10 Best Chair Mat For Thick Carpet

Best Chair Mat For Thick Carpet
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Rolling the chair on the carpet or floor during working in front of the desk is common. This habit will tear the carpet or damage the floor. The perfect way out is the best chair mat for thick carpet

Have you habituated to roll your office chair repeatedly when you are working in your office? This habit may give you relaxation from stress, but it would be worse for the high pile carpet and the floor.

The best reasonable solution to this is to pick a chair mat for a thick carpet. A stylish chair mat works as great protection for high carpet and offers maximum comfort to move freely with a rolling chair.

Today, many manufacturers offer a variety of wonderful chair mats with super functions. We are pleased to introduce a famous brand’s mat in this article to support choosing a suitable chair mat.  

What Is The Best Diy Chair Mat For Thick Carpet?

Before discussing the best chair mat for thick carpet reviews in detail, we have shared a quick summary in this section and explained why they are the best.   

  1. Best chair mat for thick carpetGorilla Grip Chair Mat with Lip for Carpeted Floors
  2. Best staples chair mat for thick carpet: MuArts Chair Mat for Hard Floor Carpet 
  3. Best Polycarbonate chair mat for thick carpet: Amazon Basics Office Carpet Chair Mat
  4. Best for thick carpet: Double-check Office Chair Mat 
  5. Best office chair mat for thick carpet: Marvelous Office Chair Mat 
  6. Best glass chair mat for carpet: Clearly Innovative Chair Mat
  7. Best heavy duty chair mat for carpet: AFMAT Heavy Duty Chair Mat for Carpet
  8. Best for Home Office: Placoot Chair Mat for Carpet with Lip Studs 
  9. Best for Multi-purpose use: ACVCY Chair Mat for Hard Floor
  10. Best desk chair mat for thick carpet: Royal Desk Chair Mat for Carpet

Top Chair mat for thick carpet Comparison Chart

Gorilla Grip Chair MatPolycarbonate29″x47″Carpet
MuArts Chair Mat for Hard Floor Carpet Plexiglass35” x 47” x 1/5”Carpet, Multi-Surface
Amazon Basics Office Carpet Chair MatPolycarbonate35″ x 47″Carpet
Double-check Office Chair Mat Polycarbonate36 x 48 x 1/8Carpet
Marvelous Office Chair Mat Polycarbonate48″ x 60″Carpet
Clearly Innovative Chair MatGlass36″ x 46″Hard Floor, Carpet
AFMAT Heavy Duty Chair MatPolycarbonate48”x36”Carpet
Placoot Chair Mat for Carpet Pvc36″ x 48″Carpet
ACVCY Chair Mat for Hard FloorPolyester47″x35″Hard Floor
Koyal Desk Chair Mat for CarpetPvc30″x48″Carpet

10 Best Chair Mat For High Pile Carpet Reviews

Many office carpet floors have been damaged for the chair rolling here and there without using the chair mat. It can’t be a less important matter anyway. The clarification here is to find the best chair mat for thick carpet

Take a look at the mats below to find out which will be better based on your requirement.   

Best chair mat for thick carpet: Gorilla Grip Chair Mat with Lip for Carpeted Floors

Best chair mat for thick carpet: Gorilla Grip Chair Mat with Lip for Carpeted Floors

Key Features:

  • Made in Europe from 100 percent polycarbonate material
  • Extra Durable
  • Slip-Resistant Backing
  • Transparent Design

Key Features:

BrandGorilla Grip
StyleCarpet With Lip
  • Thick material saves the carpet effectively.
  • Chair wheels can be glide on a mat easily.
  • It is ideal without scratching and denting.
  • Affordable, long-lasting, and sturdy
  • It some difficult to remove the mat.

When you are in the market to pick the best chair mat for thick carpet, this chair mat is ideal for protecting the floor carpet. Basically, this mat is designed to use on thick and thin carpets. But this Gorilla grip has optimized for thick carpet. 

From polycarbonate material, this chair mat has got a compact design. The engineering properties of this material are grip and durable. It capable of bearing heavy-load and this material can’t let break or curl anyway. To cover and protect the beautiful carpet under your chair, this mat is ideal for you.

The decent transparent design enables faultless appearance by making a more professional appearance with classic design at the same time. To ensure that the mat stays at the place, a few thorns have been added at the end surface that helps to remain the mat in place. 

It enhances the comfortability of the work desk of the office. It lets you move your chair from anywhere around your desk, easily protecting the carpet. The spikes will manage a great holding with thin to thick or high pile carpet.

The thickness of this chair mat is 3 millimeters with a 47 x 29-inch dimension. The weight of it is 6.12 pounds that feature a large lip that suitably fits under the chair. It is easy to clean, just get a damped clean cloth and wipe the mat to clean. 

Best staples chair mat for thick carpet: MuArts Chair Mat for Hard Floor Carpet 

Best staples chair mat for thick carpet: MuArts Chair Mat for Hard Floor Carpet

Key Features:

  • Thickest and heaviest compared to other chair mats of the same size
  • Suitable for carpet or hard floor
  • Crystal-clear as glass transparency

Product Spaces:

Size1Pack – 35” x 47” x 1/5”
Thickness0.2 Inches
  • Suitable as a heavy-duty chair mat
  • A transparent crystal clear carpet
  • Ideal for low to thick carpet
  • Outstanding design with the ideal size
  • A little bit costly but value for money

If you are seeking to purchase a chair mat that is suitable for dual purposes like tick carpet and hard floor, this will correct option. MuArts offer the best chair mat for hardwood floor with high-pile carpet. It isn’t foldable and completely flat, and the glass chair mat that more durable and ideal for heavy-duty.

This mat is constructed from plexiGlass material that is exceedingly durable and strong. The solid design with tough making with low thickness makes it approx weight. It saves the floor carpet from the chair’s casters in a grand way. So, in our opinion, it is the best mat for a workstation where no need for much more movement during work. And the chair remains a fixed place for a long time.   

You can observe the thick carpet or hard floor under the mat clearly through the crystal clear glass. The flat shape glass comes from hard material and able to get a heavy load. The mat is super durable and robust more than other glass carpets. So, there has no chance to break even crack the mat. 

The weight of this mat is 14lbs and capable of getting a load of 1200 pounds easily. The mat’s thickness is 0.2 inches and is made from non-toxic and odorless material that helps you maintain it safely.

Best Polycarbonate chair mat for thick carpet: Amazon Basics Office Carpet Chair Mat

key Features:

Best Polycarbonate chair mat for thick carpet: Amazon Basics Office Carpet Chair Mat
  • High gauge polycarbonate floor protectors
  • Excellent clear protection
  • Incredibly durable and hard wearing mats for long-life protection

Product Spaces:

BrandAmazon Basics
Size35″ x 47″
  • Offer ultimate protection and security.
  • Suitable to bear heavy-load without a dimple
  • Works well plastic chair wheels
  • Great value for money
  • The hold of the floor is not thick.

This chair mat is suitable to skip everyday wear and tear made by a chair caster and give full protection to your thick carpet. It includes a pretty textured top surface and completely flat. Using this mat, you can move the chair smoothly without any worry.

Lip chair mat is more advantageous where your office desk is open on the front side, and the chair can move in. Such lip protects the floor carpet under the desk from ruin. This size of AmazonBasic serves the same purposes. It also has come with heavy metal content free of phthalates.

The polycarbonate material is the main ingredient of this mat, making it reliable, robust, challenging, and able to bear heavy loads easily. This mat’s adaptability is concerned that it is best for low, medium, and thick or high pile carpet. It is the best chair mat for thick carpet and all-purpose usage. 

The back of this chair mat attaches grippers that let improve a firm grasp on the floor. You can use it on both types of foundations, like hard floors or carpet floors. The mat’s outstanding feature is that it is the best computer chair mat and it can be moved around the desk during work. 

The dimension of it is 47 x 35 inch including lip size and rectangular shape. The weight of this mat is 7.55 pounds that capable of carrying heavy-load without any pressure.  

Best for thick carpet: Double-check Office Chair Mat 

Best for thick carpet: Double-check Office Chair Mat

Key Features:

  • Polycarbonate stiff as metal and transparent
  • Thickest chair mat available in the market measures at 1/8 of an inch in appro

Product Spaces:

BrandDoubleCheck Products
Size36 x 48 x 1/8 With Lip
  • Heavy-duty plus thick carpet chair mat
  • Perfect size to fit standard office desk
  • Phthalate-free and even volatile toxic free
  • Include super grip backing
  • It isn’t completely transparent.

If you think of a covering for a thick carpet that will be perfect for hefty people, you should not overlook the Double Check product. This manufacturer offers the best chair mat for thick carpet with the thickest materials than others.

The most important material helps you to make a decision about the best chair mat. Depending on the material quality, you can understand the product will be profitable or not and capable of bearing a heavy load. From this thinking, polycarbonate material makes this mat is perfect for protecting the carpet floor. 

This mat is guaranteed for a long lifespan without breaking or damaging, cracking, and scratching from premium polycarbonate. Customers replied that they use it with more comfort without making any harshness of the carpet.   

Thanks to the staff for the sturdy surface that offers guarantees that the chair’s wheel caster can’t leave indentations. Besides, the studs can keep the mat at a place that has made for it on low or high pile carpet.  

Indeed, it is ideal for heavy-duty and strong plus 1/8 inches thickness. This rectangular shape mat measures 36 x 48 inches, and the weight of it is 8.75 pounds, capable of getting 220 lbs easily. This mat is designed with great transparency, which presents an amazing beauty on the carpet to shine.  

Best office chair mat for thick carpet: Marvelous Office Chair Mat 

Best office chair mat for thick carpet: Marvelous Office Chair Mat

Key Features:

  • Standard and medium pile carpets (up to 1/2″ thick)

Product Spaces:

Size48″ x 60″
  • Supply ergonomic advantages to decrease leg fatigue
  • Perfect any types of floor carpet
  • Offer durable surface plus bendy studs.
  • Include highly transparent surface
  • It doesn’t include the lip.

Are you searching for a chair mat to reduce leg fatigue? Look no far away than the Marvelux office large chair mat for thick carpet. The ergonomic design contains a smoothing glide surface for easy movement without any strain on the back or legs.

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On the other hand, the studded backside on this mat stays in just place no ruin or damaging the floor carpet. It is highly transparent, which means the beauty of the office carpet is going to stay visible.  

This chair mat is made from premium material which includes 100% pure polycarbonate to use this long time. It is prepared for standard, low-pile to high pile carpet. 

This chair mat’s dimension is 48 x 60 inches and offers another four different sizes, and all of them are perfect for any workplace. The approx thickness is 0.1 inches which is the thickest than other products.

To enhance the sticking, the Marvelux chair mat is planned with flexibility can protect the carpet. The thickness of the mat can prevent slipping your chair. Last but not least, this chair mat is embossed to control the movement and save from sliding out of the mat.   

Best glass chair mat for carpet: Clearly Innovative Chair Mat

Best glass chair mat for carpet: Clearly Innovative Chair Mat
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stylish but protective
  • long-lasting and highly strength
  • It will be grand investing
  • It is a little bit expensive but exclusive.

The glass chair mat, clearly innovative, is the best DIY chair mat for thick carpet on the current market. Why have we recommended it as the top-level chair mat? Only for its sturdy and long lifespan that also satisfy the customers.

This glass mat comes with exclusive patented with a 1-inch beveled edge that needs to roll the chair easily without cupping the wheel. The heavy-duty curved design is not only essential to save the mat from breaking or damaging. The beautiful display helps to protect the underfloor with visually crystal clear glass.

This stylish glass chair mat becomes more favorite for heavy-loading capacity. Ensuring the floor safety from breaking or damaging, this mat’s maximum weight capacity is up to 1000 lbs. It becomes more possible because it is not made like other plastic or vinyl chair.

The ergonomic design of this mat lets you allow it to place over any carpet such as tile or wood flooring. It is an eco-friendly mat made from renewable natural silica sand. The raw ingredient of the glass chair mat is free from odor and BPA and makes it environment-friendly. 

Best heavy duty chair mat for carpet: AFMAT Heavy Duty Chair Mat for Carpet

Best heavy duty chair mat for carpet: AFMAT Heavy Duty Chair Mat for Carpet
  • Premium studded back computer chair mat.
  • Safe for the environment and our health
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Thicker and stronger chair mat
  • The mat can make a pretty sand sound while moving the chair.

If you are seeking the best large chair mat for thick carpet, AFMAT heavy duty office chair mat will be an excellent option. 48 x 36-inch chair mat is tough and durable provides ultimate protection for the thick carpet. 

This rectangular shape mat is suitable for use under any office desk. But it is also suitable for ½-inch thick carpet whatever it is low or high pile carpet.

 This chair mat is constructed from polycarbonate material that also comes with a smooth and easy glide surface. It provides easy movement to diminish leg fatigue and prevents damage or cracking. 

This mat is specially designed to use under the computer chair before any office desk. The efficient grip places the mat in place properly and saves it from sliding. It doesn’t think you about another chair mat while it is ideal for low to high pile carpet. 

It is not only a budget-friendly chair mat but also environment-friendly. It is free from bad smells, contaminants, and cadmium which are very harmful to our environment. This mat won’t spread any bad smell which can’t be good for our health. 

Best for Home Office: Placoot Chair Mat for Carpet with Lip Studs 

Best for Home Office: Placoot Chair Mat for Carpet with Lip Studs
  • Simple and stable sliding
  • Environment-friendly
  • Thick and sturdy chair mat
  • A waterproof and convenient storage system
  • It is not suitable for high pile carpet.

Would you like to pick medium size chair mat for your home office desk? This chair mat comes with lip studs, sturdy impact resistance, and an effective, long-lasting non-slip PVC thick carpet protector. The size of it is suitable for any home office desk where you can move your chair without any risk. 

This mat includes high-quality materials with superior characteristics that save your health and protect your environment from any harmful chemicals. It is constructed from durable and non-slip PVC material ideal for not leaving any scratching on the surface. 

The 2mm thick chair mat is impact resistance and not easy to crack. The corners of it are round and do not scratch easily. To fix the chair mat with the carpet, it contains a nail that protects the chair from slipping. The friction of it is large and anti-slip effects are amazing but not simple to wear. 

Best for Multi-purpose use: ACVCY Chair Mat for Hard Floor

Best for Multi-purpose use: ACVCY Chair Mat for Hard Floor
  • Adsorb noises and save the floor
  • Foldable and portable
  • BPA and odor-free
  • Freely cutable
  • It is not suitable for cement carpet.

When you are seeking such a chair mat that you will use in your living room to an office desk, you should not overlook this chair mat by ACVCY. This floor protector chair mat is suitable for any place like office desk, living room, restaurant, and even kitchen. It lets you use it as a warmer carpet in winter. 

This desk chair mat’s surface is designed from soft looped fabric, which works well to remove sliding. The bottom of it is a sturdy adsorption glue layer, and it saves the mat from lifting during the chair’s wheel sliding.  

This mat is freely cutable and easy to clean. It lets you cut based on your necessities to fit the carpet floor perfectly. When you are going to rest or finish your work, you can roll it up and then store it fixed place if you want. Don’t think that I will become curl. No, it will become straight when will go for using next time. 

Best desk chair mat for thick carpet: Kuyal Desk Chair Mat for Carpet

Best desk chair mat for thick carpet: Royal Desk Chair Mat for Carpet
  • Eco-friendly and environment-friendly
  • Easy to clean and long-lasting
  • Allow roll up to storage.
  • Thickness & sheerness
  • It can make a pretty sound during moving.

If you want to protect your floor and chair, you can pick the last chair mat on our list is; this 30 x 48-inches desk chair mat for thick carpet. This chair mat brings a lot of benefits to your life. It effectively blocks the floor surface and saves from scratch or damage when you move your chair. 

This mat is made from PVC material which makes it more reliable for long-lasting use. All in all, the protective pad effectively saves the chair from slipping when setting or moving it during working.

The transparent surface feature comes with special treatment to keep your floor shine and nice without any scratching and slipping. It is odorless, BPA-free, and also free from PVC and volatile toxins for a healthy environment.  

How to choose a chair mat for high pile carpet

Some sure factors you need to think about before buying the best chair mat for thick carpet

Thickness Of The Chair Mat

Variety of flooring is the key factor to verify the thickness of the chair mat. Different kinds of chair mats are accessible in the market for unusual flooring. 

The design of a chair mat for a hard floor can vary for a high pile carpet. And the thickness will differ from the different brands. 

Size Of Chair Mat

Selecting a right size chair mat matching with the workspace is important. So, choose the mat which will cover the maximum area from the further points. 

In this case, you also have to measure your workplace, which means your desk and chair area where you will set up your new chair mat. 

Don’t purchase smaller ones that won’t cover the workplace. Besides, don’t go for the larger one that will make a problem to setting. Select the right size which just covers only your chair.

Shape Of Chair Mat

After selecting the chair mat’s thickness and size, you have to choose the perfect shape it. Several types of shapes are common: light bulbs, circular, lip, square, and rectangular shapes. If you want to move your new chair frequently, we suggest choosing a rectangular shape.  

Most of the desks in many offices prefer rectangular shape. But L-shaped or corner desk will suit the light bulb shape. So, think about the setting place of your new chair mat and then find out the right shape. But keep in mind choose the shape such way which will protect the high pile carpet. 

Know Types Of Floor

Before choosing your chair, you should know the types of floor where you used your office chair. For hard surfaces like wood or tile, a smooth-backed mat will the best option. When the floor is covered by a carpet, then choose a chair mat for holding perfectly. Make sure the grabbing size is based on the carpet depth.  

Know Types of Chair Mats

Now you must know the types of chair mats first before going to select the correct chair mat.

  • Plastic: Most of the offices use carpet and carpet tile to save their floor. To protect the floor carpet, need to cover plastic chair mats. Plastic chair mats are less expensive and excellent grip but not more durable. 
  • Wood:  Two types of wooden mats are available, like laminate and bamboo chair mats. The laminate chair mat finishes wood, and they are highly durable. They work well for all types of floor. 

A bamboo chair mat for thick carpet is suitable for all types of floor carpet. Most of the famous brands provide durable and sturdy that comes with high-quality stain. 

  • Rubber: Rubber chair mats are popular for those who have planned to change their office’s theme. Here we recommend enhancing the decoration of the office and suitable for all types of floor carpet.

How Do You Keep Chair Mats From Sliding On Carpet

To keep chair mats from sliding on the carpet, you need to follow some tips and tricks that eliminate the most provoking housework. 

Solution-1: Replacing the double-sided tape all the time after pulling the mats is the best solution. To keep the floor mats with the chair mats just in the right place properly, this first solution is the simplest and easiest. This method will make it easy to move, pull up, or replace the chair mats. 

Solution-2: Non-slip rubber baking is another outstanding solution because rubber sticks normally can stick to any kind of floor. Some desk chair mat for thick carpet comes with this feature where you won’t need to use anything to stop the chair mats from sliding.

So, if you have planned to change your old chair mats and purchase a new one, you should think non-slip rubber backing system for the new mats. 

Some mats feature a special baking process for a particular floor. So, make sure the backing method of the new chair mat adjusts with the floor.  

Solution-3: You can use hot glue or any acrylic latex caulk. Flip the chair mats over and apply the glue horizontally plus let it dry. This solution also works well.

Solution-4: Try the floor mat clips that are particularly made for stopping the floor mat from sliding. For the chair mat, it will be working very well. 

Solution-5: Heavy-duty Velcro strips are better than double-sided tapes. It doesn’t need to replace all the without cleaning or shifting purposes.  

Solution-6: After buying a chair floor mat for a thick carpet, measure it and make a fixed frame. Place it around the mat that makes a new look and keeps it from sliding on the carpet. 

Solution-7: Some best chair mat for carpet comes with a gripper or claw backing. When you need to place your chair mat on the floor carpet, you have to use gripper backing that prevents the chair mat from creeping. 


How thick should a chair mat be?

Normally a basic chair mat is as thin as 2.5 mm. But the desk chair mat for thick carpet should be a maximum of 3 mm for the best grip. For the deep pile carpeting, the thickness should be at least 5 mm. 

Do chair mats ruin carpet?

Generally, a chair mat is used for moving smoothly on the carpeted floor. But a heavy-duty chair mat for carpet can break down the carpet fiber and can ruin or damage the carpet. 

Can I use a hard floor chair mat on the carpet?

It depends on the thick of the mat is suitable for the floor or not. A very thin chair mat will crake within a short use, plus a very hard chair mat is not suitable for the floor. So, you have to make sure the chair mat’s size and thickness are based on your floor. 

How to measure the thickness of the carpet?

Grip a paper trim at the top and measure the space from your finger to the ending point of the paper trim. It is the perfect thickness of the carpet.

Final Recommendation

Are you working in such an environment where you have a beautiful carpet under your chair? You should get the best chair mat for a thick carpet. Normally, chair wheels are hard, and when you move or roll, it will tear the carpet surface. The chair mat can protect your carpet and provide protection for thick or high pile carpet. For getting reliable and durable, you can go through our list once again; we are sure from here you can get the top option easily. 

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