How to prevent pilling on Couch(Smart Solutions)

How to prevent pilling on Couch(Smart Solutions)
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How to prevent pilling on Couch? It is a common question for every household that has a microfiber couch. Because pilling happens on the microfiber cloth, it is a common and regular matter in your life.

Are you suffering from this problem, now want to get rid of it? In this article, you are going to get a full solution. Also, all answers that questions have in your mind about pilling.

What is piling on the Couch?

A couch cover is normally made with microfiber fabric that is too soft. So after sitting for a long time, it loosens. It’s called piling on a couch.

And you may be thinking that your couch fabric is of lower quality. That is why it happens. But, it is wrong because it is the nature of any microfiber fabric that has come with your couch cover. There is nothing to do from the manufacturer. So you have to take care of it, which I’ve described below in detail.

Is Couch Pilling Preventable?

If you want to prevent the pilling of your Couch fully, it is not possible. But no worries!

Cause you can’t do anything that can save your clothes from pilling. When you sit on your Couch, it will happen less or much for a natural feature.

Although a simple preventable tip is, you can cover it with an extra similar soft cloth. That will save your couch cover from pilling. But the problem is, I think you never miss real comfort sitting on your microfiber.

So for you have another solution below if you don’t want to do it. Also, even after covering with additional cloth, pilling can happen a little bit.

How to Treat Couch Pilling?

A Fabric Pilling shaver can be a great treatment for your Couch. When you see pilling on your Couch, you can easily and quickly fix that part with shaving. Without zero skill, you can use it. Also, it is a tiny size and too affordable.

I’ve described in detail the below about this machine.

A Best Fabric Defuzzer Reviews

This fabric defuzzer is the perfect solution for anyone who hates shaving their Couch. It’s battery-operated so that you can use it anywhere, anytime. The blades are safe and gentle on all fabrics, including cashmere and silk, making them a great choice for everyone in the family.

Plus, it has an ergonomic handle that makes using this product easy and comfortable.

Even, with just one swipe of this fabric defuzzer over any garment with pills or fuzz balls, it will disappear like magic! So you can safely remove those pesky pilling without damaging your couch fabric!


Piling is a common affair for any soft fabric. Especially it happens on microfiber cloth that is on most of the Couch.

You can treat it with a shaver, which I’ve mentioned above.

Or if you feel it is too boring for you, next time you can avoid purchasing a microfiber fabric couch, you can take lather or like others. But, remember again it is not a problem for you.

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