5 Best ZINUS Sofa Review – ( 2020 Updated )

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Do you change apartments frequently? So, you know to adjust to the new place well. Decorating a new place is probably an exciting thing. After depositing the first month’s rent as security, buying furniture can be like a nightmare. In this case, inexpensive but durable couches that will last a few years can become a good friend of yours in this situation. Here, we can help you to pick the best Zinus Couch one. Our team independently research, test, and finally recommend the best products. And you can learn more about the ZINUS Sofa review. We aim to show you the best sofa with accurate information. 

Let’s know...

What is the ZINUS sofa?

Zinus is a company that provides high-quality and comfortable furniture at a reasonable price. Zinus sofa is well-known for good looking, stylish design, high frame, and better mattress. This brand is also popular with consumers from along time ago for the best furniture. You can think of a Zinus sunny modern sofa for your new apartment. 

Zinus Sofa Comparison Table 2020

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Best OverallZinus Juan Mid-Century Sofa Zinus Juan Mid-Century SofaColor: Turquoise
Style: Classic
Sofa Frame: Wood Seating
Capacity: 3 Fabric
Material: Polyester
Included: Seat, cushion
legs Warranty: 1-year
    Best BudgetZinus Ricardo Contemporary Living Room Sofa Zinus Ricardo Contemporary Living Room SofaDark GreyType: Loveseat
    Seating capacity:
      Best Mid-centuryZinus Benton Sofa Zinus Benton SofaColor: Stone grey weave
      Seating capacity:
      Weight capacity:
      100% polyester
        Best StylishZinus Jackie Sofa Zinus Jackie SofaColor: Soft Grey
        Frame material:
        Seat depth:
        Weight capacity:
        Assembled length:
          Best CustomizableJocelyn Contemporary Love seat Zinus Sofa Jocelyn Contemporary Love seat Zinus SofaColor: Beige
          Frame material:
          Seating capacity:
          Weight capacity:
          Classic sofa
          Legs, cushions, and seat

            5 Best ZINUS Sofa Reviews Top Picks:

            Continue with us and read out the best ZINUS sofa reviews takes a short time. Know more information with great features for which our experts recommend them. 

            #1. Zinus Juan Mid-Century Sofa Review – Best Overall

            Zinus Juan Mid-Century Sofa Review
            Good: Ideal for small roomSturdiness & ComfortableLooking stylish and smart
            Bad: May be claimed for ar mless design.

            Why do you like it?

            Paying for legs and cushions is not always realistic. Without them, the best sofa deserves something better comfort and pleasing feeling when you will go to relax or spend time with family. The Zinus Juan mid-century sofa is a classic that offers a trendy look and super comfy. 

            The sofa’s size is regular, with an overall dimension that is ideal for a small living room. If you have ample room or a big family, you can pick a pair of the sofa and keep them without tears. We know you must love it and want to enjoy it for a long time.

            The sofa is made of extremely sturdy and no need to think about cleaning. You can do it easily at home. The wood frame is wrapped in supportive foam, and the cushion can give you reliable and comfy to rest on.

            FAQ’s about Zinus Juan Mid-Century Sofa

            How depth is the seat of this sofa?

            The deep of the seat of this sofa is around 15-inch

            How tall are the legs of it?

            The legs are 7-inch each


            Final verdict

            Mostly, it is very comfortable and sturdy. Well, and bright colors can increase the outlook of your small room. The sofa is trendy, stylish, and easy to assemble.

            #2. Zinus Ricardo Contemporary Living Room Sofa –Best Budget

            Zinus Ricardo Contemporary Living Room Sofa review
            Bad: Tall people can’t lean back with comfy
            Good: Assemble time 5-minutes comfortable cushion stylish look

            Why do you like it?

            Fresh and contemporary are always welcome, and you must use it as a family member of your new shifted home. The Ricardo sofa is a zinus sleeper sofa set that can understand super comfort to the next level. It is three-seated features with seat cushion for lavish lounging.

            It comes with excellent quality and durability. As a result, you don’t need to think twice until shifting to another place. This sofa set includes essential accessories like seat cushion, backrest pillow with armrest.  

            FAQ’s about Zinus Ricardo Contemporary Living Room Sofa

            What is the fabric of this sofa?

            The material of it is wood, foam, and fiber cushion.

            What is the seat height?

            The assembled height seat is 17-inches.

            Final verdict

            This Zinus sofa is overall better that will reliable for anyone. It can fit any room, whatever the new place is narrow or broad.

             #3. Zinus Benton Sofa Review – Best Mid-century

            Zinus Benton Sofa Review
            Good: Good looking style comfort and sturdinessEasy to clean
            Bad: The fabric is less soft.

            Why do you like it?

            Zinus Benton mid-century sofas and loveseats are perfect for movie time, game night, and curl up with a good book night. Take great relaxation after a long day’s busy journey in the workplace. The multiple layer cushion will offer you the best comfy facilities, and sturdy fabrics are tough enough for years as a severe couching.

            Enjoy this sofa with a durable design. The frame is naturally sturdy and wrapped with a supportive foam cushion. All parts and each helpful instruction are smartly added into the box. You can assemble it so naturally, and it takes at least 15 to 20 minutes. Clean it merely using mild detergent and a damp cloth.

            FAQ’s about Zinus Benton Sofa

            Is it a pull out sleeper sofa?

            No, it is a standard sofa.

            Are the seat and back are removable?

            Yes, the pair of them is removable.

            Final verdict

            Overall, for a small apartment, this sofa is so durable and perfect. The features to design everything are excellent that can enhance the outlook of the room smoothly.

             #4. Zinus Jackie Sofa – Best Stylish

            Zinus Jackie Sofa review
            Good: Only the best and great design ideal for a small place supportive, perfect cushion

            Bad: Not ideal for a big family

            Why do you like it?

            If you are thinking about high-quality, durable, super design, stylish sofa, and affordable, you must love it for your new living room. Whatever is your weight, no think for it because the weight capacity of it is sufficient. The overall dimension is well and lets you sit with your family in a movie time or enjoy TV programs or coffee time.

            Don’t think to assemble. Just look at the instruction manual and do it quickly within 15 to 20 minutes. Not worry if your kids or pets dirt it. The cleaning procedure is so effortless. Clean the cushion using a clean and damp cloth with mild detergent though the cushion cover isn’t removable.

            FAQ’s about Zinus Jackie Sofa

            Is it a firm couch?

            Yes, but pretty firm.

            Is it a fold-out bed?

            No, it is not folded out.

            Final verdict

            If you think about it, overall perfect for small room, living room, and durable, sturdy, easy to clean and assemble that need less than 20-minutes. Great design and stylish look enhance the beauty of the new apartment.  

             #5. Jocelyn Contemporary Love seat Zinus Sofa – Best Customizable

            Jocelyn Contemporary Love seat Zinus Sofa
            Good: High price, looks great appear contemporary and stylish exquisite design and worthy 

            Bad: You may not want the armless sofa.

            Why do you like it?

            If you change your apartment often and very soon, you have to select a lightweight, durable and sturdy sofa set for you and your family. This is Jocelyn’s contemporary love seat zinus sofa set can be ideal for your shipment. For taking a relax or enjoy a TV or movie with family, it also will be perfect.

            The Zinus Jocelyn can help you make a good look at your small apartment without investing much more and spending time. Wooden legs and frames are wrapped in supportive foam, and polyester fabric makes it durable. You will love to pick with you all time.  

            FAQ’s about Zinus Jocelyn

            What is the back height?

            The back height is 17-inch

            What is the correct height of legs? 

            The leg height is 6 to 8inch each.

            Final verdict

            The Zinus Jocelyn contemporary sofa is overall exceptional for small rooms, and it is super comfy and filling better to sit on. It is not so heavy and permits you to move where you want quickly. 

            Vital Tips for Buying ZINUS Sofa / Couch

            To pick a sturdy sofa for a new place from our Zinus couch review list or on the market that assists you quickly find out the better one. Let’s look. 

            Sturdy Frame

            Look at the sofa’s frame at first so that they will be sturdy; otherwise, you can’t use it for a long time. Try to avoid plastic, metal, or particleboard that warp and crack and make the sofa uncomfortable.  

            Stylish Look

            This type of sofa mainly designed for small spaces that show just like a big central point into your new room. Think for a stylish look to make a fresh and crisp feeling into the room. For this, select the color and style depending on your apartment.


            Must check the features before going to the final decision! Don’t like a sofa just such a sofa. Make a list to get the right element and model that is comfortable, good looking, and meet your needs.


            First, think about how to use the sofa. Then choose the right one that feels so comfortable. It is the main factor for the selection of sofa. Consider the amount of cushion fabric and size, depending on your demand. 

            Know Joinery

            It is essential to know joinery that will ensure the strength of the furniture. Look for wooden corner blocks, glue, and attached double wooden rods, and metal twist with bracket. Quality joins ensure better nails, glue, and staple.

            Hand-tied spring

            The hand-tied spring sofa incredibly comfy and durable constructed. The bent spring is less expensive is assembled segments for snaking and twisted wire. It is a great reasonably priced option. But avoid cheap and lightweight spring.

            Excellence Filling 

            Polyurethane foam is a standard cushion high-quality filling. This is durable, and you can care for them quickly. You should follow the high-resilient foam that wraps in down and feather combo. It’ll pump and durable.

            Durable Fabrics 

            Cotton, linen, and leathers are classic material and standard materials. But synthetic material such as microfiber is a big option that will robust fabric and easy to clean. So, select fabrics that can work adjust to your lifestyle.

            Tip: Measure Carefully!

            A special tip must keep in mind that you should ensure that the sofa can fit by any doorway opening and the hallway at home. If the legs can be removable, it’ll easy to move anywhere.

            Wrap it up!

            From our experience, all prices from the ZINUS sofa review have held a low-price tag. But provide a sturdy bed frame and support excessive weight quickly. They don’t look cheap, just provide high-quality like expensive and exclusive sofa set. In general, we suggest the Zinus brand sofa to the renters who desire to pick respectable furniture at a reasonable price.

            Enjoy your new rent house with a stylish sofa set! 

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