Kids Bedroom Sets Under $500 (10 Cheap Furniture Set 2022)

Kids Bedroom Sets Under $500 (10 Cheap Furniture Set 2022)
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Sooner or later, your infant will outgrow the bunk. From that point onward, it will, in general, need another bed. While your infant changes into another bed during its little child year, a twin bed can help it feel well-being. 

At this point, we as a whole realize that a twin-size bed has a ton of benefits due to the more modest size. We as a whole will need to get a quality bed edge of the twin bed for our youngsters. So our kids can rest soundly around night time. Anyway, a twin-size bed can likewise be utilized by grown-ups. It is appropriate for smaller spaces or even a guest bedroom. 

Yet, there are a lot of twin beds accessible on the lookout, and you may get confounded about purchasing the best one for you. Be that as it may, don’t stress. We have your back. In this writing, we’re covering the top 10 Kids Bedroom Sets under 500. 

Here you’ll track down some astounding twin beds under 500. So how about we begin. 

What age is a twin bed for? 

The expression “twin bed” gets from the possibility of two babies offering one space to one twin size bed each. Twin bed is, for the most part, incredible for little children when their den size sleeping cushions become too large for them. The twin bed’s standard size is 38″ x 75″, making it ideal for kids for more than 4 years. 

Anyway, grown-ups can likewise utilize a twin bed if they are under 5’5″. In any case, on the off chance that you are over 5’5″, you ought to consider getting a twin XL sleeping mattress. 

It will add an additional 5″ length to the standard twin sleeping mattress. Be that as it may, getting it as a grown-up may cause you some burden in the event that you are the sort of person who spreads and moves around the entire bed. 

As a primary concern, we will prescribe it to youngsters and toddlers more than 4 years.

What are the Cheap Kids beds under $500?

Here, I will summarize the ten twin beds reviews in this article with their unique features as I go along. You can easily decide which bed will be good for you and serve your purpose.

  • Best for Younger Kids: BelleMave Twin Storage Bed.
    The excellent support system, highly comfortable, durable, smart design and space saving.  
  • Best for Comfort: Merax Store Bunk Beds.
    Highly comforting, smartly designed to provide safety & security, quality construction material and durable. 
  • Best for Durability: Naomi Home Loft Twin Bed.
    Foldable, space saving, durable, great value for money, durable & cheap bedroom sets for boys, and ensure safety for kids.
  • Best for Small Spaces: Danxe Twin Captain’s Bed.
    Best twin beds for dorms, commercial households, highly durable, and ultra-comfortable.
  • Best for Storage Drawers: Rhomtree Wood Twin Size Bed.
    Long lasting, highly durable, design to provide coziness, compatible with different mattress types, quality materials, and versatile. 
  • Best for Stronger Support: DHP Junior Metal Twin Bed.
    Extra strong, great twin bed for older kinds, durable, can handle heavy weights, cheap toddlers bedroom sets and provides safety & security. 
  • Best for Headboard and Footboard: StorkCraft Marco Island Twin Bed.
    Smooth design and great look, reasonable price, mattress compatibility, wide range of use, and super comfortable. 

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Top 10 Kids Bedroom Sets under 500

Here, we have compared and contrast the best bed for sets for kids under your budget. This feature-oriented comparison will help you to understand which bedroom set will fit you  

Best Overall: Harper & Bright Designs Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed

Best Overall: Harper & Bright Designs Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed

This twin bed has become number one on this list for its modern, sturdy bed frame, and we may say that it’s the best. Personally, I loved every feature it offers. Because of its sturdiness, I can settle my two kids in this single bed. Amazing, right?

 Let’s discuss it in detail.

Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed

The twin siblings can sleep with it together. This bunk bed has two beds, and it either exceeds or meets all CPSC and ASTM safety standards. 

Higher Weight Holding Capacity:

You can use this bed for two children and can also be used as separate beds. The total size bed sits at the bottom and can hold up to 400lbs, and twin size bed sits at the top and can hold up to 175lbs.

Modern plus Sturdy Bed Frame

The stylish bunk bed is constructed with modern hardwood so that it looks elegant and clean in any kid’s room, guest room, and bedroom. It is also crafted with pinewood of high quality. For this reason, it has become durable and will last for an extended period of time.

Rails and Drawers

The bed has solid stairs and guard rails to provide extra stability and security for your kids. It also comes with a built-in storage drawer where you can store staff for your kids, like toys, clothes, etc. It is great for people who have the pursuit of being organized.


  • It has easy assembly bed frame.
  • No box spring is required.
  • It has perfect mattress foundation.
  • It comes with clear instruction.
  • It can be separated.


  • No handle to pull out drawers.

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Best for Budget: Naomi Home Low Study Loft Bed

Best for Budget: Naomi Home Low Study Loft Bed

Naomi Home brings you the most elegant, high-quality, most multifunctional twin bed with a Victorian appeal. My sister bought this bed last year, and she was so happy about it—quality features and a fantastic price tag that provoked her to buy this set. Guess who suggested this? Off course, Me!   

You will also love this one when we discuss it in detail.

High Quality Bed Frame

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The frames are made of 10% durable and turdy metal tube to ensure it lasts long enough to satisfy your needs. The construction of this twin bed is done with stable and reliable heavy-duty metal steel. The strong mattress supports inhibit the sagging and increase mattress lifetime.

Study Mate

Study materials are literally under you. It has a pull-out desk and high capacity bookshelf to keep your books and study materials. It will promote positive study habits, and it is also perfect for early morning or late night study.

Sturdy Structure

The bed is constructed keeping in mind your kid’s safety. The ladder is easy, and the no-fall bed rails will help keep your children safe. The configurable desk and ladder make the setup of the bed convenient for the easy room layout.


  • It is very stylish.
  • It is equipped with pull-out desks.
  • The bed has a lightweight body of 80lbs.
  • It also has a bookshelf.


  • The dresser is not functional.

Best for Younger Kids: Bellemave Twin Storage Bed Wood Platform Bed

Best for Younger Kids: Bellemave Twin Storage Bed Wood Platform Bed

Our next bed is manufactured with a solid wood platform which will guarantee that you enjoy all of its premium features in all the years that are to come. I’m the biggest admirer of its multiple drawers. It really helps to keep kid’s belongings in order.

This Bellemave twin bed will harmonize your room with elegance for its sleek profile.

Health and Comfort

With this bed, you don’t need a box spring or even a foundation. This bed comes with a trundle that includes a footboard and headboard, which protects you from injuries keeping your health in a top-notch position. They are coated with an anti-wear espresso finish, giving it a timeless look for kids of any age.

Space-Saving Design

This bed has 6 drawers. And the best thing is that they configurable on both sides. You can store clothes, books, toys, in general, whatever you want. This is what makes it a space saver as you won’t need a wardrobe.

Saves Money

It is also money-saving as it saves you the expense of your wardrobe. This is such a great bed with functionality and versatility.

Sturdy Function

This bed is made of sturdy MDF, composite wood, and solid wood. It is so strong that it can hold up to kids of 200lbs. You can make the most out of a small room with this bed. It also has a trundle for sleepovers, and the trundle can be hidden underneath.


  • It is solid wood platform bed.
  • It is multifunctional.
  • It has footboard and headboard for extra safety.
  • It comes with a trundle.


  • Trundle won’t stay stationary on some hardwood floors.

Best for Comfort: Merax Store Bunk Beds for Kids

Best for Comfort: Merax Store Bunk Beds for Kids

If you have twins or two kids, you have come to the right place while searching for a good, durable bed. It’s really great if you have more than one kid. With all great features, maximum comfort is ensured. 

This Merax Store Bunk is perfect for large spaces and even for smaller areas. 


If you have an ample space, you can configure the bed into two separate twin beds. This will allow your bed to grow along with your kids. But if you have a tight space, you can configure the beds, one over one, making it a single one. Perfect for both spaces.

Solid Support

The whole bed is made out of pinewood and MDF board. It also has built-in reinforced wood slats, which provide strong support to kids and kids. Both beds can hold up to 220 pounds which is more than enough for your kids.

Designed with safety

As we have said, the bed is constructed with pinewood. But it is also incorporated with iron alloy bolts. They help to keep the whole bed wobble-free and sturdy, ensuring the safety of your kids. The upper bunk has some high rails to prevent your kids from falling.


  • No box spring required.
  • It comes with 2 drawers.
  • It is space-saving.
  • Constructed with pinewoods, MDF board and iron alloy bolts.


  • Overweight persons can’t climb up the stairs.

Best for Durability: Naomi Home Low Study Loft Bed

Best for Durability: Naomi Home Low Study Loft Bed

If you are searching for a bed for youngsters, presently this twin bed on clearance will prove to be useful. It is an amicable choice for obliging your child’s sleepover companions or perhaps a one next to the other dozing space for kin. 


This Naomi Twin Size Bed includes a precious stone tufted backrest with wingback arms and altered earthy colored legs, which children will adore and will be appreciated by greater children as well. The plan is simply stunning for the provincial casing. 

Solid and Sturdy 

This bed is made out of a strong wood outline and is upholstered in premium cloth. Accessible in such countless shades. This bed is trendy and tasteful. They incorporated a perfect design and created first-rate metals to give you enduring help all through numerous years. 


It has a solid casing with a durable steel support structure. It will not squeak and give a decent measure of rest. The bentwood support framework gives you incredible ventilation and a decent measure of pressing factor dissemination. 


  • It has tufted itemizing on the headboard. 
  • It accompanies a wingback in a metal and wood outline. 
  • It has support bases that permit air to pass openly under the bed. 


  • The bed brace may snap into equal parts if not introduced as expected.

Best for Small Spaces: Danxee Twin Captain’s Bed

Best for Small Spaces: Danxee Twin Captain's Bed

This Danxee Twin Captain’s Bed is all about style and function. This one is the best choice if you have a tiny space. Also, the price is low, which is a big plus. It is constructed in a way that everyone falls for its beauty in no time.


First of all it works as a twin bed for sleeping at night. Secondly, three drawers are built underneath the bed for storing your necessary things, which works as a wardrobe. Then lastly, it has a trundle that can be used in sleepovers and can be hidden when not in use. So it is multifunctional.

Approved for small spaces

With a touch of contemporary style, it is slatted with a footboard and headboard. It will match any kind of décor and is ideal for tight apartments. In fact it is the best bed for smaller spaces as it gives all the functions you need.

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Simple Yet Charming

The clean-lined design is appropriate and will blend away easily in any type of room. Let it be contemporary, modern, vintage, or classic. It is offered in multiple rich, followed by a non-toxic finish, and is the ultimate choice for bedrooms, guestroom, and kids’ room.


  • It has charming cottage-style solid wood.
  • It can hold up to 300 lbs.
  • No box spring is required.
  • Each bed is supported with thick slats.


  • You can’t attach a headboard.

Best for Storage Drawers: Rhomtree Wood Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Best for Storage Drawers: Rhomtree Wood Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

This is another twin-size daybed with a trundle where customers consistently ranked ‘the best. That is Rhomtree Wood. This bed is perfect for kids and may come in handy when there are unexpected overnight guests. Because handling a traditional bed mattress is full of hassle and difficult to store.

Storage Drawers

You can configure the bed into two beds when you need it and make it one bed if you are running out of space. This bed has storage drawers underneath where you can easily tuck away your kids’ stuff like toys, books, clothes, etc.

Solid Wood

The bed is constructed with solid pine wood, MDF board, plywood with built-in reinforced wood slats. These things make the bed stronger than the other beds out there in the market. It will provide strong support for kids and even for teens. It has a perfect mattress foundation and 10 planks.


The bed has guard rails that protect your kid from falling when they sprawl over the bed. We all know how much kids love sprawling over the bed in their sleep. The stair is also strong enough to provide extra security and stability for your little ones.


  • No box spring required.
  • Easy assembly bunk bed frame.
  • It comes with one year warranty.
  • Cheap toddlers bedroom sets
  • Stylish wood bed frame.


  • Handleless drawers make it hard to pull.

Best for Stronger Support: DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed

Best for Stronger Support: DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed

We all know how precious are the kids to their parents. And the parents will want their kids to sleep well at night. Its cheap bedroom sets for boys, actually if you are planning to buy a cheap bedroom for kids, this bed would be your best choice. 

This DHP Junior Twin Metal Bed will serve every last bit of it. 

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Eye-Catching Design

This piece is multifunctional with a straight Victorian adjusted last specifying that will get your visitors’ attention in the blink of an eye. It comes in three tones: white, bronze gold, millennial pink, and you can pick as indicated by your delicate taste. 

Additional Bed 

It will function as an additional bed when you need it. It is not difficult to store and looks astonishing nearly with each style. Additionally, on the off chance that you are somebody extravagant, simply toss on certain cushions and covers. Your bed will glance exquisite right away. 

Solid Support 

This bed can hold up to 200 lbs which is all that anyone could need for one kid. Furthermore, the trundle can hold up to 225 lbs. This bed is intended to fit one standard twin-size bedding with a limit of 8 inches. So you have a decent rest around evening time. 


  • It comes with 4 simple, lightweight flyers. 
  • Two of them are bolted, and the other two are non-locking. 
  • No extra establishment is required.
  • Cheap toddlers bedroom sets 
  • It is built with metal. 


  • The outline uprightness is below average.

Best for Headboard and Footboard: StorkCraft Marco Island Captain’s Bed

Best for Headboard and Footboard: StorkCraft Marco Island Captain's Bed

This one of the kids’ bedroom sets under $500 that you are to become hopelessly enamored with. Planned with outrageous consideration, your children can rest with no kind of unsettling influence. 

Extra Strong 

It is built with uncompromising treated steel; the metal casings accompany a center leg. The center leg adds additional help for better steadiness. It can hold up to 162 lbs with no kind of trouble, clasping, twisting, and it will likewise forestall droopy sleeping cushions. 

Extra Twin Bed

When your space is premium, this bed will give you room to spare. If you expect a guest or have twins or make the most of a tight space, the extra trundle bed will provide you with an additional twin bed when you need it the most. It won’t even sacrifice extra square footage.

Headboard and Footboard 

This specific bed is built and planned with a headboard and footboard to address your issues. It won’t just keep you from deadly wounds yet additionally carry a rich and warm inclination to your room. 


  • 100% steel outline. 
  • No extra box spring is required. 
  • Under-bed stockpiling.
  • Cheap bedroom sets for boys 
  • Bundle incorporates every one of the vital devices. 


  • Takes over an hour to collect.

Best for Kid’s Design: Franco Kids Bedding Super Soft Comforter bed

Best for Kid's Design: Franco Kids Bedding Super Soft Comforter bed

If your kid is a fan of fiction franchises like Jurassic World, Frozen, or Paw Patrol Girls, this is the best affordable kids’ bed out there. Designed with kids’ imagination, this bed is going to comfort them at night.

If you are looking for a toddler bed bedroom set at a cheap price, here is the best-designed bed for you!


You can add some prehistoric design with Jurassic World, sister’s love with Frozen, and some girl power with Paw Patrols Girls inspired beds. It is designed with three themes with vibrant logos and cartoon figures that kids are going to love. Say bye-bye to boring beds.

Super Soft

It is crafted in a way so that your kids are comforted. The microfiber material is the ultimate softener and also long-lasting,and it will keep your kids cozy at night. You can also throw the bedding sheets in the machine without having a fear of discoloring or the need to iron it.


The whole set comes with 10-12″ mattress, 1 flat sheet of 66″ (W) x 96″ (L), 1 standard size pillow case, 1 pillow sham, and 1 comforter. You get all this with a single payment, making it one of the most affordable kids beds on our list.


  • Built with 100% microfiber.
  • Two designs in one comforter.
  • Super soft for ultimate comfort.
  • Easy aftercare.


  • It doesn’t include head board.

Cheap Kids/Toddler Bedroom Sets Buying Guide

You will purchase a twin bed for your children to rest soundly around evening time since we as whole expertise are significant to rest at a good measure of time. It is significant for each person to rest in any event 6-8 hours to work appropriately throughout the day. 

So here is a purchasing guide for you that covers what you should search for in a twin bed and what you shouldn’t. 

Here is what: 

Materials: Try to search for wood and metal supports. Continuously make sure to check if any aggravations could trigger your hypersensitivities. Additionally, you’ll need something like adaptive padding or latex on the off chance that you have back agony or shoulder torment in your sleeping cushion alongside the bed. Since they are staggeringly agreeable, ready to adjust your spine effectively in position, and delivery pressure focuses. They can shape your body and offer help. 

Air Control: When you search for a daybed, take a stab to search for a braced base that permits air to pass underneath the bed. You sure don’t need a bed with a gooey smell under it. 

Bedding Support: You may want to purchase a bed with connecting springs or braces. It is a metal network-like construction that substitutes the need for a case spring. 

Edges: Usually, beds comprise of three pieces that incorporate two sideboards and a backboard. Ensure that they are solid and stable enough to blend engineered and characteristic wood or uncompromising steel.

What to look for in Kids Bedroom Furniture sets?

Before buying the set, you might want to start with a plan. So here’s our guide on what to look for in kids bedroom furniture sets.

  • Versatility: Ideally, everyone should pick furniture that will last for a while, like for even when your kids grow up. 
  • Safety: Safety always comes first. Whether it is a kid or even an adult, you should consider furniture with no toxic substances, no sharp edges, and a slippery surface.
  • Quality: It is always quality over quantity. Even though high-quality things are a little bit heavy on the pocket, it is still worth it because they run much longer.
  • Space: Space should be your priority if you live in a tight space. Kids always sprawl their toys all over the floor, and they can turn into safety hazards. So please keep some space for your kids so that they can move freely.

Looking a desk for kids, but also a chair?

The most helpful chair and desk combination sets should be sized appropriately, priced well, and well made. Kids need a workspace for their homework and projects, and nothing can be more appropriate than a table and a chair. With this combination, you pretty much can be assured that they will work together.

When you are looking for the set, make sure that they are made of solid wood construction, certifications, substances that are non-toxic, and a warranty that defects in construction. You should also consider storage drawers, shelves to help them remain organized. Also, make sure that there are no sharp edges or any type of dangerous parts.

Do you need a larger kids’ table and chairs for crafting projects?

Yes, you do need a kids’ table and chair for crafting projects. But it necessarily doesn’t have to be large. Do you know how boring it is when you have your kids’ homework scattered all over the house? They get monotonous and they don’t want to study. An arts and crafts table can cheer them up as well as boost their imagination and creativity. So you should definitely consider buying a table and chairs for crafting projects.

How do I choose a kids’ desk?

As you all know how vital a kids’ desk can be. So here is our guide on how you should choose a kids’ desk.

  • They should have drawers and other compartments.
  • The drawers should be able to glide easily.
  • The desk should be sturdy enough and provide strong support to withstand quick jerks.
  • The desk should be safe enough and easy enough for kids to maintain.
  • Make sure that they are safety standards approved.
  • Be sure of the size. Because if you buy a bigger size desk than your kids can handle, it can cause bad body posture.

What makes a great kids’ desk?

A kids’ desk should always be sturdy and strong to withstand damage and protect kids. It should be designed appropriately according to kids’ age. We recommend coloring it with vibrant colors as well know how much they love it. 

It will not be large but also not too small because kids love to scatter things around and create a chaotic mess. There should be enough desk storage, drawers to help them tidy up. If your desk provides you all these benefits, then it is simply the best.

How tall should a kids’ desk be?

The height of the desk depends on which size your kid is. The ideal height of a primary school kid, who is 110-120 cm. tall, should be about 45-50 cm because we don’t want it to be too tall for them to sit.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

How much does a good bedroom set cost?

It always depends on the quality and how you want it to be. But the ideal price range is under $500.

What does a bedroom set include?

The set includes a bed, dresser, headboard, nightstand, footboard and some expanded sets include second nightstands.

Who makes the best furniture in America?

This is a controversial question because every company gives their best to provide you with the best furniture. So you should buy furniture according to your needs and features.

Is Ethan Allen furniture worth the price?

Yes, as they provide you high-quality and high-end pieces which are also custom designed. So they are definitely worth the price

Is Ashley Furniture good quality?

Yes, and the company is known for its moderately priced furniture.

Can you haggle at Ashley furniture?

Yes, they will negotiate the price with you.


We have selected these top 10 twin beds for kids, and you can buy them even for yourself. These are some kids bedroom sets under 500 that customers always have been satisfied with.

We have enlightened you with the specifications of each of the beds, along with the pros and cons. 

Because, at the end of the day, we need to have a good night’s sleep. Finding a good twin bed might be challenging, but we hope we have made the job easy to incorporate all these unique beds in the list. Let us know if you sleep well with one of these.

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