How to arrange living room furniture

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Entering a new home, as a tenant or as the new owner of the apartment, is always an emotion. The people who think furniture placement is not so necessary; they are very much wrong. Everyone knows that furniture is one of the major components of a room design. This thing transforms the expression of the room; it doesn’t require any high cost. Just need a mental desire for arranging a room perfectly. If you know how to arrange a room correctly, it will increased beauty than before. We examine how to arrange furniture in the living room with expert designers.In this section, you will able to know how to arrange a home or apartment accurately. Without further any discussion right now, let’s get started.

Getting know: How to arrange furniture in living room

The living room is one of the most useable rooms than others. That’s why we need to arrange the furniture properly. Sometimes our guests are sitting in this room. In this room, we are sitting to relax, watching tv and prayer as well.  That’s why we must be planned for this living room. A beautiful room can give you a better, pleasant, and better relaxation. Sometimes a small uninhibited joy makes a big mistake. Before setting up your furniture, you have to calculate the whole space, such as different elements having different sizes. If you don’t calculate, you will see you can’t set your necessary things in your living room. From this content you will getting to know 10 commandments for how to arrange living room furniture. Let’s have a look.

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10 Rules For To Arrange Living Room Furniture

We have got hundreds of messages about arranging furniture. They ask us how they can set and calculate the space before placing the furniture in the living room. Here are our top 10 tips for arranging the layout of your furniture.

#Rule 01 – Function Beyond Form:

The most important factor when organizing a room is understanding how space will be used. It would help if you reminded me that the 4 sofas face each other and be in a symmetrical shape. Your target shouldn’t be sitting on the sofa and watching television. Before arranging the furniture, you have to guess about the spaces of every element. 

#Rule 02 – Always allow passage:

A room to be furnished is the best type of blank slate for interior design addicts. But once the furniture arrives and starts fixing it, what seemed like a world of opportunity can suddenly feel overwhelming. Map the transit areas, remember that “less is more,” and always keep at least 80cm of free space to move (your “walking room”) between the various elements.

#Rule 03Scaleup your spaces:

If you are involved in order or not, balance is the most necessary element. Before setup, you need to visualize among an item of large furniture, lamp, and floor as well. Try to add colors to get a good balance.

#Rule 04 – Don’t Leave Them Alone:

There’s something strangely lonely about a cozy armchair or loveseat left all alone. What will be done there (see the first point)? Wherever you have a comfortable place to sit. Make sure there is also a surface to put a cup of tea on, a light for reading or, at the very least, a chair for a friend. 

#Rule 05 – Create different zones:

In an open floor plan, you can practice the furniture to create welcoming “rooms” and designate areas for specific uses. A rug under a group of chairs creates a conversation area, a nice chandelier above a table creates a dining area. You can place your sofa back to the bottom of the room.

#Rule 06 – Furniture is not creepers: 

Except in smaller rooms (or ballroom halls), there is no need to push all furniture against the walls. Even just moving the sofa a little away from the wall behind it can build the mistake of a larger and more airy space.

#Rule 07 – Leave the horizon free:

When you want to increase the sense of space, it is important to keep your gaze free to wander around the environment. We don’t say for using low-cost or costly furniture. You have to focus on the place that is using. It would help if you didn’t place the furniture near the door or windows because it looks so boring.

#Rule 08 – Find a point of attention:

Every room doesn’t need to have a huge pendant light, quirky wallpaper, or great art piece. On the other hand, it is very essential to place the furniture in the best way, to rely on what your home has available. It could mean keeping the view of a decorated fireplace clear. Arranging the furniture to take advantage of the beautiful view from a window, or keeping the furniture low to showcase the period wainscoting.

#Rule 09 – Experiment:

Which are the best things for planning a room? Before arranging a room, we should know which is necessary and which are not. If you are gathering a lot of material in a single room, it looks very wired. You can decorate your room with a single bed and some essential elements.

#Rule 10 – Let yourself go:

You can read as many “commandments” as you want, but remember: no one should live in your house but you. Any rule can be broken with a little creativity, and any home can be beautiful and welcoming with a little attention. Experiment with your layout   

 5 tricks on How to make a house look bigger

5 tricks on How to make a house look bigger

If you know how to arrange furniture in a small living room, then this small room looks bigger than before. Anyone would love to have a luxurious home, with large rooms and lovely, lush gardens. But this dream is not for everyone; most people live in apartments or even studios, with small spaces and few amenities. However, it is possible to make your home appear larger with simple rules that we will describe below; your small apartment is about to become much more spacious; all that remains is to implement these five tricks.

#01 Walls and floor both color should be the same:  A room that follows the right color match between the wall and the floor will look much larger. So the first trick to making your home bigger is color. For example, if the floor has a beige color, opt for a beige or even lighter wall to give depth. The essential thing we should know is color; try to use a soft but dark color. So if you have a dark floor, don’t follow this rule because you will get the opposite effect. If you need to change the floor tiles, use the large-sized ones and not the small ones and possibly the same for the whole house.

#02 Always use light colors for the furniture: The light colors and shades make the environment much brighter, fresher, and more spacious. It will give the house a more extensive space look. Few colors of furniture will also provide the rooms with a dynamic and airy look( Light, white, beige, or gray)

#03 Space-saving and suspended furniture: One trick to making your home appear larger is to use space-saving and hanging furniture. Multifunctional furniture hides drawers to organize the environment and say goodbye to clutter and suspended furniture such as shelves and racks or bathroom fixtures. Even the sliding doors are a winning idea to give the environment space. Try to use inconspicuous furniture.

#04 The rooms’ lighting: Lighting is an essential point to give depth to the house. The better the light, the bigger the house will seem. If you have windows for natural lighting, avoid those heavy curtains that don’t let in the light. Besides, you don’t have these original light points for motion sensor lighting. The trick is to have at least 4 light origins in each room to not leave areas in semi-shadow.

#05 We use mirrors on the walls: An easy trick to use is the mirrors to be placed on the walls. It is a game with an optical effect, but we assure you that even a small house will seem much bigger. Mirrors reflecting the environment give the sensation of continuity, and to our eyes. There will be a perception of immense. The tricks we are discussed in this article, they are simple but very useful.

If you do, send us a before and after photo to show your results.

5 Mistakes to avoid before decorating your living home

Furnishing a home is very difficult. At the same time, it may be fun to browse the markets searching for the deal of the century. Unleash creativity with DIY, or daydream by admiring the magazines and interior design sites. Finding the right location for each piece of furniture results from careful reflections and often also of sacrifice. That’s why you should avoid these 5 mistakes for decorating your home decently.

#01 Darken the light: The light of the sun transmits energy and illuminates in a fantastic environment. Especially in winter, when the sun’s rays help to heat the rooms. If the light were to bother, just close the curtains to ease the discomfort. The very different thing is to prevent light from filtering from the outside. The Furniture and furnishings are placing in front of the windows. Try to take it near the doors limit the entry of light, which could also radiate into other rooms. Furthermore, it could make access to the balcony and terrace difficult, forcing you to move the Furniture when cleaning regularly.

#02 filling in the blanks: We have just moved to a new neighborhood or even another city. The expenses to be incurred have been many, so we have no slightest intention of abandoning some furniture, expensive or to which we are fond. Let us remember that each room has its function. It is certainly not that of being a warehouse or a deposit for some element. Filling, or rather cluttering up space, ends up making its livability complicated. Getting up in the midst of the night and falling because we don’t remember the coat rack or the low cabinet.

#03 Arranging the Furniture against the walls: One of the first aspects we worry about when decorating the house is arranging the Furniture in the respective rooms. And almost instinctively, we proceed by placing them attached to the wall, without leaving any space. While it can be a way to fix the decor problem soon, it might later reveal its downsides. A living room with a sofa placed in front of the TV cabinet is correct. But having space in the middle of the room empty is a waste.

#04 Not respecting the room’s balance and proportions: In an apartment, it is advisable to avoid the annoying clutter effect. Having a house wall loaded with Furniture and leaving the rest of the environment bare will create a strange effect. At first glance, it will seem to you that you are still in the process of moving. Above all, the empty part will remain unused, leading you to make compulsive purchases of useless Furniture so as not to see it naked.

#05 mixing styles: Combining Furniture of different trends and tastes creates great confusion in the home. Whenever you enter the room, you will have difficulty recognizing your home. However, differently styled Furniture is functional. At this point, it is better to decide in advance the style that each room will have. Avoiding the confusion effect that is completely opposing trends can cause unless you are a lover of particular and refined tastes. In this regard, if daring in the field of interior design does not scare you.

Final word

If you are arranging furniture properly, then it will give you more relaxation than before. If your room is well decorated, then your mind will always be good. Then it is a part for relaxation; you can’t skip this option. In this context, we were trying to give an ultimate guideline on how to arrange furniture in the living room. I hope you were learning from this content something new. 
Now I would like to know from you which furniture makes your room beautiful? Let us know by leaving a simple comment below the post or email us, and don’t forget to take a photo after arranging your furniture perfectly. Thanks for reading.

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