Sobro Coffee Table Review of 2022 | What Makes It Greatest

Sobro Coffee Table Review
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Though you are here, I can guess you have fixed your mind to know about the Sobro coffee table, why not others? Well, this Sobro coffee table review lets you know what it is!

The Sobro coffee table is the smartest and latest product which concept to have entranced the users, and the reason is apparent to see why? The New York-based Store Bound is the creator of it that have foundationally kitted out the table with all technology that you would ever need and more.  There has a lot of reasons that may cause falling in love with the SORBO coffee table in specially. This post will inform you of most of the significant factors that will make it reliable and give satisfaction to this coffee table.

Why Sobro Smart Coffee Table?

Why SORBO Smart Coffee Table

What exactly is the SORBO? If you tell it, the SORBO reveals as a DIY smart coffee table. You can refer it as a cooler coffee table because it has a ton than other coffee tables with a beverage cooler inside it. It is justifiably well-designed with additional standard features. At first sight, you may think they tried to add much more unnecessary components inside of it. But all of them designed according to the requirement of the users. 

Key Features

  • The SORBO Coffee table is an ultimate smart and well-designed coffee table that can be connected at home with a glossy external finish plus well-designed glass tabletop.
  • Single Refrigerator Drawer with the adjustable 37-54-degree Fahrenheit temperature range.
  • Bluetooth system with dual speaker and provide loud sound
  • LED underside that let you set any mood what you need
  • Double USB charger ports
  • 2-extra storage drawers
  • A touch control panel works to set the refrigerator temperature, time, LED colors, volume, and so more functions.
  • Accessible to the installation system. Just fix the screw in the legs and plug in to start.
  • Deliberate in NYC plus US-based customer support available.

Sobro Smart Coffee Table Review

Advantages of SORBO Coffee Smart Table

· Perfect party accessories

The SORBO coffee table comes with all necessary accessories for the party like Bluetooth speaker, LED light, controller tabletop without required any apps download to operate.

· Dual Charging Station

USB double charging stations are ports and outlets. So, charge your tablet, mobile phone, laptop, and any other tools.

· 3-in-1 functions

This coffee table offers you 3-in-1 functions, and you can use the fridge, cooler, and storage of it that are added inside the table. Keeps all drinks to cool into the refrigerator, and the beverage can be maintained into the fresher point. Store all other essential accessories like video game controller, remote, or other smaller tools into the storage point!

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· Warranty

The SOBRO coffee table offers a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the table. 2-years warranty for the sealed system.

Key Specs

Top materialGlass
Base typeStorage
Available ColorsBlack, white, and wood finish
Drawer capacity32-cans
Replacement Guarantee90-days

What Makes The SORBO Coffee Table Great?

What Makes The SORBO Coffee Table Great

I have already mentioned that the Sobro coffee table with the cooler built-in, and it is the crowing feature to separate this coffee table from all of the other tables in the world.

The left-hand side of this coffee table has a large drawer, and it lets you pull out illuminating the cooled section. Imagine the friends’ appearance when you speak them to grip a beer out of the coffee table.

It remains unbeatable in the guaranteed to smile with the sort of purchases. If the fridge isn’t enough for you, there are many smart features into this coffee table that ensure the rightful place as the best table for all time.      

Let’s see the significant factors that separate it from others.

Tempered Glass Top

Tempered surface glass at a glance is a great idea for a coffee table. If you think that it just enriches the art and design of the table, it is not right. It looks like shatter, and it durable and sturdy.

Perhaps, most of the significant factors that are tempered glass and doesn’t leave water ring, hence you won’t need a coaster for the drink. They didn’t mess around with the exterior that makes a sense while thinking to touch panel.

Don’t need for the table if your kids or pets scratch, spilled on, or smacked the tools; you play like a drum. You have no idea how you can operate it and play with it.

Sobro Digital Smart Control Panel

The SORBO Coffee table includes a digital smart touch control panel on the top of the table that makes it super-intelligent and different from other tables. This feature lets to control any points like refrigerator temperature, LED light, Bluetooth, and Speaker volume.

The control panel center comes from advanced technology in the table. And for this, you don’t need to install or download an app to operate anything.

This is the best part of this coffee table with a lock and unlocks function button, including the touch panel. This factor makes you ensure that the table let you enjoy it for a long time only.

Sobro Smart LED Lights

Smart and digital LED light who doesn’t love to enjoy it! This adding enriches the attraction of this SORBO coffee table and gives it an outstanding look. It also provides an additional flair that has added under the table and can create an extra appreciation.

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The LED lights include eight different color setting options that allow you to select anyone as you want like green, red, dark blue, yellow, light blue, magenta, white, and a color wheel that through them all color cycle slowly.

You also can control the brightness when the light flash. So, what is your favorite color, what is your mode that instantly reveal the color?   

Sobro LED Lights & Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth Speakers

The Bluetooth speaker is another feature that makes this coffee table different stylish from other tables. The SORBO coffee table is Bluetooth capable, and you able to sync the phone to it that pumps out some tunes.

This speaker has some loud sounds and if you want to play music in the same room. It’s so beautiful that it comes with speakers that make it so digital and smart coffee table.

Sobro Coffee Table With Fridge & Cooler

Sobro coffe table with fridge

As the SOBRO bright side table, it comes with a fridge and freezer that lets you store a different drink or beverage that you wish. You can keep food or other drink to chill for days using the latest and smart technology. The measure of the fridge drawer is 22-inch x 11-inch x 7-inch in size.

In this way, the room of the fridge cabinet allows you to store sufficient items. It has the capacity to control what you need to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator.

Two parts Storage

Another attractive feature of this SORBO coffee table is a storage system that is an extra adding with a large refrigerator and a pull out beverage drawer. There have two separate storage drawers in the more cooling drawer. It is ideal for storing anything just like play station, laptop, mobile phone, and so on.  

Sobro table mobile charger

AUX Connection

You can be pleased to know there has 4-total AUX connections, two power ports, and two USG charging ports. The charging station includes two USB charger ports. They are perfect for charging all electronic devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, or other smaller automated tools. 

This coffee table contains two influential outlets of 110V each of the cords, and those cords roll back after you can complete using them to the storage. The secondary connection is super ideal if you desire to play any favorite song by the SOBRO coffee table also. 

120V Outlets

There have 2-separate 120V outlets built in the SORBO coffee table that is so genius. They have turned the coffee table into the power strip that means the laptops don’t have another source of power. The real fact is that you let plug in a regular power cord in the SORBO amazing by itself.

The USB port portion is excellent that makes the SORBO coffee table super than others. It desires the actual power that the table provides happy. Now, you can enjoy your favorite games when sending email on your laptop in peace.  

The SORBO coffee table contains three different glorious designs

Color Options

The SORBO coffee table contains three different glorious designs, such as white, Black, and wood color. Most people decide to pick the white color; I think it is the favorite color for many people like me. 


It is excellent news that it is budget-friendly, which was a little expensive before. It is super affordable. Though the price of the coffee table can expensive depending on the quality, this table comes with affordable with excellent quality.

Cons Sobro Table  

  • The SORBO coffee table needs regular maintenance as an electronic device.
  • It is not allowed in water and it can’t sometimes operate in contact with water.

FAQs About SORBO Coffee Table

How sturdy is the glass top?

The SORBO coffee table glass top is so tempered that it reveals the strong point of the surface of it, and also it makes the tablet scratch-free.

Does it have a well-built fridge?

Yes, the coffee table included a cooler and well-built fridge that can be used as a compressor and keeps all drinks for additional chilled.

Do you need a smart controller, and why?

Yes, this digital and tech world control panel is an essential part, and if it is a touch system, the work will be simple and easy. In this case, we think the control panel should stay at the topper part of the table.

Is the SORBO coffee table Bluetooth enable?

Yes, this coffee table is enabled, and you can add it to the digital television.

Does the fridge temperature of the refrigerator controllable?

Yes, anyone can control the temperature of the fridge quickly, depending on the needs.

Our Words!

When it comes to the smart coffee table with USB connectors, Bluetooth speaker, and refrigerator, the SORBO coffee table is designed that can increase the attraction of the semi-modern room. Hopefully, this SORBO coffee table review is ideal options that have shown focusing each significant point in front of you so simply.

So, the SORBO coffee table is the best table for all time without any competition.

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