How To Clean Furniture | 10 Proven Ways with Secret Tips

How To Clean Furniture | 10 Proven Ways with Secret Tips
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Have you noticed your beloved couch, dining table, or outdoor furniture becomes older so faster? 

Yes? Why?

Lack of good care means well cleaning or caring.


The cleaning idea for indoor or outdoor furniture is super great. It not only keeps your furniture more eye-catching but also gives them a long time lifespan.

Keep clean your whole house furniture represents the most important undertaking. You should not feel annoying.

So, regular dusting plus vacuuming together can keep the furniture pretty and fantastic, just like a new one.  

You have to clean all your furniture every six months deeply without regular dusting.

Should you know how to clean furniture correctly?

It is a more painless process to do than say.

Hit this article and follow the guide to clean different types of furniture differently. 

Let’s proceed!

How to Clean Furniture: Different Furniture Different Process

All furniture of every house doesn’t come from similar materials. Some of them are wooden, where other is leather, wicker, teak, or microfiber. So, the cleaning processes aren’t similar for all types of furniture. 

Below we will discuss several ways for versatile furniture. Just go and choose any method that you need!

 How to Clean Upholstered furniture

Follow a few steps to clean the upholstered furniture of your house.

Step: 1- Vacuum The Furniture

Vacuum all furniture regularly, and it is a simple way to keep the table neat and clean. This job has to be a regular part of your household tasks. Try to clean the crack and crevice of furniture between cushions. Take off the cushions cover and clean all areas properly. You can brush before applying a vacuum.

Step: 2 – Follow the Instruction

Always follow the cleaning instructions of upholstery furniture that provide by manufacturer before proceeding to clean the table. So, you can maintain the cleaning label that attaches featuring four letters that indicate its care essentials. Here are what every letter means:

  • W: Use water to clean furniture
  • S: Use just dry solvent-based cleaner that recommended
  • WS: Here, you can try water or solvent-based cleaner to clean
  • X: This letter allows you to use the only vacuum

Step: 3 – Make a water-based cleaner.

  • Take an empty spray bottle.
  • Pour some water and add some drops of liquid detergent. 
  • Then mix a pinch of baking soda with some white vinegar into the bottle. 
  • Shake the bottle very well.

Step: 4 – Test The Mixture

Apply the mixer that you make in the last step on the spot. And mop the area with the dry cloth. Let the space dry. If you see the spot make discolor, you should avoid to use this spray. 

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 How to clean leather furniture

Here how to clean leather furniture within 15 minutes. 

Step: 1- Vacuum Furniture

As upholstery furniture, use a vacuum regularly attaching the soft brush to clean your leather furniture. Take out the cushion so that you can make sure that you can reach every nook and corner of the table. 

Step: 2 – Clean Minor stains

To clean any minor stains from the leather furniture, you need to make a liquid.

Let’s prepare it:

  • Take a bucket with some warm water.
  • Mix 15 to 20 ml liquid detergent 

Dip a clean cloth into this mixer and wipe down the furniture’s dirt or stain area. Let it dry. If this method is right, you can do it from time to time.

Step: 3 – Use Vinegar

Nourish your leather furniture using vinegar plus linseed oil. 

  • Mix one part vinegar with two parts linseed oil
  • Shake the mixer very well
  • Rub it on the furniture and leave it for 15-minutes
  • Buff it out using a cloth

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How to clean old wood furniture

If you are thinking about how to clean furniture and are old and wooden, you have to stay here. In this section, learn you how to clean old wood furniture and give a new life.

Normally olden wooden furniture comes with some grime layer. It makes it difficult for you to bring the stunning finish that you had previously.

But it is not a big issue. With perfect cleaning with maintenance, old wooden furniture can get new life with original shine. It needs just few times.

How? Follow the steps.

Step: 1- Try dish soap.

Before using dishwasher soap to clean your old wooden furniture, you should test it using a hidden space. If you see that this mild cleaning solution will ruin your furniture or damage, you should skip this step.

If everything is okay, take a damp cotton ball and use a single drop of liquid detergent soap. Wipe it on the furniture, even in each corner. Go away it for 5/6 minutes and clean the furniture using a clean cloth. 

Step: 2 – Use dishwashing soap 

If the first step doesn’t work, you can try this one. 

  • Take a medium-size bucket.
  • Take 30ml dishwashing soap and 2-liter warm water
  • Stir them properly 
  • use the solution to clean your old wooden furniture

Step: 3 – Apply Non-gel Toothpaste

If the old wooden furniture is full of stains in such a place where it reaches too hard, you can use toothpaste. Take a little amount of toothpaste on a toothbrush and apply it to that area. Let it soak for 5/6 minutes. Then scrub gently and wrap up with a cloth. 

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 How to clean wood furniture

Here are a few tips to inform you how to clean wood furniture without ruining or damaging the wood’s finish. Let’s move on.

Step: 1 – Save the Finish of Wood

If you are not sure about the right method initially, try mild cleaner and then go ahead more robust cleaning process based on your furniture. To save the finish of the furniture, you should not use or keep the water on it. The water can damage the furniture quickly. 

Step: 2 – Wipe dust and remove dirt.

Remove filth from the exterior of the wooden furniture using a clean cloth is very easy. But don’t use feather duster because they don’t remove the dust clearly; instead, the dust flies away everywhere.  

Step: 3 – Remove stains.

If your furniture contains a stain, use mild soap with warm water.

  • Take 15 to 30 ml of mild soap with 10L warm water into a medium bucket. 
  • Deep the clean cloth on it and wipe on the surface of the furniture where stains remain.
  • Now use clean water to wash for the second time. 
  • Now let dry it and appear clean furniture simply.

Step: 4 – Use the Turpentine Mixture

To clean your wooden furniture, you also can try this process.

  • Pour a little amount of turpentine on the surface of the table and wipe it using a wool pad. This mixer works well on finished or unfinished furniture. 
  • This mixture helps the furniture to increase the gloss and durability of the wood. 
  • It needs to remove the dryness and to crack the furniture. 

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 How to clean microfiber furniture

Do you have a microfiber couch or furniture in your home? Microfiber furniture, though, is versatile but easy to maintain. You need to identify the right ways. 

So, see some quick steps with an explanation to clean microfiber furniture below:

Step: 1- Collect essential materials.

  • Take a spray bottle
  • Collect a soft brush for scrubbing
  • Need a soft sponge
  • Keep a new or old clean cloth.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol: 1-cup
  • Warm water: 2-cups
  • Dish detergent soap: 1-tablespoon

Step: 2- Instruction

After collecting the following ingredients, you have to follow the below instructions and know-how to clean furniture.

  • Mix the materials and pour them into the spray bottle
  • Spray the liquid off the sofa
  • If the furniture is “W” rated, you have to spray diluted soap mixing with water.
  • Use a clean cloth to remove the dust and dirt from the fabric. 
  • Rub the microfiber if necessary gently.
  • After cleaning the microfiber, the fabric of the furniture may feel stiff after drying. 
  • Now use the soft brush to rub this area gently. This step will help you to run off the microfiber mood smooth.

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 How to clean suede furniture

It is no matter which kind of suede has covered the couch; it just has to be cleaned. Spills or stains have to be treated, and both kinds of suede have to be vacuumed every month to eliminate dust or soil. A thorough cleaning trice or more every year can keep your couch nice-looking.  

Just follow the instruction!

Step: 1 – Collect Ingredients

Collect essential materials to clean your suede furniture before the start.


  • Vacuum with an upholstery attachment
  • Suede brush
  • Bucket
  • Spray bottle
  • Soft scrub brush
  • Clean cloth
  • Sponge


  • Cornstarch
  • Glue remover
  • Soap
  • Rubbing alcohol

Part: 2 – Instruction

Now learn how to clean Suede furniture.

  • Remove loose dust or soil from the surface of the microfiber using the vacuum with the upholstery attachment.
  • Make a cleaning solution:
  • Take a small bucket and add 4-cups of warm water with ¼-cup liquid dishwasher soap.
  • Stir them with a whisk and mix them properly to make an excellent cleaning solution.
  • Scrub the mixer using the brush on the whole furniture carefully. Spread the rubs very well.
  • After cleaning, wash the mixer with plain water and wipe away the solution. 
  • Let the furniture for a while for air dry. You can use a vacuum upholstery brush if you want to fluff the fibers. 

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 How to clean patio furniture

Have you invited your friends to your home? But is your outdoor furniture looking significantly worse? 

What are you thinking – buying a new one or cleaning them? If your furniture hasn’t been damaged, you should clean it properly.

Now ask? How to clean patio furniture?

It is not so different or challenging from other methods.

Start with the steps!

Materials & Tools

  • HYDE PivotPro Patio cleaning water
  • Garden Hose
  • Vacuum with hose attachment
  • Sponge
  • Dishwashing soap or detergent

Step: 1- Use HYDE PivotPro

Use HYDE PivotPro, which is an easy way, and it is a triple threat tool. The parts are a sprayer, soap dispenser, and stiff-bristle brush. Before starting the cleaning, remove the cushions and set the tools properly. Now get out the dust and soil from the furniture.

Step: 2 – Use Soap and water

Different cleaning ways are better for other patio furniture. Take a medium-size bucket and pour a gallon of warm water with an appropriate cleanser. Mix them properly and prepare to use to clean the furniture.

Now apply the solution to the unclean furniture and leave it for 10 minute before washing it. 

How to clean wicker furniture

How to clean wicker furniture? Let’s see here.

Step: 1 – Identify Materials

You have to know some techniques to clean wicker furniture. First, notice which material have used to make your wicker furniture paper or rattan. There has some difference to care about every requirement.

Step: 2 – Remove Cushions

Remove if there have cushions and wash them separately. Here you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean them.

Step: 3 – Use vacuum with an attached brush

To clean your wicker furniture with gentle tools, you should use the vacuum with an attached brush. Brushing the furniture regularly to keep clean the wicker furniture.  

Step: 4 – Use ammonia containing water

Take one part ammonia with two parts water in a medium bucket and then add some bleach-free soap liquid. Take a brush or cloth to work.

  • Use gloves to apply ammonia and do it in an open place.
  • Wicker furniture needs to be handled precisely during cleaning. Stiff brushing can damage the furniture.
  • If the furniture comes from paper or grass, you have to clean it simple cloth.
  • Wicker furniture should clean twice or thrice each year.

 How to clean outdoor furniture

Know how to clean outdoor furniture, whatever it is made from metal, plastic, or wood.

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Step: 1- Collect the Materials

You need some necessary ingredients before cleaning your outdoor furniture. They are: 

  • Dishwasher soap liquid
  • Medium size bucket 
  • warm water
  • A commercial cleaner
  • Cloths
  • A soft brush

Step: 2 – Instructions

Now start cleaning.

  • ¼-cups of liquid soap with 10 L warm water mix into a bucket
  • Spray your furniture using a hose. The hose’s nozzle should be set appropriately so that the water flow will become powerful enough to remove dirt and dust.  
  • Allow air-dry for the furniture.
  • Focus on the guideline that provided by the manufacturer.
  • For removing dust, use a soft brush.

How to clean teak furniture

You should not only clean your furniture but also focus on the finish and safety of it. How to clean teak furniture? You have to go for the proper steps so that you can do it safely. 

Yes, we inform you here how to clean teak furniture with the teak protector.

Step: 1- Collect Materials

  • Soft bristle brush
  • Laundry detergent 
  • Teak Protector

Step: 2 – Instructions

Follow the instructions properly.

  • If your teak furniture is brand new, just stay outside into the weather for few days. Don’t apply any protector on new furniture.
  • Gradually clean the furniture using a teak cleaner or soap and water.
  • Let it dry completely.
  • Apply a small amount of teak protector with a cloth or sponge. Wait for an hour and apply the second coat.
  • Allow it to dry and wait for 4 to 5 hours after applying the protector to the furniture. You can do it twice a year.

DoS & Don’ts To Clean Furniture

You have gathered several tips for different furniture, some tasks you should skip while cleaning any furniture. Some need to keep in mind when you learn how to clean furniture

Do’s For effective Furniture Care.

  • Keep away the furniture from direct heat and sunlight.
  • Maintain indoor humidity level to prevent your wooden furniture from drying out 
  • Remove scratches, marks, dents, and other damages.
  • Follow the instructions based on your furniture types and clean them properly.
  • Polish your old wooden furniture from time to time
  • Consider commercial refinishing

Don’ts do For furniture care.

  • Don’t use any feather duster to remove dust from the surface of the wood furniture.
  • Don’t use any sponge to clean the wooden furniture.
  • Don’t drag glasses, water spots, or other risky items that will damage the wood furniture. 
  • Don’t use furniture polish and silicone or petroleum products on leather furniture.
  • Don’t use alkaline cleaners on your leather furniture. 
  • Don’t use bleach or ammonia-based cleaners. 
  • Don’t rub hard to clean leather furniture.
  • Don’t put any sharper items like knives or scissors on the leather furniture.

Last Few Words!

Knowing how to clean furniture must help you to keep your furniture nice looking and last longer. 

As you find your indoor and outdoor furniture ready to show off your friends but don’t forget to clean them properly. We hope those methods will help you to clean any furniture at home perfectly. This article has taught you how to clean a variety of type’s furniture.

Clean any Furniture, happy gathering!

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