Cheap Twin Beds Under $100 (Affordable But Good in Quality Frame for Kids 2022)

Cheap Twin Beds Under $100
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Sooner or later, your baby will grow out of the crib. After that, he/she will tend to need a new bed. While your baby transitions into new bedding during its toddler year, a twin bed can help it have a sense of safety.

By now, we all know that a twin-size bed has a lot of advantages due to the smaller size. We all will want to get a quality bed frame of the twin bed for our children. So, our children can sleep well at night. However, a twin-size bed can also be used by adults, and it is suitable for tight spaces or even a guest bedroom.

But there are plenty of twin beds available in the market, and you might get confused about buying the best one for you. But do not worry. We have your back. In this writing, we’re covering the top 10 cheap twin beds under $100 for you. Here you’ll find some fantastic twin beds under $100.
So, let’s get started.

What age is a twin bed for?

The term “twin bed” derives from the idea of two toddlers sharing one room with one twin-size bed each. Twin bed is generally great for toddlers when their crib size mattresses become too big for them. The twin bed’s standard size is 38″ x 75″, making it perfect for children over 4 years.

However, adults can also use a twin bed if they are less than 5’5″. But if you are over 5’5″, you should consider getting a twin XL memory foam mattress. It will add an extra 5″ length to the standard twin mattress. But getting it as an adult might cause you some inconvenience if you are the type of person who sprawls and rolls around the whole bed.

As a bottom line, we will recommend using children and toddlers over 4 years.

List Of Best Affordable Twin Beds Under $100

Here, I will summarize the 10 twin beds reviews in this article with their unique features as I go along. You can easily decide which bed will be good for you and serve your purpose.

Smooth design, best value bed, great for older kids and amazing durability

Great deal for price, high-end construction, super quality materials and high-quality bed frame.

The excellent support system, highly comfortable, durable, smart design and space saving.

Highly comforting, smartly designed to provide safety & security, quality construction material and durable.

Foldable, space-saving, durable, great value for money and ensure safety for kids

  • Best for Industrial Style Twin Bed: YaheeTech

Best twin beds for dorms, commercial households, highly durable, and ultra-comfortable.

  • Best for Heavy Duty Twin Bed: Amolife Twin Size Bed.

Long lasting, highly durable, design to provide cosiness, compatible with different mattress types, quality materials, and versatile.

Extra strong, great twin bed for older kinds, durable, can handle heavy weights, and provides safety & security.

Smooth design and great look, reasonable price, mattress compatibility, wide range of use, and super comfortable.

Safe for kids, specifically designed for adult kids, space-saving, cheap, and durable

Twin Beds With Mattress Comparison Chart

Cheap Twin BedsMaterialColorDimensions
Hodedah MetalWood, MetalComplete Bed79.65 x 42 x 35 inches
Elegant HomePolyesterMulticolor17.8 x 12.2 x 7.2 inches
Atlantic Furniture ConcordWoodEspresso79 x 41.62 x 16.5 inches
DHP Noa Trundle for DaybedMetalBlue45.5 x 71 x 11.5 inches
Modway HorizonMetalWhite39 x 75 x 14 inches
YaheeTechMetalWhite77 x 39 x 35 inches
Amolife Twin Size Bed.IronLight Brown76.4 x 42.8 x 39.4 inches
Hodedah Complete Twin Bed.Wood, MetalComplete Bed79.65 x 42 x 35 inches
WeeHom MetalMetal, SteelBlack77.4 x 36 x 34.8 inches
SimLife Platform Kids and Adults.SteelBlack77.9 x 36 x 34.8 inches

Top 10 Cheap Twin Beds Under $100

Best Overall Twin Bed under 100: Hodedah Metal

Best Overall Twin Bed: Hodedah Metal
MaterialWood, Metal
ColorComplete Bed
Dimensions79.65 x 42 x 35 inches
Assembly RequiredYes

This twin bed has become number one on this list for its durability, and we may say that it’s the best. It can be classified as cheap twin beds with a mattress. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Ideal Twin Bed: This full metal and multifunctional victorian style bed are ideal for your kids and guests for sleepovers. This is the kind of perfect twin bed you want to keep in your home with ease. It has one of the best cheap twin bed frames that serves perfectly.

Design: The simple yet elegant design with a classical flower appearance will add a delicate touch to your room. It will easily blend in with any existing room decor you have.

Mattress Compatibility: You can also decorate it according to your will and accommodate your taste. This twin bed has strong metal slats that provide excellent support and hold the mattress from slipping or wobbling.

No Box Spring Needed: You don’t even need an additional foundation or box spring. The bed is already strong enough to protect the twin mattress from premature sagging.

Space Saving: It is also sleek to be placed easily in tight spaces, and your kids can sleep peacefully at night.

  • It has a low profile design to be adjusted with any room decor.
  • It comes with strong metal slats to provide uncompromising support.
  • Features a classic Victorian look.
  • Relatively cheap, comes with reasonable price.
  • The metal can get scratched.

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Best Budget Twin Bed: Elegant Home

Best for Budget Twin Bed: Elegant Home
SizeTwin Size
BrandElegant Home
Product Care InstructionsMachine Wash
Dimensions17.8 x 12.2 x 7.2 inches

Elegant home brings you the most elegant, high quality, most multifunctional twin bed with a Victorian appeal. You will love this one when we discuss it in details.

High-Quality Bed Frame: The construction of this twin bed is done with durable and reliable heavy-duty metal steel. The strong mattress supports inhibits the sagging and increases mattress lifetime.

Durable: The frames are made of 100% durable and turdy metal tube to ensure it lasts long enough to satisfy your needs.

Storage Space: The bed is 12″, and it is high enough for you to store things underneath it. The sufficient storage space will allow you to put some clothes, boxes, or quilts, and there you go, you have saved some space.

Easy assembly: This bed will come as flat-packed in a single box so that you don’t have to worry about its assembly. Every part of the bed is clearly labelled, and you can quickly assemble it with all the easy to follow instructions.

  • It comes with three years after-sales warranty.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It saves storage space.
  • It will not quack or scratch.
  • Compatible with different mattress types.
  • Without a box spring, the mattress may slide.

Best Twin Bed frame for Younger Kids under 100: Atlantic Furniture Concord

Best for Younger Kids Twin Bed: Atlantic Furniture Concord
Form FactorPlatform Bed
Dimensions79 x 41.62 x 16.5 inches
Assembly RequiredYes
Furniture FinishEspresso

This bed is manufactured with a steel frame which will guarantee that you enjoy all of its premium features in all the years that are to come. The Atlantic Furniture Concord Platform Bed will harmonize your room with elegance for its sleek profile.

Easy to Fit In: This bed is perfect for small rooms with its dimension which is 39 inch in width, 77 inches in length, and 38 inches in height.

High Weight Handling Capacity: It can support up to 250 lbs and features premium steel slat support. It has clean lines, and for that, it will not clash with any of your furniture.

Easy Assembly: You can easily customize this bed’s look according to your upholstery and taste, and this bed is easy to assemble. It can be a stunning centrepiece in your room and will compliment your taste.

No Bottoming: It is constructed with good technology and gives a balanced, supportive lift instead of bottoming out. So it will also prevent premature sagging so that there is no inconvenience while you sleep at night.

  • Has a modern minimalistic look.
  • It comes in a sleek silhouette to easily fit in limited space.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It has solid hardwood with a non-toxic finish.
  • Trundle won’t stay stationary on some hardwood floors.

Best for Comfort Twin Bed under $100: DHP Noa Trundle for Daybed.

Best for Comfort Twin Bed: DHP Noa Trundle for Daybed.
Form FactorTrundle Bed, Day Bed
Dimensions45.5 x 71 x 11.5 inches
Assembly RequiredYes
Maximum Weight Recommendation225 Pounds
Frame MaterialMetal

It is never effortless to make a quick and temporary sleeping arrangement for an unexpected guest comforting. Well, well. You have come to the right place. This DHP Noa Trundle Daybed will serve all of it.

Eye-Catching Design: This piece is multifunctional with a linear Victorian rounded final detailing that will catch your and your guests’ eye in a splash.

Versatility: It comes in three colours: white, bronze gold, and millennial pink, and you can choose according to your delicate taste.

Extra Bed: It will work as an extra bed when you need it. It is easy to store and looks amazing almost with every décor. Also, if you are someone fancy, just throw on some pillows and blankets. Your bed will look elegant for a long time.

Strong Support: This bed can hold up to 400 lbs which is more than enough for two persons. And the trundle can hold up to 225 lbs.

Mattress Compatibility: This bed is designed to fit one standard twin size mattress with a maximum of 8 inches so that you have a nice sleep at night.

  • Comes with 4 easy gliders. Two of them are locked, and the other two are non-locking.
  • No additional foundation is required.
  • Has a built-in support system.
  • Reasonable price.
  • It is constructed with metal.
  • The frame integrity is sub-par.

Best for Durability white twin bed under $100: Modway Horizon

Best for Durability white twin bed under $100: Modway Horizon
Form FactorFolding
Dimensions39 x 75 x 14 inches
Assembly RequiredYes
Furniture FinishWhite
Maximum Weight Recommendation1300 Pounds

This is another white twin bed under $100 twin size daybed with a trundle where customers consistently ranked ‘the best. That is Modway Horizon. This bed may come in handy when there are unexpected overnight guests. Because handling a traditional bed mattress is full of hassle and difficult to store.

Space Saving: It can be easily used in anywhere the house. You can energize your kids, guest or even master room with it.

Extra Strong: It is constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel; the metal frames come with a middle leg. The centre portion adds extra support for better stability.

Great for Older Kids: It can hold up to 1300 lbs without any type of difficulty, buckling, bending, and it will also prevent saggy mattresses.

Foldable: You can easily fold it away when you are not using it. This is considered a low profile solution. You can easily store it out without having to think about space.

Storage Facility: It has 14 inches of generous space underneath the bed. You can store away your seasonal clothing, hobby collections, bins, etc. With an extra bedroom storage space, this bed is ideal for tight spaces or small apartments.

  • No box spring is required.
  • Cheap twin beds with mattress
  • It has a sturdy construction.
  • Affordable price
  • The metal frame has cross-beam support.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • You can’t attach a standard headboard.

See Also:

Best twin bed frame with headboard: YaheeTech

Best for Industrial Style Twin Bed: YaheeTech
Furniture FinishMetallic
Dimensions77 x 39 x 35 inches
Item Weight28.4 Pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation264.6 Pounds

Yaheetech never fails to satisfy and amaze us with all of its unique beds. This is one of the best beds made by them, and the construction is very durable and sturdy, more than you can ever imagine.

Industrial Style: The bed has a combination of polished finish and clean lines, which create a simple yet stylish look. This style will easily blend with industrial, farmhouse, or even robust style homes. You can also add some soft textures on the bed to balance out the coolness of the material.

Robust Design: When you look at the robust twin bed base, you will see that it is constructed with a metal frame. The frame is capable of holding up to 264 lbs.

Extended Life Span: The durable frame also features 13 metal slats in between only two sides. It will provide you with strong support for a relaxing sleep. It is painted with iron with medium water, which makes it scratch-resistant.

Painstaking: The bed frame is designed with footboard and headboard. Iron pipes are also fixed at the notch, and they protect your head and foot from injury. So it is suitable for children and teenagers who tend to hurt themselves most.

  • It has protective pads.
  • Constructed with a premium steel frame.
  • Minimalistic style.
  • It has a stable structure.
  • Compatible with different mattress types
  • The bars may bend if you hassle with it.

Best for Heavy Duty Twin Bed under $100: Amolife Twin Size Bed.

Best for Heavy Duty Twin Bed: Amolife Twin Size Bed.
ColorLight Brown
Item Dimensions LxWxH76.4 x 42.8 x 39.4 inches

Searching for a bed for kids? this twin bed on clearance will come in handy. It is a friendly option for accommodating your kid’s sleepover friends or maybe a side-by-side sleeping space for siblings.

Heavy Duty Construction: This Amolife Twin Size Bed featured a diamond tufted backrest with wingback’s arms and tampered brown legs, which kids will love and enjoy by bigger kids. The design is just excellent for the rustic frame.

Strong and Sturdy: This bed is made out of a sturdy wood frame and is upholstered in premium linen. Available in so many shades.

Stylish: This bed is stylish and classy. They include a clean silhouette and crafted in top-notch metals to provide you extended support throughout many years.

Heavy Duty: It has a strong frame with a sturdy steel slat structure, and it will not squeak and provide a good amount of sleep.

Comfortable: The bentwood slat system provides you with excellent ventilation and a good amount of pressure distribution.

  • It has tufted detailing on the headboard.
  • A wingback in a metal and wood frame.
  • Slat bases allow air to pass very freely underneath the bed.
  • The bed slat may snap in half if not installed correctly.

See Also:

Best full size bed frame under $100: Hodedah Complete Twin Bed.

Best Older Kids Twin Bed: Hodedah Complete Twin Bed.
MaterialWood, Metal
ColorComplete Bed
Dimensions79.65 x 42 x 35 inches
Assembly RequiredYes
Furniture FinishMahogany
Frame MaterialMetal

This twin bed has gotten number one in this rundown for its cheap twin bed frames, strength and we may say that it’s fantastic. Let us talk about it in details.

Ideal Twin Bed: This full metal and multifunctional style bed are ideal for your children and visitors for sleepovers.

Mattress Compatibility: This is the sort of perfect twin bed you need to keep in your home effortlessly. Additionally, the mattress is outstanding, you will not find such quality cheap twin beds with mattress.

Style: The basic but exquisite plan with an old-style bloom appearance will add a sensitive touch to your room. It will effortlessly mix in with any contemporary room stylistic theme you have.

Heavy Duty Construction: You can likewise adorn it as indicated by your will and oblige as you would prefer. This twin bed has solid metal braces that offer incredible help and hold the sleeping cushion from slipping or wobbling.

No Box Spring Needed: You don’t require an extra establishment or box spring. The bed is now sufficiently able to shield the bedding from untimely drooping. It is likewise smooth to be put effectively in restricted spaces, and your children can rest calmly around evening time.

  • Has a position of safety configuration to be changed with any room stylistic theme.
  • It comes with solid metal braces to offer inflexible help.
  • Best twin bed on clearence.
  • Features a good Victorian look.
  • The metal can get scratched.

Best for Versatility Twin Bed: WeeHom Metal

Best for Versatility Twin Bed: WeeHom Metal
MaterialMetal, Steel
Dimensions77.4 x 36 x 34.8 inches
Maximum Weight280 Pounds

This one is a twin bed set that will give your kids a very peaceful sleep at night. It has such countless exciting highlights, and you will not have enough of it. We should discuss it in detail

  • Incorporated with a quick-lock system.
  • Has a low profile design to suit any room aesthetic.
  • Has generous ground clearance underneath.
  • The slats supporting may not reach across the frame as planned.

Best for Space Saving twin bed frame with headboard: simLife Platform Kids and Adults.

Best for Space Saving Twin Bed: SimLife Platform Kids and Adults.
Form FactorPlatform Bed
Dimensions77.9 x 36 x 34.8 inches
Assembly RequiredYes
Furniture FinishBlack
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel

This is one of the cheap twin beds under $100 that you are to fall in love with. Designed with extreme care, your kids can sleep without any disturbance.

Extra Strong: It is constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel; cheap twin bed frames, the metal frames come with a middle leg. The centre leg adds extra support for better stability. It can hold up to 1300 lbs without any difficulty, buckling, bending, and it will also prevent saggy mattresses.

Headboard and Footboard: This particular bed is constructed and designed with a headboard and footboard to serve your demands. It will not only keep you from injuries but also bring an elegant and warm feeling to your bedroom.

Extra space: The bed is 12″, and it is sufficiently high for you to store things under it. The adequate extra room will permit you to put some garments, boxes, or quilt, and there you go, you have saved some space.

  • 100% steel frame.
  • No additional box spring is needed.
  • Under bed storage facility.
  • Package includes all the necessary tools.
  • Takes more than an hour to assemble.

How To Chose Cheap Twin Bed Frames

Twin beds are smart choice for smart people. But, selecting a perfect cheap twin bed under $100 can be a huge task for an incumbent purchaser. You will need expert advice to get a budget twin bed.
That’s why we have provided the list of 10 cheap and best twin beds under 100. Now, we are presenting the comprehensive buying guide that will help you to choose the prefect one from the top 10 twin beds list.

Here’s what:

Materials: Materials are the most crucial part of the best twin beds. Wood and metal slats are best materials for durable beds. These materials are durable as well as strong, and long-lasting. Now, if you are struggling with selecting a mattress, I would suggest don’t buy any mattress without memory foam or latex.

Comfort: Suppose you have back pain or shoulder pain. In that case, your mattress and bed need to be comfortable, capable of aligning your spine correctly in position and releasing pressure points. They can mould your body and provide support.

Air Control: When you look for a daybed, try looking for a slatted base that allows air to pass beneath the bed. You sure don’t want a bed with a gooey smell underneath.

Safety: Safety is the major issue of a bed, especially if you are thinking it for your kids. But interesting fact is, if you select a bed with perfect material, and super mattress support then safter is 90% ensured. The rest 10% can be controlled if you put an extra leg, or install a sperate cage system for younger kids.

Mattress Support: You might want to buy a bed with a link spring or slats. It is a metal grid-like structure that substitutes the need for a box spring.

Frames: Usually, beds consist of three pieces that include two side panels and a back panel. Ensure that they are strong and stable enough with a combination of synthetic and natural wood or heavy-duty steel.

What is the best type of twin bed frame to buy ?

There are different types of bed frame which are good on their ways. So it is pretty impossible to say which is the best. So let’s discuss some of them.

The platform bed frame: This one is cost-effective and can be used with any mattress. This is also small-space friendly.

The upholstered bed frame: This frame is ultra-comfortable with cushioned support and available in many varieties.

The storage bed frame: It has storage space that is directly built into the frame. It is also sturdy and has solid construction.

The sleigh bed frame: This bed frame slays with style, and it will be an instant statement piece in your bedroom.

The canopy bed frame: This bed frame is a stylish statement and has cozy vibes with draped fabric.

Are cheap mattresses worth it?

Not all cheap mattresses are worth it. Beds are already affordable but going more cheap isn’t worth risking your sleep. Here is our recommendation for affordable mattresses which are also comfortable.

Common Questions About Twin Bed Frames

Do slat beds ruin mattresses?

Sometimes they can but you can cover your base with cheap duvet to prevent it.

How much bigger is a full than a twin?

They are both 75 inches long but a full is 15 inch wider than twin.

Are cheap mattresses worth it?

 It depends on what cheap mattress you are buying.

How thick should a mattress be?

 It should be somewhere around 8 to 14 inches.

Are bed in a box worth it?

Yes, they play an important role in durability, stability and firmness.


At the end, if you are still confused which one to choose form the 10 cheap twin beds under $100 list then, here are top 2 picks for you. These two twin beds will serve each and every purpose you can think of a twin bed can serve. Atlantic Furniture Concord Platform Bed, and Elegant Home Victorian Vintage Style Platform Twin Size, these two are best twin beds under your budget.

So, advance congratulations for your new twin bed!

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