Wooden Vs Plastic Furniture

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Furniture is one of the most integral parts of our home, office etc. Our home is incomplete without furniture .It provides the comfort, luxury and beauty to the house. Furniture can be made of few materials. The two major of them is wood and plastic. 

We use both wooden and plastic furniture. But some of us really do not know the positives and negatives of them. Today we are going to discus about both wooden and plastic furniture and compare between them. Let’s follow.

Comparison between wooden and plastic furniture:

Wooden furniture is the most common known and the oldest form of furniture. Also, they are considered as the most beautiful and luxury furniture. So let’s talk about the advantages of wooden furniture one by one.

1. Health and environment friendly:

The one of the biggest advantage of wooden furniture, it is absolutely natural. Wooden furniture doesn’t make any hard to health and environment. It is absolutely natural and not threading for health and environment. Wood is a very natural element that comes from tree directly so there is no health hazard in wooden furniture.

On the other hand, plastic is very harmful for both health and environment. So Plastic furniture is very harmful and can cause physical and environmental disaster. 

2. Building process:

Wooden furniture is quite easy to build and you can build it if you are a DIY worker. You just need to have enough knowledge about woodworking. You can build wooden furniture with the help of some hand or power tool (see here).

But you can’t build plastic furniture that easily unless you are highly professional in it and it will take so many instruments. So you can’t build plastic furniture in your basement as a DIY worker.

3. Portability and flexibility: 

Wooden furniture is naturally very heavy and not flexible to use. Also replacing wooden furniture from one place to another place can be very difficult and fatigue. This is one of the most negative sides of wooden furniture. But this is also the biggest positive of plastic furniture. Plastic furniture is usually very light and very flexible. They are also very easy to move one place to another place. 

4. Longevity:

We all know that plastic is a very extreme element and doesn’t damage easily. Plastic won’t be rotten by water or won’t destroy by insects. So the plastic furniture can be used for many years without much problem. But thin plastic can be broken very easily. Also, fire is the only thing that can destroy plastic very easily. So if you can keep safe the plastic furniture from fire, you will able to use it for a very long time without any hassle. 

But wood can be rotten by water and also can be destroyed by insects. But hardwood like oak and maple produce very high quality wood for furniture any they are very long lasting. So the longevity of the furniture largely depends on the quality of the wood.

5. Beautiful and luxury:

Wooden furniture is very beautiful and considered very classy than the plastic furniture. Plastic furniture is also beautiful but not considered very classy.

 6. Comfort: 

Comfort is the ultimate value that the furniture can give. In that part, wooden furniture is much more comfortable and relaxing than the plastic furniture.

Finally, we can say that both wooden and plastic furniture have advantages and disadvantages. But if we consider the health, environment and comfort, wooden furniture is definitely the most classic form of furniture.

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