Realspace Gaming Chair Review | Bonded leather chair for gamers

Realspace Gaming Chair Review
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A few weeks ago, a friend called me who is famous for your tuber and well-known for playing video games that he is searching for the best gaming chair. Then I sincerely decided to spend a little bit of time and do an absolute review.  

There is nothing more significant than a comfortable seat for the perfect posture when you desire to play for a long time or need to sit for managing a youtube channel. So, in this case, nothing can supply more support than a gaming chair.

The chair for gamers, we are talking about the Realspace gaming chair review today. So, let’s jump into this review below and cover every feature and characteristic of this chair. 

Realspace Gaming Chair Review

This Realspace high-back gaming chair is meat for you if you have a unit for games or tube channels but think you need the best option for your workplace. This post will get the best idea of why we have selected this chair and if it is worth the money you pay for it.     

Let’s move on.

Who Should Use This Realspace bonded leather?

  • For those people who need to procedure a lot of times for games or videos. 
  • Who needs complete body support for a more extended period?
  • Who wants a comfortable chair for a long time use?
  • Who are seeking a gaming chair with a full back support?
  • Who is thinking of finding out a chair for gamers with full-body support and super comfort?
  • Who are searching for a high-back gaming chair with high-quality
  • Who are thinking to purchase the chair to handle the bulky projects? 

Let’s identify with the chair for gamers directly: Specs, Features, and characteristics Specs

The specs of this gaming chair are the following:

Style nameGaming  bonded leather high back chair
Dimension26-3/4 W x 50 L  x 26-9/16 H –inches
Weight capacity275-pounds
Height range floor to seat46- ¼ to 50 inches
Back styleHigh back
Material(seat)Faux or bonded leather

This chart shows that this gaming chair is built for the average gamer or tuber required for tall, big, and bulky users.

Features of Realspace Chair for gamers

Let’s take a look at the features to compare this realspace gaming chair review

 Design & Style: Realspace At Its Best?

If we talk about the realspace high-back gaming chair, design and style take on the chair’s topper list in the market. Dissimilar others perform chairs for gamers, which carry striking solid border spider cut design that ingredient adventure and passion from first to last unique style and design. With ideal bold design and colors contrasts nicely along with the ergonomic broad curve back design.   

The professional team deliberately design a chair with a body-hugging ergonomic design that ensures the natural curvature of the user’s back, shoulders, and back align. Along with a smart eye-catching design, this gaming chair holds a whole-in-one head support lumbar pillow with a diamond cutting stand.

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Build Quality: Can we compare with others

Besides stylish design, the realspace gaming chair offers excellent support as well. A few sturdy ingredients are being used in this chair, beginning from the metal 4D armrests to present more outstanding durability.

If you think about the realspace gaming chair assembly manual, you have to get a better idea about its parts. It comes with new memory foam pillows, four classic hydraulics, and a full-length backrest recline that lets you take a comfy power nap by reclining the seat up and down up to 180-degree. 

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Is It Customizable Chair?

The realspace gaming chair is entirely adjustable that lets users customize every of it based on the need. This chair is the best recliner that can recline up to 180-degree with a lot of modes to select from others. It doesn’t just hold a hole-in-one headrest pillow with a removable pillow and lumbar cushion that helps users adjust the pillow during napping, reading, and gaming.

What are the Materials?

The realspace gaming chair is the result of smart innovation plus top-notch usage of advanced technology materials. This chair’s seat is heavily padded with gigantic grade; high-density foam and the best excellence PU that is adjustable armrest of the seating are completely padded to bring additional comfort.  

Is It Supportive and Stable?

The realspace gaming chair has highly enhanced all features and the rolling castors wheels closed with a hard base that are very smooth and suit for all types of flooring finely. With high-end and solid plus soft castors, sturdy nylon support, this gaming chair’s steadiness developed to higher levels.

 Anything Else?

An intense gaming chair can only leave the body feeling fatigued, but this high-back gaming chair helps keep the users ready round after round.  

Use the adjustable height to meet the size of the gaming desk. Modify the tilt tension plus angle to achieve game ready positioning before the action started. The comfortable upholstery design ensures that you are relaxed plus prepared to face the competition.

  • Lumbar support
  • Waterfall seat cushion
  • Bonded leather upholstery
  • Adjustable height
  • Assembly required
  • Blue and black gaming chair.

Is The Realspace Gaming Chair Comfortable?

The short answer to this question is “YES”!

A huge customer’s review says that this gaming chair is super comfortable. For a low-price chair, it is pretty impressive.  We have already reviewed some other cheap gaming chairs, but this one more comfortable than them. When this high-back gaming chair comes with expanded armrests with a widen seating area, this must supply the consumers’ comfortable service.

Among other features, it is also related closely to comfort with a new lumbar support system that is always amazing. You will find a comfortable and standard pillow that supply with a new version. It is also placed in the back of the chair for gamers to provide complete body support with full comfort.

The customization options are what make popular selecting among gamers. The manufacturer used premium foam that is firm from first to last on adapts to your body, and feels enormous comfort as you are seeking.

What’s New In The Realspace High-Back chair for gamers Series?

What’s New In The Realspace High-Back Gaming chair Series?

When you have seen the features list of this gaming chair, you have already noticed that the manufacturer has focused on the comfort level with uniqueness. The list of new features of this chair for gamers below:

  • Superior upholstery: The PU leather is now the most durable than ever.
  • Developed cold cure foam: Enhance the comfortability.
  • Increase sturdiness: This gaming chair unit is four times stronger than ordinary PU leather.
  • Metal Armrest: The armrests now are sturdier with a new metal configuration.  
  • Headrest pillow: It contains now memory foam that enhances the comfort for long time use. 
  • Wheels: The wheels of this chair are non-breakable and so durable. 

The new features are set higher for the Realspace brand and gamers thinking about this type of chair in detail. This new series is one of the best gaming chairs undoubtedly.   

Initial Impressions

The set-up time for this gaming chair is pretty involved, but it is an impressive desktop converter. Different keyboard mounting positions impressed us very much. The overall design is incredibly sleek and so practical. It looks better while taking up enormous space than the bulk of the standing counter converters.

Another impressive fact is the proper counterbalance with the single handle. The adjustment not only so smooth but straightforward and feel amazingly stable inactivity. Capture the metal handle in the middle of the surface and then adjust it up and down. The monitor your pc also works freely in the same way.

Why should You like Realspace back gaming chair?

We have represented the factors that impress us very much about this gaming chair. Now let’s see which things will so satisfy you to select this chair. Continue.

Is it sturdy enough?

Even if your weight is about 220-250-pound range, this gaming chair will be sturdy enough. But if your weight is above 275-pounds, we suggest you search for another large range product that will work enough for you.

Is it simple to assemble?

Yeap! About 99% voted that this chair is effortless to assemble. On based the Realspace gaming chair assembly instructions, it takes around 10 to 20 minutes with less effort. 

Is it easy to adjust?

The realspace gaming chair can easily adjust with any pc or desktop table with a complete comfort level. The adjustment process is very smooth and effortless that can be done quickly with easier moving adjustment.  

Is it Stable?

This gaming chair only can provide a higher level movement with overall stability. It is stable with any motion.  

Is it right for short to tall users?

Yes, it is a good option for short to tall users. It allows up to 6.1-inches people and also more transient gamers. They can handle their gaming pc from here so easily without more effort.

There Are Facts That You Dislike, Too

The way to perfection in the gaming chair manufacturer is not a simple one. Realspace knows this thing, and the users can point it out to ensure.  

But the key thing is how this unit can hold up under the desk. Simply put, this chair is so large that you can’t have enough room in the desk area.

However, once you measure it and ensure that it fits and you have to be well with the realspace chair, we are pointing to this as something you have to consider before buying it.  

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So, Should You Buy a Realspace Gaming Chair?

Well! It mainly depends on your tight budget and intention to use. This will be a good idea and a great deal for you.

But you have to remember that this chair is a low-end item and so you don’t expect exceptional too high.

Our final thought about this chair is that if you are a heavy guy, it can be the right chair for gamers of your dreams. This realspace gaming chair review has displayed about it in front of you that has cleared the full concept before you.  

All in all, the realspace gaming chair is well-made and well-priced. This chair series is built for the average build gamer, and if you are a bulkier guy, we recommend you to consider buying this chair.   

Realspace Gaming Chair Assembly instructions Video

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