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kohler archer tub reviews
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Who doesn’t love to take a fresh shower at the bathtub after a busy day at work? Indeed, some of us don’t dare to dream of setting up a tub due to insufficient funds. Hold on; I have come with some important information for you. Let’s say about a reasonable Kohler archer bathtub series and must come from a well-known brand. It is confirmed that you have heard about the Kohler archer reviews

If you haven’t search out an idea about it, be ready to know on an excellent archer bathtub that can provide maximum comfort what you require to go well with any style and necessities.  

It’s the Kohler 1123 archer bathtub that will be offering a reasonable amount of time for this Kohler archer tub review. It’ll tell you about each corner of this excellent product.

Let’s move on to know more! 

Why Prefer Kohler Archer tub?

Why Prefer Kohler Archer tub?

Tons of bathtubs’ brands, design, and colors are available on the market where some tubs come with enough comfort and great functionality that also the Kohler Archer bathtub series model boasts. 


This series includes a wide range of shower tubs, and they are ranging in shapes, sizes, colors, and much more. But all of them are modern in design and style that will give an attractive look at your bathroom with comfort.


Like other Kohler series, this archer series is one of the pride items and also so durable and sturdy. If your kids are extraordinarily rambunctious or want to ensure the bathtub lasts, getting the Kohler Archer shower tub is an excellent way to make sure that you pick a container that can count on easily.


The Kohler brand always talks for itself, and the Archer line brings it to an exceptional level. With the latest design, it works nicely with attractive styles. So, overall, in a word, this Archer is working well, and beautiful appear.

Kohler Archer Bathtub Features Review 

Kohler Archer Bathtub Features Review 

The Kohler Archer bathtub series model isn’t a luxury tub, but it also doesn’t indicate that it comes with low or cheap feature categories. If you have selected to clutch the Kohler Archer shower tub for the home’s overhaul, you are allowed to enjoy the awesome perks as part of the latest bathroom.

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Multi-color with drain Placement

The hardest feature most of the bathroom remodels is finding a shower tub, and it works with a unique set up. The most substantial perk of this Archer series includes a wide range of available colors.

It presents an excellent design with a significant perk in terms of a different style to choose from.   

Slotted Overflow

The slotted overflow lets you get a deeper soak than just before without any worry for the spillage.

Integral Flange

If you think of having overflowed inside and outside of the bathtub, the Kohler archer series tub is covered. Every model comes with a particular spillage anticipatory gauge that contains an apron-build with an incorporated flange.

Lumbar Support

The molded lumbar support will give you an extra comfortability for a long time soaking water.  

Textured Bottom

If you are concerned about slipping, you can thrill to learn that it won’t be a big problem. Textured bottoms present an extra grip.

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Kohler Archer Bathtub Specs Chart:

Brand Name Kohler
Part NumberK-1123-LA-0
Color OptionNine
MethodThree Wall Alcove
DesignSlotted Overflow With Comfort Depth
BottomTextured Surface
DrainRight Handed 
Capacity50-60 Gallons

Know the Highlighted Factors 


I always try to arrange in my Kohler archer reviews after a good examine the built-quality. The Kohler 1123 archer bathtub comes with an acrylic structure. A few bathtub lovers believe that steel bathtubs are suitable for building. Though I agree with this logic, it can be claimed for durability, and you can’t enjoy it for a long time.  

There is no secret option that the acrylic materials are excellent enough to give the water sufficient warmth of the shower tub. So, if you want to enjoy an inspirational bath setting up an acrylic bliss, you can take a bath feeling warmth of the water, taking away the discomfort gradually. I think this can be the best point to have a bathtub. 

However, indeed, the Kohler acrylic tub isn’t sturdy materials. But for a few dollars, you have to expect an archery series shower tub for at least10 to 15 years where it offers only a 1-year warranty after installation. It’s not durable, honestly.

The Kohler 1123 archer bathtub has the best texture for the bottom surface as well. So, you may desire to last more than a period with no staining or hassles.

Besides, you are allowed to cope with a standard cleanup routine and ensure that bathtubs serve with durability. Make sure to contract it with perfect maintenances after each use. Plus, try to provide the dryness, and hard water won’t form it quickly.

I also think the slight activities that will give you more advantages to enjoy a more comfortable shower are realistic in affordability.

A Realistic Size

The Kohler 1123 series archer bathtub model comes with a convenient dimension feature. It is best for affordability and comes with the ideal design bath tool and suitable for anyone to use. It is five feet long that is perfect for an adult to teen usage.    

The width of it is 32-inches, and the height is 19-inches that can give an excellent space for a better experience. It can be great for a new couple or mom & kids who need support in the bath. It is the best option for both together, and it’s instrumental.

It is an excellent spacious bathtub that can offer the right amount of space to take deep soaking and calm down during showering. If you have a single-family, it’ll be a perfect choice. It is picking one means of it. It is the best investment for the ideal sized bathtub, and a family can enjoy it easily.

Comfortable back support

Investing for the bathtubs, including weird shape, is a complete loss and so you should take care of those factors before going to the final decision. Thanks to the Kohler Archery bathtub with the archery design that can provide a great shape to hold the user and offer the comfort that they deserve.

This unit comes with a comfortable armrest. If you want to spend some memories time reading books, hearing song or with your kids, the feature support you without spoiling your instant mood.

Enjoy your bath time with the armrest, just out the hands quickly with an ultimately comfortable position, and enjoying great happiness of water soaking.

Adults who are suffering from their worst back pain, this shower tub will provide excellent support for the pain. They can get the perfect design of the Kohler 1123 bathtub fit provision the back pain and keep away the unexpected illness. 


Oh! It isn’t fascinating to search, search, and search online to discover a white tub and pick. It is also not acceptable to send a lot of time for home décor. Well, you are so lucky that the Kohler tub series comes with good news here.  

This is a fantastic model that is not only contained great features but gratefully beautiful also. You can get this model with different shapes and can select anyone according to your bathroom style.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kohler Archer Tub

Let’s know what the real pros point is and what the disadvantages are, and you can see when you think of making a decision.

Advantages of kohler bathtub

  • The Kohler 1123 archer bathtub comes with outstanding depth for soaking water.
  • The back support of this model shower tub is incredibly comfortable and user-friendly. 
  • This model comes with also armrest that needs to support a long time shower with full enjoyment.
  • A good range of space is suitable for adults or teenagers, or any new couple who want to spend a few times into the bathtubs.
  • This shower tub capable of carrying around 50 to 60 gallons water at a time.
  • You would like to select this bathtub due to its nine different shade options that let you customize your bathroom just like what you want.
  • The drain system of this unit is right-handed, which is the essential feature and uniquely slotted.
  • It can be a great pick because it is entirely reasonable than quality.   

Disadvantages of kohler bathtub – Only Single Sad part

There has nothing perfect on this earth; it is also quite obvious! The Kohler 1123 archer bathtub is similar to the range. This tub is indeed really ideal for long time usage for up to fifteen years.

On the other hand, this model is ideal for medium to small bathrooms that are perfect for a small family. So, before going to choose, you must take the right measurement of your bathroom.

Is Kohler archer bathtub ADA-Compliant?

Many Kohler Archery bathtub model series are ADA-complaint. The means of it is that the users who have to manage a few limitations in mobility have to consider getting off the tub from the series. But the means of it is that all of the Archery bathtubs are out of ADA-complaint.

The majority of the Archery bathtubs series fits with the ADA standards that involve alcove setups that even come from reinforced acrylic. It is more important to know that ADA complaint information before making an order for Archer bathtubs.

Final Words

It is the finished time of the Kohler archer reviews. Hopefully, the information is so valuable to clear your confusion that you may create to make the right decision of the bathtub of your bathroom.

Most people think that the Kohler Archer tub series is an essential model series that isn’t 100% true. The series especially sets gold standard features for the people who heartily desire to mix versatility, comfort, and sturdiness with the latest design and style. 

The features of this model bathtub speak to the right level about their series value that is really worth each penny.

If you still are searching in the market to discover a basic shower tub with a little upscale flair, this Kohler archer bathtub series model can be perfect for you.

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