10 Best solid wood dresser review

Best solid wood dresser
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The best solid wood dresser is the safest storage for your clothing or accessories. Also, a perfect dresser is a piece of furniture in your bedroom. So you have to select an exact color match, Size, nice looking design with top-level wood made.

After 8-10 days of analysis, I’m going to give you a great guideline. I’ve picked here the 10 best coolest models.

And before writing a review of these, below, I have shared an excellent guide to understanding which one is perfect for you.

Also, I’ve explained in detail of everything. Because before choosing these, I was reached near the exact customers, from Reedit, Quora, and some home & Furniture community site. And I’ve collected their valuable comment. So I think it is an excellent consultation for you.

Let’s see at a glance which top models I found for you.

IMAGE PRODUCT Our rating  
Sauder T-lock wood made double drawer dresser
Universal 3 drawer’s solid wood modern dresser
 Sorbus, closet design wood top dresser under budget Sorbus, closet design wood top dresser under budget
Delta Solid Well Made Six Drawers Dresser for the Bedroom Delta Solid Well Made Six Drawers Dresser for the Bedroom
Decor Therapy, three drawer’s Solid wooden bedroom dresser Decor Therapy, three drawer’s Solid wooden bedroom dresser
Homde stylish brown wood dresser with mirror Homde stylish brown wood dresser with mirror
 Ashley coolest design small dresser Ashley coolest design small dresser
Sorbus colourful wooden top dresser Sorbus colourful wooden top dresser
Top-rated East Loft 5 drawers bedroom dresser Top-rated East Loft 5 drawers bedroom dresser
Camaflexi solid pine wood dresser Camaflexi solid pine wood dresser
  • Top Pick: Delta 6 drawer.
  • Most Valuable: Sauder.
  • Rising: Dream on Me
  • Cheapest Price: Sorbus Storage Table
  • Best Night Table: Décor Therapy.
  • Best for jewellery: Homde.
  • Top Brand: Ashley
  • Best girls dresser: Sorbus.
  • Fabric Drawers with Woo
  • d top: East Loft
  • White Color Night table: Camaflexi.

Which features you have to know before purchasing an ideal Dresser.

You are going to purchase a perfect new wooden dresser for your bedroom. Yes, you have to know about a few qualified features. Below I’ve shared a few important matters that you should know before buying a perfect dresser.

Wood Quality:

Observing timber quality is an important part for you. Because I think you are going to take natural well made wooden dressers. And if you want to use it for a long time, you have to choose a top-quality wooden one.

For example, Maple, Walnut, Mahogany, Birch, Oak, Pine, Cherry, etc are best for strong and durable furniture.

If you select the wrong timber for your furniture, it will damage soon or 4-5 years later. Yes of course, you don’t want your hobby furniture to deteriorate quickly.

And when it comes to the artificial or industry-made wood subject, here is a consideration. Regular plywood or wood-board isn’t suitable for long-last uses. It will get destroyed in wet weather. Because it comes from timber powder and glue combination.

But a few High-quality engineered or MDF, which comes from top-quality natural woods, are better than natural timber.

Cause plywood is made of wood powder or scrap, but MDF is manufactured by wood fibre. That is perfect for fighting with the weather, also stronger.

The number of drawers:

A drawer is the heart of a dresser. It’s sure that you want to store your clothes or goods here. So you have to think about this part too. Cause some dresser comes with two-three, or tiny spaces dresser. You can’t store all the necessary cloth or accessories.

Also, you have to ensure that it is perforation-free. Cause if you store your accessories in the perforated drawer, it can damage by weather or insect attack.

Importance of Color:

Color combination is another important consideration if you want to get a great looking from it. For example, if your bedroom wall or other furniture colour is white, then a black color Dresser will seem inconsistent.

So ensure that which colour you are going to purchasing. Is that colour will perfectly match in your room?


If your room space is tiny, you have to consider the size. A Larger than size furniture seems inconsistent in a room. So size is another consideration matter with your room space.

Before buying it, check the product page which size mentioned there. Then take measurements of your room space. And ensure that, whether is this dresser the right measurement for your room?

Nightstand Feature:

A dresser can be a great night table too alongside storing accessories. So it is an excellent matter.

If you have a simple night table in your bedroom, kick it out. And take a portable dresser and put it near your bed as a night table. I think it’s a great consultation for you.

Cause, your necessary accessories will stay near your hand on the night table drawer.

10 best solid wood dresser coolest collection

#1. Sauder T-lock wood made double drawer dresser:

#2. Sauder T-lock wood made double drawer dresser:

Finally, I have found a dresser where I can put all my important stuff and clothes. And this is the Sauder T-lock Wood made dresser. So it can easily be paired with any other Delta model in the same finish.

But after assembling this, I would say that this is the most interesting part of this dresser. If you read the instructions properly and put the parts together without issue, it comes out beautiful. It’s the best six-drawer’s dresser. It looks expensive for the wood and the finishing. The drawers glide very smoothly and have huge storage inside them. Now let’s talk about the features it has:


  • It is made of solid wood:

So it looks very expensive because of its smooth finishing. The ISO 17025 accredited lab tests it. The total drawer chest dimensions are 54×18×33 and 142 lbs weight. Also gives you 5 years warranty.

  • Six drawers:

The main features of this dresser are the drawers. It has a total of 6 drawers. Top drawers have two knobs each. Upper drawers dimensions (each)- 21 x 18 x 4. Lower drawers dimensions (each)- 21” W x 18” D x 6” H. Drawers open and close on smooth metal runners. The lower drawers are extra deep to store your clothes.

  • Assembly:

Although, this dresser requires full assembly. The parts would be separated when you get it. After reading assembly instructions, you will get to understand everything, that how you will do it. It takes almost 3-4 hours if you do it alone. It is user friendly. It looks better than the pictures.

You Can Check Also How to Assamble Sauder T Lock Dresser


  • It has 6 excellent smooth drawers that open and close so easily.
  • Comes with a huge Goods storage area.
  • It is a stylish and modern look model.
  • It’s budget-friendly. It costs almost $150-$200, which is pretty reasonable.


  • The heavy presents a problem.
  • It may fall apart if the assemble isn’t correct.

In the end, I’d highly recommend everyone to buy this based on my experience. Definitely, you’ll not be disappointed with the purchase. 

#2. Universal 3 drawer’s solid wood modern dresser

Dream on me dresser comes with a classic and stylish design to add extra luxury and adorable looks to your kids’ room. Its 3 spacious drawers allow you to organize different kinds of items that the kids frequently need. It features Euro glides, enabling you to pull open drawers easily even if your hands are full of something.

The dresser can accommodate baby clothes, linens, and every kind of accessory. The frame is super solid and sustainable thanks to New Zealand’s pinewood. It comes with six versatile finishes so that you can choose the perfect one that can mix and match with other furniture in your child’s room.

Key features of Dream on me:

·   Super Easy Assembly: It features a pre-assembled drawer chest, glides, and makes the assembly process a breeze. It also has euro glides that make the pull opening drawers process much convenient for you. It will not take more than 40-50 minutes to set up the whole process.

You can Check here user menual

·   Safety: It is safe from lead and phthalate. And it finishes in a non-toxic multi-step painting process that ensures your child’s safety at a high level. Moreover, the dresser maintains ASTM/CPSC safety standards. So you can relax about the safety measurement.

·   Ample Space: 3 drawers have enough storage to hold maximum accessories for your baby. The top drawer can store diapers, lotions, and washcloths. The middle drawer can accommodate clothing, and the bottom is the ideal place for swaddle blankets, extra crib, and soft baby carriers.


  • A build-in frame of solid sustainable New Zealand pinewood
  • Tapered feet and clean, straight lines
  • Inclusion of stop mechanism and anti-tip kid
  • Strong and sturdy metal drawer pulls


  • A little bit pricey

#3. Sorbus, closet design wood top dresser under budget.

#4. Sorbus, closet design wood top dresser under budget.

This dresser comes with a colorful and cute design for your kid’s playroom. Its 5 drawers are made with a strengthened base and deal with for quite easy opening and shutting. You can keep clothes, toys, everything in this dresser. 

Additionally, this dresser is a perfect place in the hallway, bedroom, guest room, and office room. You can also keep pens, pencils, files, and various official or personal accessories in this dresser. It is easy to moveable from one place to another place because of its lightweight feature. It is great for small living spaces like the tiny house.

Key Features of Sorbus:

Portability: They are made of cardboard covered with thin cloth materials. It is lightweight and easily moved anywhere in your room. Perfect for additional storage and also use as a tv stand! It is available at a reliable price. Also suitable for living room, guest room, office room dresser, etc.

Easy to assembly: It is easy to assemble with pretty minimalistic storage capability. It assembles in less than 30 minutes. Plenty enough storage for a small size dresser!  A little smaller dresser than expected, but it’s a good product. Its drawers are pretty solid for being made from the material. 

Five drawer dresser option: It comes with 5 drawers in cute size. It’s about knee height. You can use it for daily clothes basically, anything that doesn’t go on a hanger. It is a nice piece of casual furniture. This is a great little dresser that can use for anything.

 Pros :

  • Easy to the assembler.
  • Pretty sturdy and durable.
  • Great use of your money.
  • Brown/dark brown both colours are available.
  • Perfect for the tiny house.
  • It is super cute and lightweight.
  • The drawers are lined & they slide in easily.

Cons :

  • Limited storage capacity, and it’s only knee-high! 

#4. Delta Solid Well Made Six Drawers Dresser for the Bedroom:

Delta Solid Well Made Six Drawers Dresser for the Bedroom:

Delta dresser really deserves a space in your child’s nursery. It’s a must-have appliance for a room. This simple but chic Delta 6 Drawer Dresser features stylish curved legs that add a characteristic vibe to any nursery as well as easy-to-hold handles.

You don’t have to be concerned about your child’s safety as this Delta model is free from harmful chemicals. And, its smooth and sustainable metal glide system with safety stops helps drawers prevent falling out.

This Delta Children dresser comes with a classic design and strong wood construction. It is also available in six different colours such as white, dark chocolate, grey, black cherry espresso, espresso cherry, and black. If you have other Delta products in your home, these colours can easily be paired with them.

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Key Features of Delta:

  • Stylish Design and Spacious Storage:

The top surface of this dresser is stable and sturdy. So you can use it to keep your vanity kit, potted plants, fishbowls, and so on. Hence you need not have another chest or table. Thus, it will make your life easier.

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As the dresser is spacious enough, you can put all of your child’s clothing in this dresser from boyhood to adulthood.

Plus, this gorgeous dresser’s curved front legs and sleek solid finish add an elegant style to your living room. 

  • Quality Construction:

Tested for toxic elements to meet ASTM safety standards- It comes in six different available finishes. So it can easily be paired with any other Delta model in the same finish.

Its frame and other components are crafted with solid wood and composite wood, respectively. Therefore, it will nicely match with any home decor. Also, it drawer chest is made by 100% pure raw timber.

  • Safe for Your kiddos:

As the drawers run smoothly and they are easy to pull open, even if your hands remain full, it won’t be difficult for you to pull them open. And, that’s why children, as well, can open the drawers with ease.


  • 6 spacious and deep drawers for storage.
  • It is made up of pure wood.
  • Metal drawer glide system with safety stops.
  • Available in six distinct colors.
  • No toxic elements added.
  • Meets ASTM safety standards.
  • Easy-to-assemble.
  •  Easy-to-clean surfaces.


  • New dressers may spread a strong odor.
  • Might be too small for some.

#5. Decor Therapy, three drawer’s Solid wooden bedroom dresser.

#5. Decor Therapy, three drawer’s Solid wooden bedroom dresser.

Here the Decor Therapy drawer storage comes in a compact design and doesn’t require so much space. It includes three cute storage drawers, and every drawer has maximum weight retention. It offers all the necessary hardware. Moreover, it is more durable and is a solid pinewood. 

This dresser has a traditional look and with a stained finish. It’s perfect for keeping different items. Also, it helps to keeps your cloth well organised. That for they have a clean look. It also a perfect dresser as a night table, or in an official store supplies.  The table measures 15.75 W x 11.8 D x 26 H inches.

Key Features of Decor Therapy:

Portability: This Decor Therapy is a budget-friendly dresser that measures 11.8 W x 15.75 D x 26 H inches. The company doesn’t compromise with its quality. It is made of wood that ensures its durability and made it a perfect staple to any home decor. Cleaning this organic wood dresser is as easy.

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Super easy to assembly: It is easy to assemble construction and easier to maintain. You can use it to stored or organised your kitchen essentials or bedroom. This dresser comes with a compact design and portable. Also offers a compact design and an affordable price. Additionally, it is perfect for small apartments.

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Three drawer dresser option: Its removable drawers also have ergonomic handles for a comfortable opening and closing. The drawers are guarantee abundant storage. It is strong, and the wood comes in top quality with a nice finish. This small dresser is best for space-challenged homes that need extra storage.


  • This three drawers dresser is made of wood.
  • It is small but has nice features.
  • It’s like a cute little cabinet.
  • Easy to set up.
  • It is simply beautiful and also quite efficient.


  • They are a little bit of weird smell.

#6. Homde stylish brown wood dresser with mirror:

#6. Homde stylish brown wood dresser with mirror:

Homde has come with a stylish brown wood dresser with mirror. If you find a jewellery organiser that could be a part of your furniture, this dresser is aimed at you. It is the best dresser ever. Cause it has a well organised and unique design. This is user-friendly. Now, I’ll share you about all the features and discuss the benefits that I got from this dresser. So let’s get started:

Keyw Features of this dresser:

  • jewellery tray:

Firstly, it has a 6-tier structure, including a top jewellery tray. It has five pull out drawers, where you can put all your rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The 4th layer has three soft watch pillows to keep the watches safe. Also, the 5th layer is deep enough to store sunglasses.

  • Lock:

You will get a lock on the top to secure your jewellery accessories. It has double dresser side doors where you can hang your earrings, necklace and long chain. Doors comes with metal handles, not only the doors the drawers are also equipped with metal handles.

  • built-in mirror

It has a large well made mirror. That offers convenience when dressing up yourself. This box is 12.20” × 8.27” × 13.19” when closed. It’s a coolest gift choice for any occasion. The interesting part is this organiser is made by hand.


  • It has a large capacity.
  • It is made of good quality wood, so it looks good with your furniture.
  • It organised all your mess.
  • Its nice finishing, stylish design and soft velvet lining make it different from others.
  • It’s a great gift material.


  • Though it’s the best product, it is not budget-friendly.

So, I’d highly recommend this to you because this is not only used to keep your jewellery, it also enhances the beauty of your dressing corner.

#7. Ashley coolest design small dresser

#7. Ashley coolest design small dresser

Ashley is another great portable night table dresser like Camaflexi. If you want to get the coolest design and excellent brown color, smooth dresser, you can take it.

Its features are almost the same although the design, colour, and looking, more than greater from Camaflexi. But when you compare price and material, then the price is a little much. And they are used High-quality Engineered Wood.

If your demand is 100% natural, then here is a little antithesis.

But this engineered isn’t like normal plywood. And high-quality engineered wood better than natural wood. You can see this comparison of what is different between these two types of woods.

Key Features of Ashley dresser:

Smooth Finishing: 

It comes with two drawers, and you can use it as a night table too. If you compare with others picked product of here, Ashley is most smoothies and coolest designed here.

The drawer Nickel Handle has made by Nickel. And for smooth finishing, opening and close are easier.

Durable Construction: 

On the above, I told you that it isn’t made of solid wood. But don’t confuse about quality, cause here used high-quality engineered.

Although natural is great for furniture, it has the possibility of Insects attack. Also, it can be damaged by adverse weather.

But, when natural wood is processing from engineering technology, then it includes some wether prevent features.

So engineered woods can’t damage bd weather or Insects.

Made from a reputed Manufacturer

Go to google.com and search Ashley. I hope you can understand this brand. In 1945 the Ashley brand was founded, and now it is a popular brand in the USA.

So you can keep 100% confidence with this Manufacturer.


  • Smooth finishing and excellent design.
  • Made of top quality engineered MDF.
  • Used thicker and durable material.
  • A perfect night table too.
  • Comes from a popular, reputed USA manufacturer.


  • It Isn’t made of organic wood.
  • Price is higher compared with other dressers.

#8. Sorbus colourful wooden top dresser:

#8. Sorbus colourful wooden top dresser:

Add more charm to the interiors of your child’s nursery with this Sorbus 5-Drawer Dresser. This colourful dresser features a wooden sturdy tabletop surface on which you can display lamps, clocks, books, mirrors, and many more. Very handy, right?

You can easily put your child’s clothes, toys, and blankets inside this spacious fabric dresser chest. Plus, the playful color of this furniture will surely enliven up your child’s bedroom or playroom. Apart from this, it is lightweight and easy-to-transport. You can fold the drawers for storage with ease when not used, too.

This dresser is also suitable for the money, as you will get this non-woven fabric within your budget. Additionally, easy-to-grasp knobs make this dresser user-friendly. That’s fantastic!

Overall, this dresser provides you with outstanding quality and design.

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Key Features of Sorbus:

  ●  Colourful and Stylish Dresser: 

This versatile dresser chest comes with different playful colourations including Pastel colours in yellow, teal, aqua, peach, purple, and a wooden top surface- Suitable for the playroom, nursery, and teens bedroom- Made with a sturdy steel frame and sustainable MDF wooden top with a sleek finish- The Drawers made up of breathable and non-woven fabric. 

● Display and De-clutter: 

As the wooden top provides a sturdy surface, you can use it to display books, lamps, alarm clocks, electronics, and many more. The Drawers serve a great purpose for storing baby and kid clothes, as well.

●  Portable, Foldable, and kid-friendly Design:

Breathable fabric drawers made with a strong base and easy-to-pull handle that helps open and close quietly. Apart from this, you can fold flat these removable Drawers easily for storage when not in use. Above all, this whole unit is lightweight, portable, and foldable.


  • Comes in various playful colors.
  • Baskets are easy to store.
  • Lightweight and portable design.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Drawers are easy to fold for storage.


●      Some complaint about its small size.

#9. Top-rated East Loft 5 drawers bedroom dresser.

#9. Top-rated East Loft 5 drawers bedroom dresser.

Do you want to take your interior decor to an exciting and new level with a reliable dresser?

Well, East Loft 5 Drawers bedroom dresser is the answer for you. It comes with strong steel construction to ensure your decades of durability. Steel frame design creates a lightweight but sturdy and durable structure allowing you to move it easily around the room to place it in a convenient position. Its 5 fabric drawers have plenty of storage to keep your all essentials in it.

The bedroom dresser measures 33.11 x 13.58 x 5.39 inches, perfect for any room and saves you enough space.

Key features of East Loft:

·   Easy and Fast Assembling

   The dresser doesn’t require any complicated tools to assemble. You can do it within just a few minutes following the necessary instructions. And also this feature saves you from hiring a handyman too!

·   Durability and Longevity

   Solid steel construction ensures decades of convenient usage of the dresser. Tear-resistant fabric and sturdy handles add an extra guarantee to durability. You can rest assured that nobody can forcefully or accidentally cause any damage to it without the help of hard or sharp metals.

·   Versatile Usage

  You can use these 5 drawers to organise and store clothes, accessories, toys, etc. the top wood is sturdy enough to put an alarm clock, different kinds of gadgets, or even books. Hence it makes you hassle-free from the worries of where to keep those items safely to some extent.


  • Immense portability
  • Lightweight compactness
  • Exquisite and tear-resistant flexible fabric
  • Strong and sturdy construction boasts durability for decades
  • Spacious drawers


  • Fabric cubes refrain from putting anything heavy in them

#10. Camaflexi solid pine wood dresser.

#10. Camaflexi solid pine wood dresser.

A portable white colour night Table dresser is a perfect match to near your bed. Camaflexi is a great solution when you are looking at a night table with a dresser within mid-range.

It is made of solid pine timber. So don’t confuse here for the wood quality. As portable, solid and pure Wood quality, I recommend it, although it seems this price is a little higher. 

Also, when you check its colour and design, you see that it’s a unique piece. Check below, and I’ve shared key features from my research.

Key Features of Camaflexi:

Durable Construction: 

From the seller data, I got that it’s a strong dresser, cause here used pine wood. Also, the announced here isn’t used any Plywood, board like anything. But not ensure from seller data, I’ve researched more deeply from real user data. (From Reddit) They are really happy with Camaflexi construction.

Double dresser: 

It comes with two drawers with enough space for storing your always necessary Goods. And drawer handle is made by easy grabble smooth metal. For smooth finishing inner drawer section, push up is so comfortable.

Also, the drawers have designed as a perforate free protective system. So your dresses or Goods will stay more safely from the insect.

Metal glides bottom: 

Camaflexi has 4 solid timber made legs. But under the legs bottom attached with square shape metal glides. It will prevent decay from the force, which makes floor and legs conflict. Not only decay-prevent, will it protect from any kinds of hits or water drips.

Also, all of Camaflexi furniture’s comes with these features.


  • Durable construction, cause made by Pinewood.
  • Legs base protective by metal glides.
  • Solid protective finishing to prevent insects attack.
  • Easy pull out and smoothies, inner drawers.
  • Excellent white colour that is easy match as night Table also even.


  • Metal base damages your floor if it made by tiles.

Solid Wood Dresser Buying Guide:

Here I’ve shared everything straightforwardly. I think you can choose the perfect and best solid wood dresser for your bedroom. On the above, I told you which side you have to consider for a perfect dresser. And at the product review section, I explain all the good and cons features. I hope you are ok with this information and guide.

But, if you are still confused, here I have put a more clearly buying guide for you so that you can make the right decision for your shopping.


Price is the most important part when someone is going to take a product for himself. Here I’ve selected that dressers that are within low to high range price. And if the low price is your target, then you can take one, from Sorbus or East Loft. These prices are under $100, or around $50. Also, Décor is a great one at around $100 price. 

Solid Wood:

I am frankly saying that these all aren’t made by 100% organic timber which I’ve reviewed here. In some parts of something has used metal or plywood.

But When your demand is pure wood, then choose one from this list: Dream on Me, Décor, Delta, Homde, Sauder, Camaflexi.

Also, Ashley is great, although here has used Engineered timber. 

Night Table:

A night table with a dresser is an excellent demand for anybody. Also, personally, I use a night table dresser near my bed.

If you also like to use it like me, Ashley, Camaflexi, Décor are for you.

I recommend Ashley for the top quality design. And Camaflexi is best at a mid-range price. Décor is easy to fit model into any small place. Also, it’s a cheap price model compared with the other two.

Standard Size:

When a standard-sized pure wood-made dresser is the first consideration for you, then Delta, Dream, Sauder are perfect for you. And Delta and Sauder are excellent and popular models here.

A few prospective question with answers, that important to you.

Why is Delta Top pick here?

I think you always want to consider trending, popular, durable, and nice-looking design. But not at the consideration of the cheapest. So when your budget isn’t the main focus then definitely delta is the top picked here.

Which is the best Night table here?

For the lowest prices, Décor is okay. But you can check Ashley, and it’s coming from a qualified manufacturer. And if the white colour is a perfect match in your room, then Camaflexi is best.

Is engineered wood really good for a dresser?

Engineered or MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) is great for furniture. That is made from top-level timbers fibres.

Isn’t plywood perfect for me?

Plywood isn’t long lasting, not like that. It doesn’t get damaged easily. But, normally plywood is much thinner, for this when there is too much pressure, it becomes curved.


After a lot of time spent finally, I prepared a perfect guideline for you. Now you can choose a dresser which is really perfect for your bedroom. I hope you are really satisfied with this review and guide. And thanks to you for reading this review with your patience. Don’t forget to share this valuable guideline near your dear who wants to get the best solid wood dresser.

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