4 Steps to Convert 4ft Fluorescent Light to LED | A Quick & Ultimate Guide

How to Convert 4ft fluorescent light to led
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From house to commercial area, school to university everywhere fluorescent tube lights you can see around the world.

From the first time, fluorescent became popular for effectiveness and high-proficiency performance. So, people have been using those lights for a lot of years. 

But now the thinking of the people has changed and they want to get updated and advanced technology to use. LED lights are now going to win the position of Fluorescent lights. 

People want to convert their old fluorescent to LED, and this turning phase has been increasing day by day.

If you are one of them and also pondering with the idea of shifting fluorescent Lights to LED, keep reading on. And be trained how to convert 4ft Fluorescent tube light to LED.

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Why LED Lights?

In this first section, you must confirm that why you actually need to use LED lights instead of fluorescent. It will make you so confident and will inspire you to shift the older one to a new LED. 

LED lights offer different types of outstanding advantages as they work differently than the traditional fluorescent tube lights. What are the payback are actually of LED lights:

  • LED lights are lifelong and contain a protracted lifespan
  • LED lights only use less electricity than other lights on the market. 
  • LED lights last longer, up to 80%, than other standard bulbs in the market. 
  • LED lights are growing more popular worldwide for the environmental plus money-saving advantages.
  • LED lights need to take only a small amount of electricity and cut the electricity bill significantly. 

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Fluorescent vs LED Light

Before going to replacing a fluorescent light fixture with LED, think about both of them. Here you can realize the deep distinguish between fluorescent and LED if you are still using fluorescent.

  • You agree with me that fluorescent tubes contain mercury that is not so more harmful, but accidents happen anytime. But the housing of the LED lights is made of durable plastics, and there has no chance of breaking and accident.  
  • Fluorescent lights operate at their peak in under 50-degrees or room temperature. And LED lights don’t affect by the temperature. This type of light works at any temperature whatever it is hot or cold, indoor or outdoor.  
  • Fluorescent technology didn’t come or dimmers that is an enormous drawback where LED technology will give you a chance to enjoy the advantages of dimming as much as you need.
  • Fluorescent lights are omnidirectional fixtures, and LED lights are directional fixtures. 
  • Fluorescent lights need to use 2x more electricity than LED lights.  
  • LED lights emit less heat than fluorescent tubes.
  • The average lifespan of fluorescent lights is 15,000 hours, where LED lights offer 50,000 hours.
  • Fluorescent lights require a lot of maintenance and replacement system that you don’t think about LED.
  • Above all, fluorescent lights are responsible for creating a lot of health issues like migraine headaches, eye strain, sleep disorder and can increase the stress level. But from LED lights, you won’t face such issues. 

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How To Convert 4ft Fluorescent Light To Led

We hope you can draw a clear picture between fluorescent and LED in your eyes and also thinking how to convert 4ft fluorescent light to LED right now. 


Now we precede the right direction step by step to shifting the fluorescent light to LED. 

Step-1: Collect Essential Tools

When you are deciding to convert round fluorescent to led, you need to collect some essential tools to complete this job.

Fluorescent to led conversion kits

The tools are:

  • LED Light
  • Wire strippers  
  • Slip-joint pliers
  • Nut drivers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Scissors
  • Clamping tweezers
  • Angle Cutter
  • Needlenose pliers
  • Soldering iron plus solder

Without the above tools, you may need other more tools according to your light’s model or lighting fixture during working. 

Step-2: Select LED Tube Color Temperature

In this stage, you should take into think about the color temperature of the LED lighting. The color temperature measures in K (Kelvin). Most of the color range starts from 2500K to 6500K.

A lower Kelvin refers to the color what is worm and closer to the orange, which is suitable for your home corridor. And a high Kelvin offers a cool and white look that is ideal for office areas.  

If you think to convert the fluorescent light to LED for your garage or high-security places, you need to select a temperature up to 5000K that produce highly glow like daylight. 

Part-3: Select the LED Tube Size: led fluorescent tube replacement wiring diagram

To select the exact led fluorescent tube replacement wiring diagram, you now have to check the label at the end of the recent tube. Most of the popular and the best sizes are:

  • T8 LED lights are 1/8-inch in diameter.
  • T12 LED lights are 12/8-inches diameter, and 
  • T5 measures 5/8-inches diameter. 

All those LED lights can be used where they offer similar bi-pin connection and require an equal electricity supply.  

Step-4: Convert Fluorescent Tube To LED Lights

There has a lot of fluorescent to led conversion kits in the current market. They come in various styles and sizes to make sure fluorescent lighting fixtures convert into the LED bulb. And the most common size is 4ft. Converting 4ft fluorescent light to LED is extremely easy. 

It’s time to make out how to convert 4ft fluorescent light to LED.

  1. First, make sure that you have disconnected the electricity connection to the fixtures from the breaker box. 
  2. After all that, you should recheck if there has electric power supply remaining or not. 
  3. There are two configurations you can see with your installed fluorescent lights. They are – 1) Conventional Fluorescent wiring diagram and 2) Modern fluorescent with electronic ballast.
  4. If you know them perfectly, now you are prepared to remove the older fluorescent lights with the ballast cover. 
  5. Disconnect electricity from the ballast.
  6. Connecting the incoming power means connecting black and white wire perfectly to the fast disconnected supplied with a harness.
  7. Reinstall the ballast cover with the harness.
  8. Then set up the LED boards in the fixture and ensure keeping them in balance. 
  9. Now connect the harness with the magnetic strips. 
  10. And finally, turn on the electricity and check the new retrofitted fixture. Now installation is complete. 

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Caution: If you are not feeling comfortable working with electricity and don’t have any previous experience like this job, you shouldn’t do it. IN this situation you can call an electrician and can take help him. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To assist you pretty little more, at this point, we will provide some important answers to the questions. Hopefully, it will assist you to convert fluorescent light to LED.

Can you put LED in a fluorescent light fixture?

Yes, you can set LED lights in a fluorescent light fixture. But you have to work out what type of fluorescent light and fixtures that you have for lighting.

How do you bypass the LED bulb ballast?

To bypass the LED light ballast is easy, but we would suggest applying a skilled electrician. Though relatively simple, it is power, and the protection actions must be tracked to make sure accurate fitting. But do not place you or any staff and customers in danger.

Do you need ballast with LED lights?

To bypass the LED light ballast is easy, but we would suggest applying a skilled electrician. Though relatively simple, it is power, and the protection actions must be tracked to make sure accurate fitting. But do not place you or any staff and customers in danger.

How to convert 4ft fluorescent light to LED

Perhaps, you are starting your new life with a new home office or a new kitchen. Now you wish to convert 4ft fluorescent light to LED. If you buy a ‘UL Type A LED,’ you can change old for new. Ensure the connections for the lamp holders are similar.

Fluorescent to led conversion chart

Fluorescent to led conversion chart


By reading through this post, we hope now you have a good knowledge of a variety of fittings that are armed with the facts you need. And you have adequately understood how to convert 4ft fluorescent light to led.

Happy fluorescent to LED conversion!

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