both chairs and the table are made of aluminum. It has been known as a better material for all types of furniture. It is corrosion, wear, and rust-resistant, as well as impermeable and odorless. It can be recycled, too, meaning that it is eco-friendly. The chairs and table are incredibly versatile and robust.

Two Expansion Leaves

The table can be expanded with the two leaves it has, and it is very much beneficial. It can easily accommodate 10 people when expanded and create space for additional food trays and some drinks. It is great for holidays, parties, and family occasions.

Comfy Chairs

The aluminum chairs are padded with soft cushions, which provide people with extra comfort. The design is also very eye-catching. Even without the cushions, the chairs are still comfortable to sit. In addition, they can hold up to 300 lbs of weight.


  • Affordable set, it offers everything that an expensive set offers.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • The chairs are stackable so that ample space can be saved.
  • Five years limited replacement warranty.


  • No cons found.

Best for Environment: B.R.A.S.I.L. Table Champ Extensions.

Suppose you want to extend your existing wooden table for guests and other purposes. In that case, this is the thing you are probably looking for. You can use this extension to extend your table more and use it.
Best for Environment: B.R.A.S.I.L. Table Champ Extensions.
Color01 Oak Antique on Pine
Frame MaterialPine
Special FeatureExtendable
Seats6 People

Solid Pine Wood

This extender is constructed with solid pine wood that is strong, sturdy, and shock-resistant. 

The extension is quite stiff and durable and is built to last for years. Moreover, as it is shock-resistant, it minimizes the impact of damage when it is done.


You can use this extension in many different forms with tables, chairs, benches, and other extensions. You can also use this in backyard tables, cafes, schools, hotels, kitchens, offices, and wherever needed. The color is finished in oak antique, which makes it versatile for multi-purpose as well. It will blend with the majority of wooden tables.


This is made from Brazilian pine wood with the agreement of environmental authority. They grow plantation materials and reduce greenhouse gases rapidly. All in all, this extension is a great choice for you. 


  • It comes in rectangular form, that is super attractive.
  • Easy to assemble with tables.
  • It can be used for many purposes.
  • The surface is waxed and oiled.


Best for Unique Leaf: Walker Edison Maui Modern Patio Dining Table.

This is a bit different patio table from the list with a unique design and unique extension system. With this table, you won’t have to cater your party or invite fewer people. Instead, it has room for everybody.
Best for Unique Leaf: Walker Edison Maui Modern Patio Dining Table.

Butterfly Leaf

These types of leaves in tables have a separate section in the center and can be removed when you are not using it. When you have to extend your table, you just have to pull over one end to widen a gap in the middle where you can easily slide the leaf. It is the most space-saving extension as it can fold and store itself under the table.

Acacia Wood

Acacia wood always makes high quality furniture that is durable. It registers itself at 2300 psi in the scale of Janka, so I hope you can realize how strong this table can be. This table is far more durable than any other table you can find on the market.


The design is slatted, and it looks incredible. I love that the slatted lines do not have too much space so that whatever you keep over the table has a proper balance. In addition, the table comes in 4 different colors giving you the freedom to choose what you want in your backyard.


  • It has an easy latch feature.
  • Two-in-one, that’s why it saves money.
  • It saves a lot of space.
  • Butterfly extension leaf.


  • It needs to be oiled with teak oil every once in a while to keep the color intact.

Best for durability: Hanover Naples Outdoor Dining Set.

Both refined and modern, this dining table is set able to totally transform your backyard into a fine setting for hosting al fresco all year long. This set is built to last, and this is a set for any space. 

Modern Design

The whole set features a cool grey finish with clean lines. Designed to blend and complement in any type of setting and environment. This dining table set is the ultimate entertainer to accommodate large gatherings and fit any porch, deck, patio, or backyard.

Expandable Table Top

This table is perfect for small gatherings as well as big gatherings like parties. It can fit 2-10 people very easily. The table generally measures 40″ x 78″ but can expand up to 118″ in a blinking of an eye.

Sturdy and Durable

The table and the chairs are constructed of heavy-duty, weather-resistant, and rust-resistant aluminum frames and manufactured with a high-quality powder coating. All of it protects the set from scratch, harmful UV rays, and resist fading of color.


  • The chairs are foldable, lightweight, and durable.
  • Breathable grey sling fabric.
  • It has a very attractive slatted table top.
  • The chairs are padded for comfortability.


  • It does not have an umbrella hole.

Best for Materials: Kozyard Villa Outdoor Patio Dining Table.

If you have hemmed and hawed for a long time in search of a perfect high and extendable outdoor dining table and found nothing, then you have come to the right product. So let’s talk about it in detail.
Best for Materials: Kozyard Villa Outdoor Patio Dining Table.
Table designDining Table
Room TypeOutdoor use
Frame MaterialMetal
Top Material TypeSlate, Aluminum
Special FeatureExtendable
Seats10 People


This entire table is built with aluminum which is an extremely tough, solid, and flexible material. It can withstand a great deal of weight while being exceptionally lightweight. The metal completion of this table is iron cast and powder covered for long life. 


The table is powder-covered to make it impervious to climate and water. It can persevere through a ton, and the messes, the spills can be effectively cleaned away with a damp cloth without any problem. Unintentional occasions will not prevent the party from happening. The show must go on. 

Space for Everyone 

This table is more than five feet long when it is in a minimal state. However, as this table is expandable, it becomes more than seven feet when you ultimately broaden it. Therefore, you can fit 8-10 people groups in this table without much of a stretch.


  • Very sturdy and durable.
  • Modern and attractive slate design.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Keeping in direct sunlight for days should be avoided.

Best for Coating: MFSTUDIOO Outdoor Rectangle Dining Table.

Maybe you don’t like big gatherings or parties. But sometimes it is nice to have a family dinner outside. This is a perfect extendable outdoor dining table for 6 people.
Best for Coating: MFSTUDIOO Outdoor Rectangle Dining Table.
Top Material TypeSteel
Product Dimensions83.8 x 37.4 x 29.5 inches
Seats6-8 People


The table is made of heavy-duty black and elegant steel frame with advanced e-coating for corrosion and rust resistance. The metal steel promotes longevity, and you would be surprised to know that the e-coating needs no special maintenance.

Big Umbrella Hole

You can install any type of patio umbrella hole in this modern extendable outdoor dining table. It can fit up to 2.6-inch diameter of the umbrella pole. However, it is recommended to use a weighted base if you are going to use the umbrella for a long time.

Ideal for Small Families

Not every family is big and smaller families could also use some time dining outdoors with their loved ones. 


  • Advanced E-coating, which sustains for longer than regular coating. 
  • It has a big umbrella hole.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Low maintenance required.


  • Not suitable for bigger families.

Best for Saving Space: Sophia & William Black Expandable Patio Dining Table.

This table from Sophia & William is made with high-quality materials for a long time, making it one of the best Patio dining furniture on our list.
Best for Saving Space: Sophia & William Black Expandable Patio Dining Table.

Easy to Extend

You just have to simply pull the top of the table apart and then turn the middle leaf around. Lastly, close the table top and you are done expanding the table. Very easy.

Space Saver

The leaf remains underneath the table when you are not using it. Thus it saves your outdoor space a lot. When compact it can take 4-6 people and when extended it can accommodate up to 8 people with much ease. You won’t even have to squeeze space.

Metal Steel Frame

The table is made of steel with e-coating to make the table resistant to wear, corrosion, and rust. You can easily place it in backyard, balcony, patio or any other type of outdoor without having to worry about decay.


  • Comes with one year limited warranty.
  • Can be easily extended.
  • High quality metal steel frame.
  • The table has a security lock.


  • It doesn’t have an umbrella hole.

What Kind of Patio Dining Set Should You Buy?

There are many kinds of patio dining sets out there in the market, and you might get confused about buying the right one. Here is a buying guide for what you should look for on a patio table and what you should not.

  • Material: The materials of a patio table should be compatible with the surrounding climate, environment, and space. Whether you have a tight space or a big space, you should be selective of the materials. We will recommend you buy tables made out of aluminum, teak, or acacia wood as they are UV resistant and won’t rust either.
  • Size: Size is a critical factor when you are buying a patio table. If you have a tight space but bought a big table, things can get complicated for you. That’s why you should consider the number of members in your family and outdoor space as well.
  • Style: Patio dining furniture comes in every style starting from modern and sleek to rustic and homey. You will find everything in-between as well. Try finding something that fits your taste and matches the style of your outdoor space as well.


How do you clean a patio table?

First, you have to figure out the material your patio table is made out of. If it is made out of wood, it is best cleaned with a wet cloth and mild detergent. If you want to clean mold and stains, you should probably invest in a scrub with a brush or pressure washer. The aluminum or any other materials made table can be washed with water and detergent.

How do you store a patio table?

If you want to safely store a patio table, you should store it indoor and dry storage space. But in certain circumstances that you can’t store them indoors, you should buy protective covers to keep them safe. Also, ensure that the table is dry and clean before storing.


We have selected these top 10 best extendable outdoor dining tables. These are some good patio tables under your budget that customers always have been satisfied with. My personal favorite is Christopher Knight Home Expandable Dining Table; it is an all-around table that can serve multiple purposes. 

We have tried our best to give you every specification of each of the tables along with the pros and cons. 

It is really nice to have good dining with your family outside. Finding a good patio table might be challenging. Still, we hope we have made the job easy to incorporate all these amazing ones into the list. Let us know if you dine well with one of these.

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