7 Cheap Bathroom Vanities under $100 (Affordable Beautiful Vanitie Review 2021)

7 Cheap Bathroom Vanities under $100 (Affordable Beautiful Vanitie Review 2021)
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A bathroom vanity is a lot required when you are attempting to finish a bathroom. Make your bathroom look refined and more welcoming to individuals. Property holders like me generally remember this for our shopping list. In other words, something can’t be missed in a restroom. 

Now and again, we need to revamp our washrooms; however, it’s the spending that holds us back. Yet, introducing a bathroom vanity can zest things up and revive the appearance of your washroom. You can do it whether your place is small or large. It doesn’t matter. 

There are toms of vanity on the lookout, and it might get precarious and befuddling to pick the right one. That is why I am presenting to you my 7 best Cheap bathroom vanities under $100 to simplify things for you.

What are the best affordable bathroom vanities under $100? 

Here, I will summarize the ten bathroom vanities reviews in this article with their special feature as I go along. Then, you can take a look at it to decide which one will be good for you and your purpose.

  • Best Overall: HomCom Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

With minimal and modern design, this vanity is also eco-friendly and has a rugged construction. It is an all-rounder. Easily you can choose it regardless of the size and condition of your bath space. 

  • Best for Installation: Keyur Bathroom Vanity with Sink and Mirror

The installation method of this bathroom vanity is DIY, and that is pretty simple. Easy to install with the easy-to-follow instruction. To be frank, it is the perfect choice for beginners. If you are a DIY lover, then go grab this and enjoy installing a pretty vanity at Gangnam style.

  • Best for Environment: Eclife Bathroom Vanity

Constructed with an MDF board, the vanity is resistant to dampness and moisture. It does not contain any harmful substances. This one suits any type of bathroom. But, this one could be the perfect fit for dorms, motels, and restaurants restrooms.

  • Best for Construction: Keyur Bathroom Vanity

Tough and durable construction, the vanity is made out of high-quality materials. It is built to last for all the years that are to come. For worry-free long-term use, this bathroom vanity is the best option.

  • Best for Noise Cancellation: Vevelux Bathroom Vanity Set

The hinges are made of 304 stainless hinges. So that there is no noise when you open the cabinet doors or close it. For top-class 5 star hotels and motels, these sorts of vanities are commonly chosen. If you want to make your home a 5 star, then who is resisting you?

  • Best for Design: Keyur 24″ Bathroom Vanity Set

The murky black tone with melamine finish and silver coated handles make the vanity eye-catching. This will surely become the center of attraction in your bathroom. It perfectly syncs with any type of bathroom. It also comes with a moderate budget.

  • Best for Storage: YITHOPI Bathroom Vanity Set

The vanity has a large cabinet for storage where you can keep your necessary things. The cabinet has two silent closing doors that also retain moisture.

7 Cheap Bathroom Vanities Reviews Under $100

1/ Best Overall Cheap Bathroom Vanitie : HomCom Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Best Overall Cheap Bathroom Vanitie

HOMCOM has got a space-saving vanity that is cheap yet classy. To make your bath look less crowded, there’s no alternative to it.

Durable Material: The vanity may look like hardwood, but it’s made of engineered wood. The wood won’t get damaged easily as it’s moisture-resistant. 

Adjustable Shelves: Spacious shelves are provided to keep your toiletries safe. Adjustable shelves make it easier to keep things orderly. Both the shelves are sturdy and steadfast.

Design: The vanity looks like a tiny cupboard that hides the pipes meticulously. Open back helps you to place the vanity anywhere as your preference. In addition, it gives a warm look to your bath space.

Best Overall Cheap Bathroom Vanitie : HomCom Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Space-saving: This vanity is highly recommended for small baths. Many of us cannot find a suitable one to decorate our bath as it feels crowded. But this vanity makes its place perfectly in the smallest areas. 

Low Cost: Finding cheap bathroom vanities under $100 sounds impossible. But this particular vanity is here to remove all your worries. Trust me! It’s super reasonable. Moreover, you’ll fall in love with the quality and construction of this one.


  • Its moisture-proof wood 
  • Stainless steel finishing
  • Adjustable shelves make the space tidy
  • The bathroom looks less crowded
  • Sturdy footpads
  • Hinges aren’t loose at all


  • Pretty hard to assemble

2/ Best for Installation: Keyur Bathroom Vanity with Sink and Mirror

2/ Best for Installation: Keyur Bathroom Vanity with Sink and Mirror

Another remarkable vanity set is from Keyur. A stylish sink and a sophisticated mirror are the desired addition to this set. Let’s know more about this chic set.

Wall Mount: A wall-mounted set is what I prefer. Wall mounting provides a modern look to your bath space. The assembling may seem troublesome, but it’s not actually. You just need to flaunt your DIY skills in this particular set.

Wide Cabinet: The polished black cabinet is astounding. With a width of about 31.5″, this one’s a huge one. In addition, two drawers are provided, which are highly spacious. The cabinet being broad, you get much space beside the faucet to place soap, hand wash, shampoo, and whatnot.

Rectangular Mirror: Mirror is covered with high-quality glass. The finishing is just accurate. No grooves are there. The mirror is framed with black stuff, which saves from unwanted accidents. The scratch-resistant glass makes it flawless.

Fashionable Sink: The wide sink with faucet, a fantastic combo. The dropped-down sink goes nicely with the metallic faucet. The drainage system is well managed.

Eco-Friendly: The chipboard-made cabinet is eco-friendly. The materials are used after considering your health. So, no harmful effects are there.


  • Eco-friendly wood
  • Spacious drawers
  • Scratch-free mirror
  • Water-saving faucet
  • Smooth drainage system


  • The ceramic of the sink isn’t good enough

3/ Best for Environment: Eclife Bathroom Vanity

3/ Best for Environment: Eclife Bathroom Vanity

A vanity to use in your bathroom and restroom both is this one from life. The adjustable clapboards are impressive. Durable, eye-catching, and a sleek vanity indeed.

Storage Space: Small vanities indicate a shortage of storage. But this isn’t true regarding this vanity. Adjustable clapboard makes the vanity spacious. Your needful accessories will get a new place to fit in. The clapboard divides the space into two, which provides more space. 

Easy to Install: No need to get worried about the installation. The manual says it all. Moreover, they provide all the necessary tools to set it up. 

Moisture Proof Footpads: Many vanities get damaged as they smudge. This vanity is the solution to all your problems. The smudge-proof footpads are long-lasting. These remain connected firmly with the surface without shaking the vanity.

Counter Top: Sturdy countertop with a hole in between. It can bear the weight if heavy sinks easily. It’s quite tough and strong. The top is quite wide to keep essentials. You need to get a sink that will fit in the hole without any issues.

Modern Design: The looks are everything. The tall glossy cabinet enhances the beauty of its surrounding. Not only the bath, but you can also place it anywhere, even outside the house. The pipes remain hidden, which is the best part.


  • Wear and skid-resistant foot pads.
  • All hardware is included in the package.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Stainless steel-made hinges.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • The sink isn’t included.

4/ Best for Construction: Keyur Bathroom Vanity

4/ Best for Construction: Keyur Bathroom Vanity

I’ve already mentioned a vanity from Keyur, but you surely need to go through this one. A cheap vanity set under $100 is worth the price. A mind-boggling set indeed.

Wide Cabinet: The large cabinet with 22.8″ (H) × 13″ (D) × 23.6″ (W) dimensions is double-doored. You cannot assume the inner space from the outside. But I would’ve appreciated it more if it was a two-space cabinet.

Durable Construction: The set will make the space soothing with its light color and excellent craftsmanship. Starting from the countertop to the footpads, all are sturdy and of top-quality materials. 

Mirror: You must choose this one especially for the mirror. The wall-mounted glass blends perfectly with any decor. The corners are smooth and safe. A mirror will complete the whole appearance for sure.

Anti Corrosive: The cabinet, as well as the mirror, is corrosion resistant. Being anti-corrosive, this set lasts for years. 

Pocket-Friendly: Cheap bathroom vanities under $100 are hard to get. Low price indicates low quality. This set will change your concept by being cheap yet the finest one in terms of quality. You are not going to regret choosing it for sure.


  • Large storage.
  • Anti-corrosive.
  • Reasonable.
  • Tough and durable.
  •  Mirror has smooth edges.


  • Two-space storage isn’t available.

5/ Best for Noise Cancellation: Vevelux Bathroom Vanity Set

5/ Best for Noise Cancellation: Vevelux Bathroom Vanity Set

Another cheap bathroom vanity combo to make your bathroom look extraordinary is this one from Vevelux. A simple and sober vanity that never failed to surprise me.

Soft Closing Doors:  In numerous vanities, the doors bang hardly while closing, which produces an irritating sound that ruins the calmness. However, here the doors close softly and slowly. This is why the doors remain the same for years.

Noise Cancelation: The stainless steel-made hinges don’t make any noise while opening or shutting the door. It diminishes commotion in every possible way. As a result, a peaceful environment persists in your bath place.

Easy to Clean: The surface of the top and the mirror is smooth enough. So, the cleaning procedure isn’t hard at all. You can clean it up with a moist cloth very easily. It will look fresh with a single wipe.

Eco-Friendly: Many wooden materials are considered to be harmful to the users. As a bath space remains closed from all sides, eco-friendly wood becomes essential. This vanity is harmless in this regard. You can go for it without any worries.

Elegant Design: Wall mounting saves much space. You can install it above the floor to avoid extra cleaning. The color, the shape, the construction everything is top-notch.


  • Elegant design.
  • Noise free doors.
  • Lightweight and functional.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Eco coverage surface.


  • Packaging lacks a sink.

6/ Best for Design: Keyur 24″ Bathroom Vanity Set

I can’t stop reviewing Keyur vanities as these are something else. This vanity set is absolutely a different and better version. So let’s discuss it more.

Black Finished Cabinet: Who doesn’t love black? A black vanity complements your bath space every single time. The double-doored cabinet is single-spaced. The countertop is smooth and sturdy. The sink can’t be dropped down, so it gives a 3D look.

Light Weighted: The whole of the packaging weighs not more than 37.5 pounds. It’s really light-weighted and portable. You can shift it easily without any hassle. 

Material: Chipboard is used here. The construction is well finished. No smell of wood is there. Harmful substances aren’t used here. They aim to provide you a cheap vanity set under $100 without harming your health.

Easy to Install: A floor-mounted set that has tough footpads. The footpads keep the cabinet above the surface to avoid extra hassle. In addition, all the joints are easy to put together. This self-assembling saves you a few bucks indeed.

Rectangular Mirror: The mirror looks great. The mirror is quite wide with a width of about 17.7″. You can install it at any height at your convenience. The mirror isn’t heavy. 


  •  Minimal design with modern essence.
  •  Quite easy to set up.
  • The sink forms a 3D look.
  • A wall-mounted mirror is provided.
  • Very light weighted.


  •  Footpads aren’t smudge-proof.

7/ Best for Storage: YITHOPI Bathroom Vanity Set

7/ Best for Storage: YITHOPI Bathroom Vanity Set

YITHOPI vanity will never let you feel the need for extra storage. Really spacious with a unique greyish look. 

Water-resistant: The whole set is waterproof, which ensures its longevity. Without footpads, the cabinet remains attached to the surface. In that case, this feature can save it from getting damaged.

Large Storage Space: Avoid a messy bath through this vanity. The cabinet bears a large compartment and three drawers. You can keep all your stuff separately, starting from a pin to toothpaste. 

Metallic Handles: All the handles are rust-resistant and metallic. The handles keep shining as these do not get dirty easily. 

Super Reasonable: Cheap bathroom vanity units fail to satisfy our demands many times. YITHOPI vanity provides high-class products at a minimal price. Anyone can decorate their bath space or any other corner in the house with this reasonable vanity.

Smooth Sliding Drawers and Doors: Drawers do not bother you while opening or closing. They slide smoothly in and out. Drawers remain firmly on track without shaking. The doors do not get stuck while moving.


  • Water-resistant cabinet.
  • Large storage space with 4 compartments.
  • Rust-resistant handles.
  •  Drawers slide smoothly.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Not easy to clean as the cabinet remain attached to the surface.

Affordable Bathroom Vanities Buying Guide: 

After reading this review, you’ve certainly understood that there are innumerable vanities out there. In that case, if you don’t know how to choose the suitable one, you’ll spend all your money and not get the desired one. So, to make your work a bit easier, I’m providing a buying guide to let you know what to look for in a bathroom vanity.

  • Installation: Installing vanities may seem tricky. If you attempt without knowing the process, it may cost you a lot to get a new one. Bathroom vanity installations may be of several types like a corner, freestanding, wall-mounted, and many more. Wall mounting is a bit difficult than the rest. So, you should go through the manual properly, or you can call the fixer to fix it accordingly.
  • Longevity: Durability is the prime factor while choosing a bathroom vanity. Getting a cheap bathroom vanity unit that is long-lasting is the icing on the cake. To ensure its longevity, you need to check the equipment properly, including the reviews. My guide can help you to in this regard.
  • Moisture Proof Footpads: The footpads keep a vanity standing. So, the footpads need to be of good quality in every aspect. As bathroom vanities are kept in the bathroom, the pads contact water every now and then. If they aren’t moisture-proof, then there’s a high possibility of these getting damaged real quick. So, do choose the ones which are smudge-proof.
  • Understand Own Demand: While choosing a bathroom vanity, the space should be kept in mind. How small or how large your vanity will clearly depend on your bath space. If you get a small one for your large space, then it will look too small. Again, if you get a large one for your small bath, your bath space will look crowded. However, it’s easy to choose a large space than the small one. Here’s an advice, you should look for wall-mounted ones for your small space.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the bathroom vanity have to be attached to the wall?

Answer: Yes, you need to attach it to the wall. The vanity remains firm while attached to the wall, which eases the installation work as well.

Which is better for the bathroom countertop? Granite or quartz?

Answer: Granite gives a natural appearance, and it’s heat resistant. But it’s quite expensive. Quartz being reasonable does not provide a natural look.

Is replacing a bathroom vanity hard?

Answer: It’s easy if you know the technique. Moreover, the manual explains it accurately.

What shape bathroom mirror is best?

Answer: A round mirror may be a good choice as it saves much space. You can decorate the rest of the space with lights as well.

Should the bathroom mirror be wider than sink?

Answer: No, not at all. The mirror should be as wide as the sink or smaller than that.


In this guide, I’ve mentioned all the key points required to choose a suitable bathroom vanity. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends to help them get cheap bathroom vanities under $100. 

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