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A lot of people like you feel that they have invested the biggest portion of their television. So, they also feel the need to place it at the right position where the TV will remain safe. Only the best TV cabinet stands do this job perfectly. 

Your favorite flat-screen TV deserves to be watched all the time. If you have a hobby of watching games, movies, or TV shows with comfort from your home, you have to place your TV on the best stand. 

However, picking the best TV cabinet for living room is so complicated and risky. After all, when you sit to watch a movie, your attention will keep on the TV screen, not on the stand. So, you should find out the best cabinet from the various options in the current market.

This post will inform you a lot of information with introducing the best items that will need to find out the best one. So, take a look at this article and enjoy your TV without any risk.

10 Best TV Cabinet Comparison Table

Best OverallCimiva Modern TV Cabinet Cimiva Modern TV Cabinet Suitable for a 65-inch TV screen
Particle Board
Bonzy Home Glossy TV Cabinet
Best Budget
Bonzy Home Glossy TV Cabinet
Hold up to 65-inch TV screen
High-quality MDF board
 Walker Edison Wood TV Stand Walker Edison Wood TV Stand 58-inches
Perfect for 64-inch flat screen
Manhattan Modern TV Stand Manhattan Modern TV Stand Capable of holding 50 to 65 inches TV screen
Weight capacity:
MDF wood
Walker Edison Modern TV Stand Walker Edison Modern TV Stand Ideal for up to 64-inch flat TV
Weight capacity:
Color: White
 Monarch Specialties White TV Stand Monarch Specialties White TV Stand Ideal for 47-inch flat screen
Weight capacity: 100lbs
90% of wood material
Vasari Flat Panel TV Console Vasari Flat Panel TV Console Weight capacity: 150-pounds
Suitable for up to 60-inch TV
Material: Wood
Baxton Beasley TV Cabinet Baxton Beasley TV Cabinet Wide: 70-inch
Weight capacity: 100-pounds
Color: Dark Brown
 Modway Render Modern TV Stand Modway Render Modern TV Stand Hold up to 64-inch TV screen
 Walker Edison Modern 33-inches TV Stand Walker Edison Modern 33-inches TV Stand Perfect for holding a 58-inch flat-screen
MDF wood

What is a TV Cabinet Called?

A TV cabinet is one kind of style of TV stand with doors that can be opened. The door would be solid wood or glass. Some TV cabinets feature a few open shelving and drawer in addition to the cabinet—most of the TV cabinets designed to include the TV sit on the top portion of the shelf.

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The distinction between TV cabinet and stand is that – a TV stand serves just as a stand for TV with minimum parts with a solid look. In addition, the best TV cabinet comes with more space to contain various types of related electronic devices and accessories. A TV cabinet normally is large in size and bigger than a TV stand. You can use your TV cabinet as a TV box, a container of play station, charger, remote controller, and other TV additional parts very easily.

How High Should a TV Cabinet be?

This mainly depends on your eye level and the height of your sitting sofa or chairs from where you will watch the TV. After that, below, we have shared a height list that will help you to get a minimum idea about the exact height of the best TV cabinet.

TV Cabinet SizeMinimum TV SizeMaximum TV Size

Expert Tips: Note that the size of the cabinet and the TV screen can vary from brand to brand; the above size chart can be changed because it is a normal chart to give you a better idea. You should always judge the cabinet height according to your TV size.    

What Can I Use Instead of a TV Stand?

Yes, when the typical glass media stand is low in budget and simple option, but it doesn’t increase the style of your room. There are a ton of great options to use instead of a TV stand to look fabulous. Here are a few ideas for getting an exclusive TV cabinet stand.

A Dresser

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If you have a large spacious living room, this is an amazing option for some reasons. It is great for storage and other unique options. The flexibility of the dresser is fantastic, and the perfect height allows you to watch TV from your comfortable spaces.

A Chest

Depending on the height with a unique look, this is another option that allows storing several cords into it. There are various different colors, sizes, and designs that let you choose as your need.

A Console Table

The console table, though, has a small space to store any items but great as a space-saving table. This also comes with versatile options, and you can select any one depending on your home décor.

A Fireplace

Some people like to keep their TV over-mounted or give rest on the fireplace that is a fabulous space saver and a great look.

A Bench

It is also a space saver TV stand, but you should ensure the sturdyness of it to handle the weight of your TV. Plus, you have to give notice to the height of it.

Best TV Cabinet Stands Reviews of 2020

Does your TV have to be connected to the wall mount or need support from the bottom? Once you should agree on the requirements for the TV, the next step is to decide on the sort of stand you purchase that also complement the room. 

We have reviewed the best TV cabinet stands, so you can look at the reviews and discover the best one from this list.

 1. Cimiva Modern TV Cabinet – Best Overall

 1. Cimiva Modern TV Cabinet – Best Overall

Are you thinking of the best TV cabinet stand that comes with a stunning design and can be simple to appreciate? This unit is so suitable for your living room that is unique and looks so modern. This is such a stylish and modern design, and you can pick it to increase the décor of your living room that will be so attractive to this unit.  


  • Colorful Display – This cabinet is so modern and stylish looking that comes with four different LED colorful lights that make it so delightful and attractive. If you are a smart and stylish concern, you must love it to pick for your living room.
  • Wide Range Function – You can set up this black color TV cabinet stand in your living room, bedroom, or any place where you want to décor your house. But t is ideal for placing in your living room with some decorative items like vases with photos at the tops.    
  • Highly Glossy – This TV cabinet comes with a highly glossy smooth surface, and it not only gives you a fashionable sense of room but also easy to clean and easily dyed. You can easily control the lights and use a different style. 

Reason to Buy:

  • Great stylish looking with colorful lights
  • It is budget-friendly
  • You can be used as a display because everything is open.

Reason to Avoid:

  • A little bit difficult to assemble

2. Bonzy Home Glossy TV Cabinet– Best for Budget

2. Bonzy Home Glossy TV Cabinet- Best for Budget

If you want to set up a stunning design TV cabinet in your living for your large size TV, you won’t go wrong with this TV cabinet model of Bonzy home store. It is such a stylish and modern design that is perfect for a smart decor living room or bedroom.


  • Stylish – This unit is such a modern and stylish design TV cabinet that is ideal for a flat-screen. You can set it up in your living room and decor it with a flower vase or any showpieces.  
  • Good Looking – It is so nice and beautiful to look at. The color of it is adjustable with any smart home. 
  • Sturdy Material – The material is super strong and durable that makes the unit so strength. It has the capacity to hold a lot of items at a time.   

Reason to Buy:

  • It is such a modern and stylish design TV cabinet stand.
  • High-quality but budget-friendly
  • Comes from sturdy and solid material

Reason to Avoid:

  • Little bit challenge to assemble

3. Walker Edison Wood TV Stand– Best For Corner 

Walker Edison Wood TV Stand- Best For Corner

If you have a desire to set up your favorite large size TV in a corner in your living room, one has the best way to place it up with the right corner TV cabinet like this one. 

 ahve This stand has a splattered edge on the backside that will make it easy to place it into the corner. Plus, it can give support up to 64-inches TV screen simply. If you have low-budget and still want to find out a high-quality and the best TV cabinet that is so durable, you have to think about picking up this unit.    


  • Design – This unit is designed as a wooden TV cabinet that is stylish and well-constructed. There are three styles of corner available with detachable mount plus stand only. Most of the consumers love the design and the quality for their flat TV screens.
  • Store system – There has a lot of space to store any media accessories with components that feature a cable maintain way that helps to clean the entertaining space.   
  • Material – This unit comes from high-grade MDF wood that will be accommodating up to a 60-inch flat TV screen. It is a stand that deserves your attention into the removable mount and corner design. The rustic theme of it is eye-catching and constructed solid.

Reason to Buy:

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Right cable management system
  • Elegant and durable
  • Made o high-quality MDF material 

Reason to Avoid:

  • A little bit difficult to assemble

4. Manhattan Modern TV Stand – Best Affordability 

4. Manhattan Modern TV Stand – Best Affordability

If you would like to have a fashionable and the best TV cabinet for the living room that comes with great and modern design, you will go right with this unit. The best thing about this cabinet is that it will be used for vertical factors with more options. This is looking gorgeous and simple to use and clean. It is a grand time to décor your living room with this unit. 


  • Durability – This TV cabinet stands made of high-quality MDF material that ensures durability and resistance that not in favor of wear and tear over time. The quality of it is not undeniable and will be a great addition to your home.
  • Modern Design – The fashionable wooden legs increase the appeal of this cabinet; that is exactly what you required for your living room. The large cabinet space allows you to put all entertainment items. 
  • Highest quality – This unit provides you large space for your entertainment room with the highest quality materials cabinet that makes sure the long-lasting style and design for your home. 

Reason to Buy:

  • A great addition to your home
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Additional entertainment accessories

Reason to Avoid:

  • Something will wrong with pilot holes 

 5. Walker Edison Modern TV Stand – Best For Money

 5. Walker Edison Modern TV Stand – Best For Money

If you are seeking for a stunning design and the best TV cabinet for the living room that can be easy to appreciate, this unit may be perfect as your requirement. Modern look and great design with high-quality construction make it so well-known to the customers. 


  • Classy Looking – The classy look makes it so expensive to look to the consumers than the price. It will enhance the looking of your living room or bedroom with your TV screen. The great height size and comfort level make it more attractive.
  • Push to Open Door – It will help you to protect all of the objects what you would like to put around or near the television. You can use the store to put and save a lot of items, and they don’t want to lose easily. 
  • Heavy Duty TV Stand – This unit will be competent to hold not only the television screen but also all of the other objects that you would like to put there.

Reason to Buy:

  • Assemble direction very simple and easy to follow
  • It is lightweight, yet it is strong at the same time.
  • It comes with sleek looking.

Reason to Avoid:

  • A few parts may be feeling some flimsy.

 6. Monarch Specialties White TV Stand – Best For Space

 6. Monarch Specialties White TV Stand – Best For Space

Would you love to get a sleek-looking TV cabinet stand that will look good with the rest of the room? This cabinet can be the one that you are seeking for your TV with a unique design. The glossy finishing makes it so modern and stylish compared to other TV cabinet stands that you are searching for. 


  • Glossy Finish – It makes a modern look that will fit well with the recommended size flat TV screen.
  • Clean and classy Look – No subject what design you will go for. It will always be looking stylish.
  • 60” Length Top – It’ll give you a sufficient quantity of space to set flat-screen television plus all other things that you want to place there.
  • Features – A single drawer to store any electric cords. The panel was built up with great thickness. It comes with about 100% MDF wood.

Reason to Buy:

  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is light in weight.
  • Strong and well-built
  • The finish is so gorgeous

Reason to Avoid:

  • The bottom portion is coverless.

7. Vasari Flat Panel TV Console – Best With Electric Fireplace

7. Vasari Flat Panel TV Console – Best With Electric Fireplace

Give your living room a cozy, welcoming vibe with this TV cabinet stand that includes a constructed electric fireplace. It comes with several designs and styles that will offer you versatile décor and accommodated flat panel TV consoles over 80-inch. 


  • Design –This unit is a 72-inches freestanding TV stand that comes with contemporary and minimal style to increase the beauty of the entraining space of your living room.
  • Good Looking – It is really a nice TV stand and mentioned the great design of it that enhance the attraction of your living room. 
  • Solid Construction – It will make sure that it has the capacity to weigh the television with other accessories or simple eclectic items or to entrain things like books, magazines, or vase. 

Reason to Buy:

  • Easy cable access
  • Chunky design
  • High-quality material

Reason to Avoid:

  • It is not easy to assemble

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8. Baxton Beasley TV Cabinet – Best Style

8. Baxton Beasley TV Cabinet – Best Style

For well-construction and great design, you can select this TV cabinet. It comes with a lot of stages where you can put more items with your 70-inches wide TV. There have used MDF wood to make this stand that has the capacity to hold up to 100-pounds easily.


  • Unique Design – The design and looking of this unit is super unique and so good that you must love to pick for your flat TV and for your living room.   
  • Large Space – This unit lets you put your large TV and have more space to store a lot of items that you want to put near your cabinet. 
  • Great Construction – The construction is so highest that it makes it so sturdy and durable but not very weight. So, you will make idea to use it with full comfort and move from one place to another in your home easily.  

Reason to Buy:

  • Unique design and look.
  • Well-construction
  • Large option to storage

Reason to Avoid:

  • It requires assembly 

9. Modway Render Modern TV Stand– Best Wooden Design

9. Modway Render Modern TV Stand- Best Wooden Design

If you have a plan to pick such a TV cabinet stand that is designed following the mid-century model and follow the super construction, we think this unit will be suitable for you. It will be perfect for your living room, and you can use it to put your flat TV with storage a lot of essential items that you need near your TV.


  • Smooth Frame – The particleboard frame makes the cabinet super smooth, and the tapered legs make it super durable and strong to hold more weight.  
  • Functional Style – You can use it for as versatile functionality as you may place it in your living room, bedroom, and even in your office. 
  • Classic with a modern look – If you like classic design with up to date modern look, this unit will satisfy you.

Reason to Buy:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Classy but stylish look
  • Huge storage space

Reason to Avoid:

  • It is not easy to clean

10. Walker Edison Modern 33-inches TV Stand – Best Design

 Walker Edison Modern 33-inches TV Stand – Best Design

For a simple design and stylish look, this TV stand model from Walker Edison Furniture is suitable at a reasonable price. This unit is perfect to fit various sizes of TV and more color options, including a farmhouse, white oak, and so on.


  • Material – This model TV cabinet is made from high-grade certified MDF material and makes it long-lasting. It has four open shelves and functional sliding barn doors that are super adjustable as your need.
  • Simple design – The design of this model is so simple and classy. You must love it if you like a mid-century design for your house.  
  • Large capacity – This unit has the capacity to hold and store a sufficient amount of items that actually need to store near to TV or in a living room.  

Reason to Buy:

  • It is very simple to assemble
  • It is strong enough to store various items
  • It looks so nice and simple

Reason to Avoid:

  • maybe claimed for finishing work

 How to Select the Best Tv Cabinet Stands 

It is a little complicated to select the correct TV cabinet stand. From various brands and models, you need to find out the right TV stand, and for this, you have to consider a few factors. Let them!

Comfortable Height

Craning the neck at an incompatible angle for several hours is not a comfortable way. So, the best TV cabinet stand position has to be in such a situation so that the TV screen remains at your eye level. You get more enjoy your favorite shows without any issues.  

Though the recommended height is 42-inches, the best position depends on the height from where you want to watch your TV, especially from the sofa or chairs. So, customize the setup and measure your eye level and seat to ensure the sightline and comfortable height.  

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Size & Width

Select such a television cabinet stand that can fit well with the right side of your TV that you have picked. The stands or cabinets have to be wider and bigger than the television size, so you will make sure the safety of the TV. 

If you want to set up your TV in the middle of your TV stand, you ensure the weight of it so that the weight of the TV can’t be more than your stands. You should ensure the cabinet stand offer enough weight capacity to support the flat-screen TV. 

Room layout

Think about your room layout when you will go for a correct TV stand. For instance: do you like to set up the TV on the corner? Would you like to set it in the middle of your room? You have to decide on where you want to set up your lovely TV stand. 

If you have a small or irregular shaped room, you need to select a swivel TV stand. It allows you to watch your TV from a comfortable line. A corner TV stand allows you to fit a large display in your compact spot when a wall-mount TV stand frees up your room before the seating position for simple movement.  

Style & Design

TV cabinet stands are available with different decorative elements, design, style, and shape. Mixing style and design make you confused. The easy way to select the right style depends on your room décor or room size. There are some TV stands that are a little bit rounded when some have unique and asymmetrical shapes. So, it mainly depends on you what style is for you.

Right Material

The material of a TV cabinet stand is an important fact to find out the best TV cabinet stand. So, be ready to get TV stands from five common materials like wood, glass, metal, particleboard, plus fiberboard. Wood and metal are long-lasting materials, and wood TV stand is so heavy, and they remain stable.

Many glass TV stands also are durable and feature metal support for reinforcement. The plastic board and fiberboard are cheap than wood, so they will increase less longevity but are durable enough to stand and daily use.  

Storage & Organization

You should keep your TV stand free of cables and clutter. So, select the TV stand with storage and drawer so that you can organize a magazine or any other media. Look for a tabletop hole if you would like to place an inflection décor on present.

Large amuse centers are apt for arranging numerous electronics in a solid, centralized location. Most of the cabinet includes a cutout for cord management, helping to conceal cables and keep you and your family safe from any electric risk. So, depending on your style and demand, select between open shelve, closed cabinet, and drawer.


You know what? It comes down to the budget, size, design, taste, and style of your TV. That said, the best TV cabinet stands are different, but the “Cimiva Modern TV Cabinet stand” is the best on our list. It is good to buy for modern style and design suits TVs up to 55-inch and has the perfect height for comfortable viewing. 

If your home has a suitable corner, you can select a corner cabinet stand, and for this, we highly recommend to buy the “Bonzi Home Glossy TV stand.” It is an inflexible design that comes in an alternative of two attractive finishes and can provide for TVs up to 65-inches.

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